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Bobby Jindal’s Rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s Address to Congress PT1

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The new President of the United States addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time, on February 24, 2009.  Republicans were all a twitter.  Grand Old Party Legislators, thumbs and fingers in flight, sent text messages to their constituents while Barack Obama stood before the nation and its leaders.  Senators and Representatives from the Right were careful not to have their hands seen on camera.  The persons elected to represent the people preferred to obfuscate the truth; they cared not what the Commander-In-Chief might say.  As they anxiously awaited the voice of Grand Old Party, Governor Bobby Jindal, the person who would offer the Republican rebuttal, those on the right of the aisle refused to listen.

Conservatives considered the speech as the regulations they lifted on bankers long ago, unnecessary.  Those on the right thought Barack Obama’s words as taxes.  Text messages stated the Republican sentiment, “Give us a break.”

We need to bring transparency to Washington, D.C., so we can rid our capital of corruption  . . . .

Indeed, a break is what Americans have.  The affluent have loopholes that enable them to break away from laws that require them to pay the tariff that supports society.  Big businesses have lobbyists to do their bidding.  Bankers have supplicants who regularly speak with members of Congress.  Petitioners helped convince policymakers corruption is but the culture of depositories.  Bailout will be beneficial.  In this country, without funds for the greater good, for schools, roads, bridges, research, and development, we have a fractured system.

Republicans and Democrats, at least in government, are also divided.  The people, each of whom is poorer by the day, yearn for help.  They will do the work, if only someone gives them a chance.  Common folk request few dollars.  They ask only for the cash they paid in taxes.  The money was meant to support society, to help provide jobs for the little people.  Average Americans only want to work.  No one welcomes a handout.  The people’s desire is to acquire the dollars they need to buy goods.  

Citizens understand that none of us is here alone.  United we will stand.  Divided we fall.  Americans experience, with Republicans unwilling to consider the greater good, the commonweal, the United States has become a weakened nation.  Yet, in the confutation to the President’s address, Governor Bobby Jindal, of Louisiana presented the traditional divisive wisdom.

We oppose the national Democratic view that says the way to strengthen our country is to increase dependence on government. We believe the way to strengthen our country is to restrain spending in Washington, to empower individuals and small businesses to grow our economy and create jobs.

If only that had been the way when the Republicans ruled.  However, instead of money doled out in moderation, mountains of cash were poured into protracted wars.  Bills that approved bridges to nowhere were popular and well-funded for districts represented by corrupt Conservative Congresspersons.  Then there is the issue of the train.  Bobby Jindal mentioned it again in his refutation of President Obama’s official oration.  This scandal is surely the Democrats doing . . . except it never was.

In recent days, Fox News hosts and contributors Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Newt Gingrich, Trace Gallagher, and Charles Krauthammer have advanced the false claim — pushed by Republican lawmakers — that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) included a provision in the economic recovery law directing that $8 billion in funds be spent on a high-speed rail line between Southern California and Las Vegas. In fact, the bill does not direct high-speed rail funds to any specific project, and any funding would be allocated by Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a former Republican congressman.

The bill states that $8 billion shall remain available for the “Secretary of Transportation” for “projects that support the development of intercity high speed rail service” and that the secretary shall “submit to the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations a strategic plan that describes how the Secretary will use the funding provided under this heading to improve and deploy high speed passenger rail systems.” The Joint Explanatory Statement of the Conference Report on H.R. 1 further states of the high-speed rail program: “The conferees have provided the Secretary flexibility in allocating resources between the programs to advance the goal of deploying intercity high speed rail systems in the United States.”

Perhaps, this saga is as the story of Sheriff Harry Lee, the Jefferson Parish law officer who Jindal said is a friend of his.  In his address to Americans, Governor Jindal recounted the day he entered the Sheriff Harry Lee’s office.  The Republican lawmaker said to an expectant American television audience, “I had never seen him so angry. He was literally yelling into the phone.”

“Well, I’m the sheriff, and if you don’t like it, you can come and arrest me.” I asked him, “Sheriff, what’s got you so mad?” Jindal then explained Harry Lee had invited volunteers to come with their boats.  These persons were needed “to rescue people who were trapped on their rooftops by the floodwaters.”

Governor Jindal continued, “The boats were all lined up and ready to go. And then some bureaucrat showed up and told him they couldn’t go out in the water unless they had proof of insurance and registration.”

“Sheriff, that’s ridiculous,” said Bobby Jindal on that strange day not so long ago.  The lesson, the Governor shared, is the one Harry espoused during the emergency, “Ignore the bureaucrats.”  Perchance, the people of this country, a nation in crisis, would be better served if they paid no heed to the bureaucrat who told this tale.

The anecdote that the Governor shared, some say, never occurred.  No record that the two men met in person seems to exist.  The only other person, besides the Louisiana Governor, who might verify the narrative cannot speak. No one can inquire of the late Harry Lee, is the story true.  The “Democrat” known to rule “his vast domain in the suburbs for decades while proudly consorting with mobsters and infuriating the city at his doorstep with pronouncements about black criminality,” passed in October 2007.

Such is the state of a broken Union.  Republicans in Congress remain all a twitter.  Grand Old Party loyalists thought the Governor in Baton Rouge delivered a rebuttal speech that was but a tweet, The words of Barack Obama, well, we can only wonder, if those who wish to obstruct and obfuscate will be the obstacle to a genuine recovery.

Clues may come, or these may be apparent in the text, not seen on blackberry screens.  Please peruse the transcript of Bobby Jinal’s speech, in total.  One never knows what they may find hidden from the camera’s view.

Bobby Jindal’s Rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s Address to Congress. PT2

February 24, 2009


The New York Times

The Republican Response by Gov. Bobby Jindal

Following is a transcript of Gov. Bobby Jindal’s remarks on behalf of the Republican Party on Tuesday night, responding to President Obama’s address, as recorded by CQ Transcriptions:

Jindal: Good evening, and happy Mardi Gras. I’m Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana.

Tonight, we’ve witnessed a great moment in the history of our republic. In the very chamber where Congress once voted to abolish slavery, our first African-American president stepped forward to address the state of our union.

With his speech tonight, the president completed a redemptive journey that took our nation from Independence Hall to Gettysburg to the lunch counter and now finally the Oval Office.

Regardless of party, all Americans are moved by the president’s personal story, the son of an American mother and a Kenyan father who grew up to become leader of the free world.

Like the president’s father, my own parents came to this country from a distant land. When they arrived in Baton Rouge, my mother was already four-and-a-half-months pregnant. I was what folks in the insurance industry now call a pre-existing condition.

Jindal: To find work, my dad picked up the yellow pages and started calling local businesses. Even after landing a job, he still couldn’t afford to pay for my delivery, so he worked out an installment plan with the doctor. Fortunately for me, he never missed a payment.

As I grew up, my mom and dad taught me the values that attracted them to this country, and they instilled in me an immigrant’s wonder at the greatness of America.

As I — as a child, I remember going to the grocery store with my dad. Growing up in India, he had seen extreme poverty. As we walked through the aisles, looking at the endless variety on the shelves, he would tell me, “Bobby, Americans can do anything.”

I still believe that to this day: Americans can do anything. When we pull together, there’s no challenge we can’t overcome.

As the president made clear this evening, we’re now in a time of challenge. Many of you listening tonight have lost jobs; others have seen your college and your retirement savings dwindle. Many of you are worried about losing your health care and your homes. You’re looking to your elected leaders in Washington for solutions.

Republicans are ready to work with the new president to provide these solutions. Here in my state of Louisiana, we don’t care what party you belong to if you have good ideas to make life better for our people. We need more of that attitude from both Democrats and Republicans in our nation’s capital.

All of us want our economy to recover and our nation to prosper. So where we agree, Republicans must be the president’s strongest partners. And where we disagree, Republicans have a responsibility to be candid and offer better ideas for a path forward.

Today in Washington, some are promising that government will rescue us from the economic storms raging all around us. Those of us who lived through Hurricane Katrina, we have our doubts.

Let me tell you a story. During Katrina, I visited Sheriff Harry Lee, a Democrat and a good friend of mine. When I walk into his makeshift office, I had never seen him so angry. He was literally yelling into the phone. “Well, I’m the sheriff, and if you don’t like it, you can come and arrest me.” I asked him, “Sheriff, what’s got you so mad?” He told me that he put out a call for volunteers to come with their boats to rescue people who were trapped on their rooftops by the floodwaters. The boats were all lined up and ready to go. And then some bureaucrat showed up and told him they couldn’t go out in the water unless they had proof of insurance and registration.

And I told him, “Sheriff, that’s ridiculous.” Before I knew it, he was yelling in the phone. “Congressman Jindal’s here, and he says you can come and arrest him, too.” Well, Harry just told those boaters ignore the bureaucrats and go start rescuing people.

There’s a lesson in this experience: The strength of America is not found in our government. It is found in the compassionate hearts and the enterprising spirit of our citizens.

We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from across the nation for our ongoing recovery efforts. This spirit got Louisiana through the hurricanes, and this spirit will get our nation through the storms we face today.

To solve our current problems, Washington must lead. But the way to lead is not to raise taxes, not to just put more money and power in the hands of Washington politicians. The way to lead is by empowering you, the American people, because we believe that Americans can do anything.

That’s why Republicans put forward plans to create jobs by lowering income tax rates for working families, cutting taxes for small businesses, strengthening incentives for businesses to invest in new equipment and to hire new workers, and stabilizing home values by creating a new tax credit for homebuyers. These plans would cost less and create more jobs.

But Democratic leaders in Congress, they rejected this approach. Instead of trusting us to make decisions with our own money, they passed the largest government spending bill in history, with a price tag of more than $1 trillion with interest.

While some of the projects in the bill make sense, their legislation is larded with wasteful spending. It includes $300 million to buy new cars for the government, $8 billion for high-speed rail projects, such as a magnetic levitation line from Las Vegas to Disneyland (NYSE:DCQ) (NYSE:DIS) , and $140 million for something called volcano monitoring.

Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C.

Democratic leaders say their legislation will grow the economy. What it will do is grow the government, increase our taxes down the line, and saddle future generations with debt.

Jindal: Who amongst us would ask our children for a loan so we could spend money we do not have on things we do — we do not need? That is precisely what the Democrats in Congress just did. It’s irresponsible. And it’s no way to strengthen our economy, create jobs, or build a prosperous future for our children.

In Louisiana, we took a different approach. Since I became governor, we cut more than 250 earmarks from our state budget. To create jobs for our citizens, we cut taxes six times, including the largest income tax cut in the history of our state. We passed those tax cuts with bipartisan majorities.

Republicans and Democrats put aside their differences. We worked together to make sure our people could keep more of what they earn. If it can be done in Baton Rouge, surely it can be done in Washington, D.C.

To strengthen our economy, we need urgent action to keep energy prices down. All of us remember what it felt like to pay $4 at the pump. And unless we act now, those prices will return.

To stop that from happening, we need to increase conservation, increase energy efficiency, increase the use of alternative and renewable fuels, increase our use of nuclear power, and increase drilling for oil and gas here at home.

We believe that Americans can do anything. And if we unleash the innovative spirit of our citizens, we can achieve energy independence.

To strengthen our economy, we also need to address the crisis in health care. Republicans believe in a simple principle: No American should have to worry about losing their health care coverage, period. We stand for universal access to affordable health care coverage.

What we oppose is universal government-run health care. Health care decisions should be made by doctors and patients, not by government bureaucrats.

We believe Americans can do anything. And if we put aside partisan politics and work together, we can make our system of private medicine affordable and accessible for every one of our citizens.

To strengthen our economy, we also need to make sure that every child in America gets the best possible education. After Hurricane Katrina, we reinvented the New Orleans school system, opening dozens of new charter schools and creating a new scholarship program that is giving parents the chance to send their children to private or parochial schools of their choice.

We believe that with the proper education the children of America can do anything. And it shouldn’t take a devastating storm to bring this kind of innovation to education in our country.

To strengthen our economy, we must promote confidence in America by ensuring ours is the most ethical and transparent system in the world. In my home state, there used to be saying: At any given time, half of Louisiana was said to be half underwater and the other half under indictment.

Nobody says that anymore. Last year, we passed some of the strongest ethics laws in the nation. And today, Louisiana has turned her back on the corruption of the past.

We need to bring transparency to Washington, D.C., so we can rid our capital of corruption and ensure that we never see the passage of another trillion-dollar spending bill that Congress hasn’t even read and the American people haven’t even seen.

As we take these steps, we must remember, for all of our troubles at home, dangerous enemies still seek our destruction. Now is no time to dismantle the defenses that have protected this country for hundreds of years or to make deep cuts in funding for our troops.

America’s fighting men and women can do anything. If we give them the resources they need, they will stay on the offensive, defeat our enemies, and protect us from harm.

In all these areas, Republicans want to work with President Obama. We appreciate his message of hope, but sometimes it seems like we look for hope in different places.

Democratic leaders in Washington, they place their hope in the federal government. We place our hope in you, the American people.

In the end, it comes down to an honest and fundamental disagreement about the proper role of government. We oppose the national Democratic view that says the way to strengthen our country is to increase dependence on government. We believe the way to strengthen our country is to restrain spending in Washington, to empower individuals and small businesses to grow our economy and create jobs.

In recent years, these distinctions in philosophy became less clear. Our party got away from its principles. You elected Republicans to champion limited government, fiscal discipline, and personal responsibility.

Instead, Republicans went along with earmarks and big government spending in Washington. Republicans lost your trust, and rightly so.

Tonight, on behalf of our leaders in Congress and my fellow Republican governors, I say this: Our party is determined to regain your trust. We will do so by standing up for the principles that we share, the principles you elected us to fight for, the principles that built this in the greatest, most prosperous country on Earth.

You know, a few weeks ago, the president warned that our country is facing a crisis that he said, in quotes, “we may not be able to reverse.” You know, our troubles are real, to be sure, but don’t let anyone tell you that we cannot recover. Don’t let anyone tell you that America’s best days are behind her.

This is the nation that cast off the scourge of slavery, overcame the Great Depression, prevailed in two World Wars, won the struggle for civil rights, defeated the Soviet menace, and responded with determined courage to the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The American spirit has triumphed over almost every form of adversity known to man, and the American spirit will triumph again.

We can have confidence in our future because, amid all of today’s challenges, we also count many blessings. We have the most innovative citizens, the most abundant resources, the most resilient economy, the most powerful military, and the freest political system in the history of the world.

My fellow citizens, never forget: We are Americans. And like my dad said years ago, Americans can do anything.

Thank you for listening. God bless you. God bless Louisiana. And God bless America.

Copyright 2009 The New York Times Company

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Hurricane John Rips Through Florida; McCain Catastrophe Seeks Funds

copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert

Presidential aspirant John McCain is in Florida this week.  Five days into the hurricane season that typically haunts this South Eastern State, Senator McCain, grapples with his own disaster.  The Arizona Senator, proud of his opposition to a proposed National Catastrophe Fund, needs dollars to restore order to his political house.  Hence, the Arizona Senator has come to the Sunshine State to catch some rays, or more accurately to raise the necessary green.  

The prominent prisoner of war, captive to a want for cash, seems oblivious to the correlation.  Senator McCain has struggled to garner the gelt he needs to run an effective Presidential  campaign.  He has not had the most passionate support from his Party.  Thus, he turns to constituents in Florida.  After all, it was in this State the Senator won a victory that changed the tide of his campaign.

John McCain does not seem to realize a subtle analogy.  Floridians sought relief from a nation that they are part of, and the people in this great country let them down.  The Arizona Senator was among the most ardent opponents to a subsidy that might have helped support Floridians at the time.  He continues to denounce the possibility that as a nation, we work as one; that is unless he is speaking of contributions for his cause.

Now, John McCain, a member of the Grand Old Party declares Republicans must come together.  However, he experiences the political stalwarts in his camp are not there for him as he hoped they would be.  Senator McCain may now feel the pain of abandonment Floridians find all too familiar.  

Just as John McCain said, to the people in a territory overwhelmed by the damage hurricanes caused, “No!  I will not deliver the dough,” his people now say, “No, I will not contribute the cash you require to rebuild.”

The Senator, desperate to survive and financially strapped seems oblivious to the similarity in this situation.  Floridians hearts ache.  Those in the Gulf State know to their core how it feels to be connected, and yet rejected.  Perchance, John’s spirit is so scarred from what feels as a slight, he can no longer see the irony that is evident to those in the Everglades.  

Denunciation is difficult.  Irony is intricate.

Citizens in the Sunshine State understand this.  They need only reflect on recent circumstances.  After being victim to two devastating hurricanes, Katrina and Wilma in 2005, they were forced to ask for favors.  The disdain expressed by those who live elsewhere was ample.  The idea of a national Catastrophe Fund was easily dismissed by the masses.  John McCain led the contemptuous cry.

People in the presumed “United” States, and John McCain, concluded that inhabitants of the Sunshine State took the burden of blight upon themselves.  The general public and Senator John McCain stated, when the individuals in Florida elected to live in the tropical “paradise” they knew the danger.  

Only three years ago, ‘constituents’ in cooler, calmer, less critical climates believed they were impervious to peril.  Times have changed.  In this year alone, millions throughout the country were struck by tornados, windstorms, and tempest of hail.  Rains ravage the hillsides.  Wild fires burn the forest.  Neighborhoods are scorched.  Droughts dry the land and leave many plants and people without water.  Perchance, even John McCain, Senator from this arid state has or will suffer great distress if weather conditions continue to devastate Americans.

Floridians empathize.  The people situated on a peninsula know how an environmental crisis can cause a financial calamity.  In the Everglade State, individuals and families have been crippled by natural disasters that they cannot control.  They felt the same fear John McCain now realizes.  When resources are few, there is not much a solitary individual (or State) can do.  

Residents in the Sunshine region have been in dire straits.  They recall how it felt when few were willing to donate to their cause.  Today, as Presidential candidate John McCain circulates through the Florida terrain, as he moves from sea to shore, people may inquire, will the Presidential aspirant consider what he did not less than thirty-six months ago.  When circumstances punish people, or a person, the untouched may be reluctant to offer aid.

Sunshine State Sources . . .

America The Beautiful?

copyright © Judith Moriarty

America the beautiful?  If you listen to the constant barrage of PR on TV,  we’re the Superpower of the world!  That may be, if it applies to our major industry today,  the exporting of war and weapons?  We have a Defense budget of some $648 BILLION.  This does not include the ‘supplemental’ billions that are being asked for every few months!  

‘Oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain’.  

America the beautiful?  What is not being reported by the media; is the poisoning of our rivers, land, and air.  The frogs are deformed, we are warned not to eat the fish, the honeybees are disappearing, birds are dropping dead,  and the deer and moose have wasting disease.  

America the beautiful?  I’m perplexed.  With all this talk about the environment, carbon footprints, and growing corn (please) for fuel, we don’t see the media reporting on the destruction of Appalachia.  Where’s Al?  Why aren’t those running for office holding debates on the raped mountains in West Virginia?  The corporate coal vultures have found that it’s cheaper to tear down the mountains and dump the sludge into valleys.  This EPA approved destruction is destroying small towns, rivers, and streams!  These folks aren’t worrying about glacial ice melting!  Their lives are being destroyed – legally!

America the beautiful?  The ‘levees’ meant to protect tens of thousands of lives in New Orleans, resembled fencing around a Little League park!  The local, state, and federal authorities, knew for years that the destruction of the barrier islands, marshlands, and dredging for oil/gas was creating a catastrophe and did nothing.  They also knew that the poorly built levees, would never protect against a category 4-5 hurricane.  

There are levees that protect citizens – in the Netherlands!  When greed, corruption, and politics, do the building – people die.

America the beautiful?  Katrina showed that we have no disaster policy .  It’s pretty sad, when Cuba has a perfectly organized plan; with inland shelters and buses, ready to evacuate those in shoreline villages.  No person is left stranded for days on rooftops, or on strips of highway, in 100-degree heat!  Katrina saw gentrification by disaster.  As legislators met in emergency session, to relocate casinos onshore, the victims were shipped out of the area to distant states, put in tents, or FEMA trailers, which sickened them , with the formaldehyde fumes!  But then, most countries don’t have a man running their disaster plan, whose last job was running an Arabian horse organization!

America the beautiful?  Hundreds of thousands are homeless.  Many of these are mentally ill and veterans.  When the institutions closed in the 80s-90s, crisis centers were supposed to open in every state.  This never happened.  The mentally ill are on the street or in jail!  Numerous families are homeless, with public housing being torn down, and nothing being built to replace it.  Many of the homeless work but cannot afford the high rents.  It took Congress ten years to raise the minimum wage.  Gentrification has destroyed affordable housing in numerous cities.  Many communities, from Washington State, to Florida, are opening ‘tent’ shelters!

America the beautiful?  We spend billions upon billions for war.  Billions more are squandered or lost?  Nobody seems to care?  Nobody’s going to jail for this theft!  Those who return (after three or four tours) are scarred for life (physically and mentally).  All these billions, haven’t supplied our troops, with the most basic means of protection (i.e.  armored vehicles, body armor, etc).  A supposed ‘humanitarian’ effort in Somalia, had our soldiers dragged through the street!  Meantime, when the politicians are out and about, they are supplied with guards, snipers on rooftops, and limousines that are fully armored.  Veterans, including the Marine above, terribly burned, have to FIGHT for their benefits!  Politicians don’t have to FIGHT for their lucrative pensions.  They have managed, in the few days a week that they do work, to ensure that they get, not only their yearly (thousands) raises, but yearly cost of living increases in their pensions.  What’s wrong with this picture?

America the beautiful?  Besides the military, our fastest growing businesses are – private prisons, casinos, garbage, and Wal-Mart (our nation’s largest employer).  None of these produce anything except profits for the corporate hucksters.  We have the largest prison population in the world (mostly non-violent drug offenses/probation violations).  We build more prisons than schools.  

America the beautiful?  Per chance you should not be part of ‘group-think’.  and protest against our nation being emptied of livable wage jobs (due to trade agreements voted by Congress), you will be beaten down, or caged in ‘free-speech’ zones.  The police in Miami were given $8 million (meant for our troops) to outfit them in Ninja attire.  This armor was needed to protect them, not from an invasion, but from students – housewives – environmentalists – and workers protesting the FTAA (Free Trade of America’s Agreement), which was exporting more jobs to third world countries.

America the beautiful?  Our steel mills, textile plants, and manufacturing industries, are shuttered and rusting away.  They are, like old man in a nursing home, none of them wanting to be there, each with his own story to tell.  These were the places that employed hundreds of thousands.  The hundreds of thousands who worked in these places, built our nation’s bridges, skyscrapers, railroads, and great Navy ships.  Without them, (Rosie the Riveter) WWII would have been lost!

America the beautiful?  Our nation’s infrastructure is falling down.  Foreign investors are buying up our thruways (paid for by tax dollars).  China (to bypass American ports) is building Mexican ports.  A NAFTA highway will snake though the country, delivering goods to all points, including Canada.  The bridge in Minnesota, which collapsed, is now be expanded to ten lane,  to accommodate future truck traffic.  

America the beautiful?  Our energy policy appears to be keeping the coffers of the OIL & GAS industries filled!  The latest ‘energy bill’ (hardly a whisper in the media) was passed, once the White House was assured, that billions in subsidies would continue to go to the oil companies.  War has been very – very good for these vultures.  They’ve realized multi-billions in profits, since this ‘war for democracy – liberation – and freedom’ for the Iraqi people.  As America rusts away, the oil profits are being used to construct futuristic cities, and indoor ski resorts in Dubai etc.  

America the beautiful?  Many areas of our country are in distress, with high unemployment rates.  Detroit, once the headquarters of the auto industry, employing tens of thousands, is now a wasteland.  It’s downtown streets, hotels, auto plants, etc, are all shuttered.  

America the beautiful?  Due to GREED, and little to no regulatory oversight (Congress – ha – is now going to hold hearings), millions of citizens across the land are losing their homes.  A bank doesn’t care (even with their 30 yr obscene interest rates) if multitudes are put out in the cold.  They’ll not be out in the cold and that’s what counts.  They’re in the money-making business.  Bankers, along with transnational corporations, are without souls or conscience.  They are loyal only to profits – percentages – hedge funds – and interest rates.  

America the beautiful?  Meantime don’t worry.  The talking heads and ‘experts’ (hirelings) in the media assure us that all is calm.  TV was our teacher far into the night – it taught us to think, that things were alright?

America the beautiful?  Meantime the ‘sheeple’ line up at the unemployment offices.  They fill out applications for those jobs at Home Depot, Wal-Mart, as blackjack dealers, or prison guards.  They obediently allow themselves to be scanned, groped, and searched at airports.  They line up for the newest vaccines, buy the newest high tech gadgets, and believe that a new Republican or Democrat ‘overseer’,  will deliver them from their despair and FEAR.  As for war – they watch from a distance.  They don’t connect the loss of local services, to the fact, that war costs money, and programs need to be cut (housing, homeless, food stamps, medical, fuel assistance, education, infrastructure, etc).  All of this money for war (projected to be $1-2 trillion) is borrowed.  Money today; is invested destructive bombs, called ‘Daisey Cutters’ (which rupture organs – eyeballs), missiles, stun guns, melting death rays , planes, tanks, guns, Ninja attire, depleted uranium weapons (cuts through steel like butter), mercenary troops, bunker busters,  and other exotic madness.  The more deadly our weapons are – the more our fears leave us numb.  

America the beautiful?  In various hamlets and towns across the nation, a lone voice warns.  Of course, he/she is called unpatriotic, mad, a trouble- maker, and nut case.  Throughout the ages, war has always proved profitable for the select few.  They sit back and send the poor to war.  Marine General (34 years) Smedley Butler summed it up, “War is a racket.”

America the beautiful?  Meantime Alice cries, “But I don’t want to go among mad people”.  “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat, “We’re all mad here.”  Alice in Wonderland


Location – Location – Location; Superdome or Qualcomm Stadium?

copyright © 2007 Judith Moriarty

Booker Harris and his wife Allie are not household names.  There has been no round the clock coverage of Mr. Booker, age 91, who was deposited in a lawn chair, in front of the Superdome, during Katrina.  Mr. Booker died there of dehydration, shock, neglect, and racism of the first order.  Allie, age 93, his frail wife, sat at his side munching on crackers, unaware of her surroundings, or the death of her husband.

They’d survived wars, the Great Depression, the KKK, segregated water fountains/restaurants, schools, housing, red neck Southern sheriffs, numerous floods, and hurricanes.  What they didn’t survive was the contemptible corruption, and gentrification by disaster, of the 21st century.  What they didn’t survive, was a nation that boasts of dancing amongst the stars, visiting distant planets, yet is incapable of building a levee here on earth?

What Allie and Booker did not survive, was the hypocrisy of the media,  that showed some fool who ripped off a plasma TV, making his way through the flood waters (over and over).  To date,  we have not seen similar video footage of duffel bags filled with multi-billions that have gone missing in Iraq?  We have seen local TV cameras,  chasing a recipient  of food stamps down the street,  daring to obtain more than her one allotted book.  To date,  there has been no rational explanation, as to where the $2.3 trillion,  that Donald Rumsfeld reported was unaccounted for on Sept 10-2001.  There’s thievery and then there’s plunder.  It’s a black and white thing.  The poor go to jail, while the rich get dream teams, have convenient heart attacks, or get executive pardons.

What the Harris couple didn’t survive was a nation with a non-existent disaster plan (absent bunkers for the elite/chosen politicians).These are the photographs that the media did not  show over and over again on TV. 

Location – Location – Location: If one were to be given a choice, of where they might want to experience a disaster, they would definitely want to reside in an area of the wealthy/famous.  Disaster has its own class act – as does greater society.  It’s something not spoken of – this class issue.  Better to instigate turmoil and chaos pitting victims against victims., thus excusing the corporate hucksters (rich and the shameless); of their insatiable greed and depraved indifference.  The majority of folks, who lost everything during Katrina,  were the working poor, the dispossessed, the handicapped, and elderly.  Ordinary people.

The media presented the gullible masses with rumors of rapes, murders, and mayhem.  This was proved to be false by military personnel who entered  days later.  Naturally, this did not make headline news.  Why the subterfuge?  Maybe because such reports were a perfect excuse to send in the military and Blackwater mercenary forces, to evict the unwilling (homes not flooded) and to confiscate legal firearms so that citizens couldn’t defend their homes?

The fires in California (2007) saw the multi-million dollar mansions, seaside homes, and gated communities of Orange County, threatened by fire.  Fire, that is a known threat in this area of heavy brush and yearly windstorms.  Nobody blamed the residents (except George Carlin) for bringing this disaster upon themselves.  Most of the nation is unfamiliar with the great disparity that exists in California.  No homeless people reside on the streets of San Diego.  There are no unsightly tenements, clinics, or trailer parks.

Orange County is a place of exclusive homes, in gated communities, with their own schools, shopping and security forces.  Gated communities, next to gated communities.  Who are they gating out?  Robert Bellah, who wrote Habit of the Heart, states, “The underclass gives people something to define themselves against; it tells them what they are not; it tells them what it would be most fearful to become.  And it gives them people to blame.”  The gated communities of today are a powerful tangible symbol of the division between the underclass and everyone else.  To be upper middle class – wealthy is to be trustworthy, law – abiding and in need of protection from violent scavenging poor people.  Or conversely, to be poor, is to be violent and depraved – a threat to the rich.  Such construction of class differences paints poor people in a highly distorted manner.  This is deliberate.  Easier to blame the poor than those in designer suits and $400.00 haircuts, for one’s problems, lack of employment etc.  Besides,  the poor are more readily available to blame and attack.  You’ll not be welcome with your petitions or protests  in gated communities, country clubs, or the headquarters of gluttonous, corporate CEOs.  They keep themselves far removed from the unsavory things of life (namely the poor).

These gated communities are a tangible symbol of the fear and ignorance that divides upper class people from the working class and poor.  This fear is expressed with fences, walls, guards, dogs, alarms, private bodyguards etc.  In other areas of the country, this bias is less visible.  Instead, exclusive towns, tourist meccas, and post card villages, exclude the unwanted by cost, no affordable rentals, zoning restrictions  etc.  We are fast becoming a nation of isolated islands.  The poor and working class (needed as mechanics, laborers, maids, waitresses, parking valets, carpenters, brick layers, roofers etc) are kept out of sight, in trailer parks or poorer – socio – economic areas.  It is to these places that the wealthy send their refuse to be burned or dumped, build their coal plants, nuclear facilities, chemical plants, and incinerators.

An incinerator will never be built in downtown San Diego, Jackson Hole Wyoming, or in downtown Kennebunkport, Maine etc.  All animals are not equal.  Some are identified as ‘acceptable risks’ or ‘collateral damage’.  Their purpose in life (unspoken) is to serve the greater good.  Mainly to make life more amenable and lucrative for the obscenely wealthy.  Only the children of the working poor  (East Liverpool, Ohio) would be subjected to a toxic incinerator situated next to a schoolyard.  Imagine the outrage if an incinerator was located next to a private school with its soccer fields, or an exclusive yacht club, or golf course  etc?  Part of an ‘Inconvenient Truth’, is that Al Gore (running for election with Clinton) promised these folks that such an outrage would never happen.  He promised  (if elected) to  stop it.  Clinton got elected and they both forgot East Liverpool, Ohio.  What a shock!!

I noticed that during the catastrophe of the California fires, that those attempting to escape were not forced back into the flames.  Many watching the disaster in New Orleans wondered why people didn’t just leave on  foot (those who were able)?  The Louisiana Superdome is less than two miles from a bridge that leads over the Mississippi River out of the city. 

The answer: Any group of people attempting to do so were met by police who fired their guns to disperse the group and contain them.  Around 500 people stuck in downtown New Orleans banded together in self-protection making sure that the oldest and youngest were taken care of.  Two San Francisco paramedics who had been attending a convention were with this group and  reported their trauma on CNN (once).

They made their way on foot over Highway 90, which crosses the Mississippi River from New Orleans to the suburb of Gretna (not flooded).  This is an upscale community for professionals etc, who work in New Orleans.  Much like Greenwich, CT, is to New York City.  The crowd had grown to approximately 800 people.  As they approached the bridge, the police fired their weapons over the people’s heads, driving them back into the floodwaters.

When the paramedics (white) questioned the sheriff as to why they were not being permitted to cross the bridge to dry ground, he replied that Gretna was not going to become a New Orleans and there would be no Superdome in Gretna.  Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson, in an interview with UPI stated, “If we had opened the bridge our town would have looked like New Orleans..”  Months  later, after the flood and the news crews had left, seven New Orleans police officers were indicted by a grand jury on charges of murder and attempted murder for shooting unarmed citizens  as they attempted to cross a bridge to dry ground.  One of those killed was mentally – retarded, the other was a young student,  who had become separated from his parents.  No such shootings of civilians attempting to escape in California were reported.

The New Orleans Superdome was chaotic.  People fled there to escape the floodwaters (broken levees).  The heat was intolerable.  There were no lights, the toilets all backed up (sewage treatment plant not working) and were overflowing.  There was no food and no medicine.  Many elderly, in need of heart medicines and insulin, etc, were left stranded.  Babies were without formula and nourishment.  While we have all watched reports of our feats in space – it appears, that here on earth, with all our ingenuity, we were unable to reach New Orleans for days!!  Dogs were seen eating the bloated bodies, floating in the snake infested polluted waters.  In California, efforts were made to save the animals.  A special shelter area was set up to attend their needs.  The animals in California fared much better than any human in New Orleans & Mississippi.

The federal, state, and local officials spent their time blaming one another, as the people died in attics, drowned in floodwaters, or were being shot at by police.  Here it is two years later and New Orleans is still a wasteland (areas where the working poor once lived).  There is no affordable housing, schools, or hospitals.  Truth is, the hundreds of thousands of New Orleans citizens, scattered across the nation will not be going home.  There’s nothing being done to welcome them!  Most likely, the wealthy will have their way and realize a New Orleans Mardi Gras theme resort, with high-end condos, hotels, casinos, and convention centers.

Imagine yourself being born and raised in the bayou and finding yourself shipped off to Idaho, Maine, or the streets of Washington D.C. etc?  This is what happened to tens of thousands.  We have become desensitized to the traumas of others outside our own narrow interests.  There is no civilization when people have lost their sense of outrage or are without conscience.

Meantime a stadium in San Diego saw the difference in response to a crisis.  In the case of the California fires, citizens weren’t left in the inferno.  They weren’t gunned down trying to escape.  They weren’t blamed for their stupidity for living in an area known for its disasters.  They weren’t parked on nearby highways and told to wait for days for assistance.  No, instead, the Qualcomm Stadium had a carnival like atmosphere about it.  Citizens (well insured) weren’t being bussed off to distant states.  While New Orleans, citizens sat in stadium seats, in the dark, with rain pouring in from a damaged roof, the folks in California had cots, showers, and an infirmary.

There were three bands, a ‘Kids Zone’, stacks of diapers, baby wipes, formula, and gallons of water, with gourmet meals served up by local restaurants.  Massage, counseling, and acupuncture, were offered to those traumatized and stressed out.  Tents were set up to assist people in contacting their insurance companies, lawyers and contractors.  One woman stated, “Now we have to deal with our insurance company and lawyers We Californians are a resilient people.  We’re going to rebuild and have the biggest house on the block.”  They went on to complain of the inconvenience of having to stay in a luxurious hotel.

What wasn’t shown (brief reports) were the hundreds of homes that were saved, due to contracts that homeowners had with private fire companies.  These private companies respond in such emergencies with a fire retardant gel (new to the market) that protects homes in the most intense of fires.  Afterwards, power washing, washes away this bi-degradable protection.  Cost of premiums for this is $10,000 a year.  Many on the Gulf Coast, from Mississippi to New Orleans, two years later, are still fighting for insurance payments.  They are told that the damages they received were from wind and not flood damage, and therefore they cannot collect.  Some had every insurance under the sun and are still being jerked around.  Those in California, with the winds blowing embers for miles, and thus igniting their homes, were not told, “Sorry folks it was the winds not the fire.”

All animals aren’t equal nor are all disasters.  The citizens of the Gulf Coast were discarded much like refuse.  Traumatized, homeless, and penniless, they’ve had to battle on alone.  Meantime President Bush promised the citizens in California that financial help was on the way.  One group of people suffered a disaster of untold suffering.  Another (white) for the most part, experienced an adventure in gourmet-serviced deprivation. 

And Condi Rice?  What advice did she have for the victims of government bungling in New Orleans?  ” The Lord is going to come on time – just wait.” Oh The Humanity.

Bush and His Billionaires Caused It. Let Them Pay ©

All the talk of Catastrophe Funds seems silly to me; the reasoning is apt.  I think there are better sources for these subsidies than the government. In my mind, our efforts are misplaced.

It is true; we as a nation and as a world have seen an increase in the number and intensity of cataclysmic storms. Tornados, droughts, hurricanes and other recent disasters have caused great calamity.  We are mired in misfortune. However, we are working to pay for what we caused.  We are closing the barn door behind us; our prides and joys are all long gone.  We now, belatedly, prepare for what was our own ignorance.  We elected George W. Bush, twice.  Well actually,

. . . in 2000, Former Chief Justice William Rehnquist appointed or anointed this sly desperado.  It was 36 days after his first Presidential run that George W. Bush was selected as our President.

See what the true winner, by many counts, is now doing. Al Gore presents his concern.

An Inconvenient Truth
The Trailer
A Campaign Gore Can’t Lose, By Richard Cohen. Washington Post. Tuesday, April 18, 2006; Page A19
Nevertheless, four years later, we as a people essentially elected this twit. What were we thinking, or more accurately, what were those that voted for him thinking?  Many admittedly envisioned GW as the great protector.  He sheltered us [US] from terrorists.  However, no radical fanatic did more damage than he.  Bush battered this nation and our Earth.  He did so under the guise of a compassionate conservative.  I myself prefer a caring individual, one that conserves.

However, supporters of this scoundrel did not.  They knew that this unethical Emperor had worked to destroy our environment.  Immediately after his initial inauguration, King George II changed our environmental standards.  He chose to lessen the ecologically sound restrictions that had been previously placed on the books.  The Blundering Bush allowed for more arsenic in water.

Then and now, Gas Guzzling GW refuses to admit that burning coal is a problem.  He encourages it.  Bush belies the belief that cars using Chevron with Techron have served to increase temperatures worldwide.  He says that he wants to reduce this nations addiction to fossil fuels.  Why, if it does not harm?  Perhaps, he, his family, and familiars are planning to invest in renewable energy.  It is possible, though I find the theory questionable.  Actions do speak louder than words.

If we consider the emission regulations Bush supports, we know his true desires.  Sports Utility Vehicle owners receive tax breaks under Bush.  A Republican Congress and the King allow these “small trucks” to emit toxic gases.  Recent changes in the laws that govern these monstrosities do little to better our surroundings.

Baby George Bush believes or pretends to that natural causes are the reason we have had 19 of the 20 hottest years since 1980.  This man or monster takes no personal responsibility.  However, those of us that care and have watched the climate change wonder.

We Americans, those that never marked our ballots for this buffoon, note the irrefutable connections.  We acknowledge that this administration is not only friendly toward oil interests. They are these.  George W. Bush and his majestic dynasty made their money by investing in petroleum.  They still do, as do their friends.

Moguls and magnates from these flourishing fuel-pumping conglomerates were America’s energy commission.  Scientists were banned.  These industrialists and entrepreneurs created what now is policy. They have generated storms of infinite proportion.  Global warming is their legacy; yet, they are unwilling to pay for it and we, the people, do not ask them to.  We again, chose to mistakenly let this administration be.

State governments are struggling to break even.  Insurance companies are refusing to issue policies for weather-related tragedies.  >People, ah the people.  Those that are directly affected by decisions of the Bush Band are barely surviving.  Still, we speak of Catastrophe Funds.  The public is relying on its own taxes to pay for the damage that nature and we did not create.

Why are we not asking those that caused this ruin to pay?  They have Billions.  The price of their pleasure increases as the common folks suffer.  Is this the “justice” George W. speaks of?

If we are to authentically spread democracy, might we not begin at home?  Here in the USA, let us adopt laws that protect and provide for all equally.  Let us no longer supplement the suffering imposed by a self-serving administration.  If we were to pass and enforce regulations that ended global warming, if we demanded repayment for the damage caused by a corrupt Cabinet, imagine what a world this would be.

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Wilma Wreckage Causes Weeping Well into the New Year ©

It is January 8, 2006.  I posted my last missive on Daily Kos days ago.  The focus of that treatise was Wilma, “W”, Jeb, and the media.  I discussed the mid-October storm and how it related to the powers that be.  I expressed my own perception; there was a joint decision to ignore the woes that this storm created.

Most people commenting on my words were from Florida.  Some stated that though they reside elsewhere, they have friends or family living in this fair weather state.  While those that wrote saw much of the devastation first-hand, live-and-in-person, and others received friendly photographs, there were people that saw very little of what was, or what still is.  Yes, people read the newspapers and watched the television news; however, many saw only what the press chose to show, not much.

Yet, there was a lot.  A month after the whirlwind named Wilma struck, local reporters revealed that two years worth of brush and debris had been cleared from the curbs. Nevertheless, there was more to dispose of.  There was so much rubble, so much rubbish, and a need to replace what once was.

Now, eleven weeks have passed.  One would think there was nothing left to see, to do, or to think about in respect to Wilma.  All must be well again, tidy, calm, and back to normal.  It is not. The clean up continues.

Without searching for damage, I found plenty.  I offer a few photographs that I took as I walked from my car to a near by building.  I hope these images will help solidify a sense of what is seen daily on the streets of South Florida.  Possibly, a picture or two may be worth more than a thousand words.

• a barrier no more . . .

• a tree torn from its foundation . . .

• a fence falls . . .

• windows blown out with the wind  . . .

• in a myriad of places . . .

• trees tumbled to their death, roots ripped from the ground . . .

. . . and words from the “Wizard of Wellness,” Jeb Bush.

Governor Jeb Bush’s “End of Hurricane Season 2005″ Address”, Wednesday, November 30, 2005.

Feel free to peruse an article on the storm clean up.  Come to your own conclusion.  In this writing, my intent is to advance awareness, nothing more.

Four dead, clean up begins as Wilma departs, By Martin Merzer, Wanda J. DeMarzo and Tere Figureas Negrete. Miami Herald

Hurricanes Create A Need To Assess Health Care Gap In America, Again

Hurricanes Create A Need To Assess Health Care Gap In America, Again

copyright © 2005 Betsy L. Angert.

In this season of Katrina, Rita, Wilma, and Alpha, America is forced to air its dirty laundry.  There were earlier attempts to clean house; however, America was entrenched in self-righteousness.  In August 2005, three reports discussing racial disparity in health care were released.  Nonetheless, the myth lingered.

People claimed, “The United States is a melting pot.”   It is not.  They said, “People are created and treated equally.”  The truth is they are not.  When we consider what these studies revealed of health care practices, we know this.  Discrimination is prevalent.

When the research was first reported numerous persons ignored the truth and they could easily.  Then the storms came. Facts surfaced.  They were visible on our television screens.  We read of them in our newspapers and heard them on the radio.  A society that thought itself color-blind realized it was not.

Many people of color were not and are not as the average American is; they were and are not living well.  They are treated poorly.  Numerous Black Americans were and are impoverished in this land of luxury.  The medical services they receive barely and rarely allow them to survive.

As hurricanes are holding our attention, as the affects of these captivate our minds, as the nation begins to notice the blight of Black America, I feel compelled to revisit the issue of the health care gap.

Please read and reflect upon, Color Blind Society? Health Care Gap Concludes Society Sees Colors

You might wish to peruse references directly . . .

Millions of Katrina Evacuees in Mobile Homes, Mass Urban Blight

  • Trailers are temporary housing for hurricane Katrina evacuees. Many ask of the wisdom of this move.  Mobile homes cannot endure category 3 storms; and yet, since Katrina there have been two tempests. Each of these was more powerful than a category three. [Photograph By Rogelio Solis. Associated Press]
  • The Katrina story is a mess, as is all that George Walker Bush touches.  This “muddle” began a natural disaster and while these can be chaotic, to say the least, they are nothing in comparison to what Georgie Boy can, and indeed, does create.  He can take an adversity and make it into a cataclysmic calamity, and, he has.

    Yes, George Bush II is King.  However, he does not have the Midas touch. All he touches tarnishes.

    This man does not plan and then act; he reacts.  As a businessman, he had many failed ventures, Arbusto and Spectrum 7 among these.  His success as a President is nominal.  He is considered personable, not professional.  Professionally, he is, as he was throughout his life, a catastrophe.  He creates the same.

    We know of Iraq.  We see, hear, and feel the devastation his flawed war policy fashioned.

    United States citizens are acquainted with the idea of military readiness and acknowledge, that thanks to GW, America is no longer prepared for the worst.

    Republicans and Democrats alike deliberate on the deficit and debt. Most admit that, under Bush, these have increased beyond belief.

    Many recognize that they were told an untruth in reference to the Medicare Prescription Drug Program. Actually, the plan will cost billions more than the administration “predicted.”

    However, we did not know that one man, one White House could be so bold.  Who would have imagined that at a time when the rental vacancy rate is at an all time high nationally, 10.1 percent, President Bush would declare there is a need for mobile home ghettos.  Who would think that mass urban blight would be the recommendation, the plan, or the proposed policy? Those that care to watch closely would.

    Mister Bush is a product of his environment; the apple does not fall far from the tree.  George W. is his mother’s son.

    When asked of possibly assimilating the poor into the greater society, young Bush can proudly say, Mother would not.’  The “white-haired-Mom” knows; there are the classes and the masses.  The two must never mix.

    Barbara Bush does not want the unfortunate in her backyard; she said so during an interview on National Public Radio’s MarketPlace.  The former First Lady, and mother to Junior said the relocation of evacuees to Houston is "working very well" for some of the poor people forced out of New Orleans.  Nevertheless, she continued, "What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality, and so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them."  This statement strongly infers that it is not working well for the wealthy that live in the Lone Star state.

    Barbara and those born with silver spoons in your mouths want to help the needy, though only temporarily, and only from afar.  They do not wish to integrate their fair cities; they have no desire to help create a new and better life for the impoverished or indigent.  The well-off want to present a posture of caring and sharing, but only for a moment, a month, maybe two, and nothing more.

    Just as the prosperous have done for years, they want to insolate the poor and insulate themselves.  The rich do not want to be reminded of the underprivileged. They want to place them on a reservation, one removed from their own luxurious residences.  Integration may be an idea; however, it is not ideal if you are white, “right,” and moneyed, as GW and his clan are.

    Therefore, the Bush boy proposes, Katrina survivors will to be moved from one slum to another.  Mobile home trailer parks will house the evacuees.  They will be given the means to survive, and not the opportunity to thrive.  Why, because the King has spoken. Long live the king and those of his ilk, and they will live long.  For they have power and prosperity.  However, what will become of those that do not have either?

    Please reflect upon Washington Post article,  Critics Fear Trailer ‘Ghettos’, By Jonathan Weisman

    Please read another opinion on the Bush legacy. Read of his consistent ineptitude. Arianna Huffington, of AlterNet, writes Deja Vu All Over Again

    You might wish to access some of the sources separately.

    George Cares about New Orleans, and All God’s Creatures ©

    As Katrina cut through the Eastern seaboard George gelled at his Crawford Ranch in Texas.  He chopped wood, played golf, and worried not.  Life was good. Why worry of a hellish hurricane or those that might be hit by it.

    The storm approached the Gulf Coast and George cared not.  He, the nation’s leader was safe and secure.  The President of the United States heard that people were dying; and he said, how sad.  However, he knew, he need not attend to these people.  They are the poor, the powerless, and few would care or so he thought.

    George relished the thought of what the waters would bring, recreation.  George would and did go fishing.  He showed that he cared for those living in New Orleans; he cares for all God’s creatures, though in different ways.


    You might enjoy another’s perspective, Unconformed Sources, The News You Can’t Use though many are.  The title is George W. Bush Returns to New Orleans and Goes Fishing.