Mandate or Minimal? ©

He says that he has a mandate; he has capital to spend.
He would know, for when he asks, Congress authorizes its printing, the capital that is.
Yes, he does have capital!
The capital he has, is the majority on Capitol Hill.
Moreover, there is a mandate and it is monumental, monumentally minimal!
Of all second-term Presidents throughout history, he has the smallest margin of victory!
The forty-third, now forty-fourth President of the United States can claim a success like no other.
No other President was ever re-elected with less of an edge.
Yet, there is a power to this president.
He persuades!
As the Bush Administration so frequently states,
“Say it often enough and people will believe it.”
– Conceived of on Election Eve and Expelled on Inauguration Eve

Later, I read an interesting piece.  Please read and reflect upon The Left Coaster.
  “Despite Contrived Images Yesterday, Bush Is On Shaky Political Ground”