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Those of you that traveled through this site on many occasions know of my commitment to peace. For me, war is never an option.  I believe in love.

I recognize that many say the same; however, often actions tell their truth.  People propose peace or profess the philosophy, then they state there are exceptions.  For me, there are none. I do not think any war is the one that will end all others.

I believe that we, as a society, are caught in a cycle of civil disobedience; it is known as war.  What is it good for?  In my mind, absolutely nothing! Yet, throughout our planet, there seems to be a conflict occurring somewhere, on any and every given day.

We can study stories from the Bible, the Torah, or our own modern historical texts; everywhere, we see evidence of what I find less than civilized or respectful.  We disobey and defy our own philosophical principles when we quote the Golden Rule, Scriptures, the Koran, Talmud, the Old or New Testaments, or other Holy books while promoting conflict.  We justify battles, bombs, combat, or what amounts to mass murder.  Then, we claim to be caring and innocent.  This is what we, as a culture, do and have done for centuries.  Some call it human nature.  I disagree.

People worldwide belie what they pretend to believe in.  They speak of world peace while going to war.  They state, “War is the last option,” while “thinking,” war the best alternative.  This baffles me.  I believe and observe that if individuals or groups think fighting is necessary at times, then, ultimately, they will do battle.  This dichotomy makes no sense to me; it never has.

Therefore, when I read of an effort to send love and peace to those that support the conflict in Iraq, I was interested and grateful.  This organized action advocates respect and reciprocal reverence. After reading of this, I rejoiced.

I want to share the story of this endeavor with you and ask you to join in.  If you cherished Internet-activist, wish to participate in a peaceful protest against the war, this might appeal to you.

I am linking you to a blog that asks for your nonviolent involvement.  Petals for Peace: You Can Stop the War (Day Three)

The author of this post, BostonJoe, requests a reciprocal reverence.  He desires, as do I, that you express yourself beyond the initial send.  You might consider offering a graceful and growing flower, a petal or two, to your own Congressperson. I think this wise.

Originally, gentle contributions were requested for Michigan Republican Representative Mike Rogers.  However, others might need a to know how you feel.  Please tell your representative that you wish to speak of peace.  You want to live in a world that is tranquil and calm.  Speak your mind and heart; send your representatives a petal of peace.

Let us hope that each seed spreads a message of love.  May we cover the Earth with foliage and not folly.

Please extend your heart, hand, and a bouquet.  Let us celebrate world peace by creating it.

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