The Right Rob Babies of Rations

Rep. Alan Grayson to Republicans: Stop Taking Food Out of the Mouths of Children

copyright © 2010 Betsy L. Angert.

For weeks now Americans have watched as the Right Rob Babies of Rations.  Today Representative Grayson spoke to this reality.  His heartfelt words addressed what he frequently observes.  Republican Congresspersons seem to avoid, forget, or have never considered, let alone experienced chronic joblessness, poverty and hunger.  With each vote against an unemployment compensation extension, envoys who label themselves “Right” engage in an ethical wrong.  Members of the House, safe and secure in their jobs, elite, and esteemed, rob mothers, fathers, and children of the funds needed to purchase food.

It would seem, those on the “Right,” through their repeated words and actions, wish to state, “Let them [the unemployed, their spouses and progeny] eat cake.” I trust that many in the Grand Old Party think food can be found in the proverbial bootstraps.  There is reason to believe that the Republicans think the families of the jobless must have some sort of lifeline to grab hold of.  After all, we have heard the sentiment, out-of-work persons must do as Conservatives have; pull themselves up by their bootstraps.  

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