The Power Of Propaganda ©

They and he plot, plan, and then the ploy . . .
Pay pundits to pass on the message.
Massage the message through the media.
Create what appears to be a news-broadcast, and is in actuality,
An advertisement for their, for his, agenda!

They and he do this with programs such as Medicare.
They and he seek the support of those most involved and most influential.
The American Association of Retired Persons,
An organization that was once an advocate for those that worked hard all their lives,
So that they might enjoy their elder years,
Is now, another authorized insurance establishment,
One with their own interests in mind, and just as his,
Making more money is behind their actions.

They and he present programs that stress success,
[Please read further for the rest of my reflections. See below.]

Also offered are these reports on Medicare Reform, ‘No Child Left Behind,’ and Social Security.
Please review "GAO: Bush Administration Illegally Used Taxpayer Funds for Medicare Propaganda"
Please weigh the words in “The San Diego Union-Tribune, Who will profit from Medicare reform?"
Please pursue further, ‘Every Child Left Behind,’ By Britt Robson"
Please ponder this offering, "Washington Post, Administration Paid Commentator, By Howard Kurtz"
Please read and reflect, New York Times, Social Security Bashing: A Historical Perspective

After, Another, "Max Speaks" on Social Security and more listen

Particularly the success of our youth, for they are our future.
Their words and his well in our hearts, “leave no child behind,”
Yet, once the structure is in place, throughout the country, children are being left further behind.
No matter. For they and he know how to set the stage and construct as they desire.
There are ample protests,
Professional educators, after experiencing the delivery and inequity of this plan,
Dissent most loudly.
They propose addressing the uniqueness of situations, schools, and students.
Nonetheless, the program is his pride.
Present an offer to a public figure, one with a wide audience; an offer that he cannot refuse.
Well, he could if he were a man of ethics; however, he is as he is.
Have him present the propaganda, the plan, and the precedent.
Have him sing the praises of “No Child Left Behind,”
Then, let the people decide;
However, give them only the information that is deemed desirable.

Now there is Social Security.
Slam the substance; damn the dynamics of history, and inflate the hype!
Say that there is no security in Social Security
Ignore that we are strong and stable with certainty for at least another thirty years.
That is if we do not dip into the funds to deflate our deficit.
Dismiss the changes that were made more than a decade ago, those that shaped a surplus.
Forget the folly of the past, the less-than-predictable market,
Overlook the monies available to each and every individual to invest.
Say that the system is in crisis; create it through the words,
“Say it often enough, and they will believe” this too.