Hung. Hung Over. Hung Up. Hung Out To Dry


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With news of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s indiscretions the word “Hung” has frequently been heard. “Hung Over” too entered our conversations.  Many asked if he was.   “Hung Up” played a powerful role in reflections. “Hung Out to Dry” seems to be the consensus.  Crowds of Congressmen and women, citizens from each political Party, and even those who claim no loyalties, say, The Representative must be renounced. Few wish to admit that Anthony Weiner is but you and me.  

Supreme Court Justices, who served under Chief Jurist Brennan, perhaps, make three.  Any of us might easily say, as the Justices did decades ago; on the subject of obscene or outrageous, “I Know It When I See It.”  We each do. Still, the definitions vary.

While few of us are officially appointed to write “codes” of conduct, as the Supreme Court Justices are, we too avidly watch the actions of another and judge.

“That man is hung. He knows it and shows it.”  Albeit, not to his friends.  He hides.  She is often hung over.  Yet, she says nothing of her excessive drinking to her loved ones.  She hides. I binge. I purge or did for twenty-five years and three months. I devoted sixteen hours a day to this truth.  Food was my folly.  Discuss my doings with others? I too hid.

We are each hung up. Whether others hang us out to dry or not, everyone has hanged him or herself.  We punish ourselves for not being what we think is good enough, smart enough, successful enough, sensational enough, sexy or even sane.  Rather than say we are preoccupied with our own self-perceived inadequacies, we act out.   Some drink or do drugs in abundance.  Countless persons jump from job-to-job or relationship-to-relationship.  For most of the latter, this equates to hopping from bed-to-bed.  Serial marriages are not uncommon.  Multiple sex partners in a lifetime are even more common.  Indeed, these are so prevalent people do not think to gossip about what so many of us, do daily.  Even those intertwined in wedded bliss belie the notion of monogamy and few blink an eye.  

While I indulged in more than my fair share of “intimate” escapades, my chosen weapon for self-destruction was food.  No matter how much I ate, which was usually enough for perhaps, fifty persons in a single day, it did not fill me up. I hoped it would; however, food never satisfied my enormous appetite.  I was forever hungry!  I craved a connection, not to a person, place, or thing.  I wanted to feel connected to me . .  whatever that might have meant.  I was unsure.  I only knew that I did not trust that I could ever be what I imagined everyone else was.

Oddly, or unexpectedly enough, what saved me was what I feared the most. I told a very close friend. While I was nowhere near the end of my self-destructive path, I knew I had to reveal what I truly believed all would reject, my flaws, my foibles, in unadulterated honesty, me.

One day, while home, engaged in a conversation with a chum of near fifteen years, I took the plunge.  “Cher,” I said with much hesitation “I need to tell you something.” Even now, years later, I remember the wave of anxiety that swept over me at the time.  As close as I was to Cher, and by the way I still am, I was sure she would reject me.  Nonetheless, I took a deep breath.  I sat down on the stairs in my home. I needed to.  I did not think my legs would support me if I stood.

I clutched the telephone, looked down, and began to speak.  I do not remember a word I said.  All I recall was how certain I was; Cher would lose all respect for me. She would be critical.  She could never understand.  In truth, nor could I.  Again, I was wrong, thankfully.

All that I assumed Cher would think, say, do, and feel, she never did.

Cher was there for me, with me.  I smile when I think of how much closer we have become.  Before that conversation, Cher had expressed astonishment at the reality of our friendship: She and I were so tight, now more so.

But the depth and details of that story are ones for another day.  In contrast, what I went through, or imagined I would, could not begin to compare with the agony Barry anticipated.  His transgressions, oh my.  Please ponder the tale.

A good friend, a successful man in his early sixties, Barry spent his entire adult life behind bars.  He was imprisoned by his sense of self.  In his pre-teen years, possibly as late as the age of sixteen, he had done a wrong.  Barry molested his younger sister.  

At the time, he was a good Catholic boy.  He attended Catholic schools all his life.  His family was active in their neighborhood Parish.  Barry was not rebellious, or a rabble-rouser.  He did not rant, rage; nor did he reject his teachings.  

Barry grew up in a home where sex was never discussed.  Demonstrative gestures were not placed on view.   His parents were forever proper.  Barry, in pre-puberty and his adolescent years was confused when he felt sexual feelings.  He was certain these were sinful.  Indeed, he believed his very essence was an error. Barry felt as though he was the scourge of the Earth, the devil incarnate.  He wanted so much to understand, to speak with someone, any one, but whom.

Conversations on the subjects of sex nay sexuality were never heard in his home. The church offered no answers.  Certainly, shamed by the sensations, he felt he could not discuss the topic with classmates.  There was no one he trusted to chat with or to.  Hence, Barry acted out.  He acted on what overwhelmed him, raging hormones, inner conflicts, and his confusion. When his younger sister, Rena, was asleep, he entered her room and her body.  Ultimately, the young man felt more miserable, less deserving of the life given to him than he had before he did such a dastardly deed.

The boyish-man, a mere innocent child, thought the girl would tell their parents.  Barry imagined this would open the door to the conversations he craved.  Rena never said a word about what occurred, not to her mother, her father, or her brother.  Barry wondered; did she never know what he did?  The wonder gnawed at him.  Barry could not continue to do as he had done whether Rena was awake or not.  He sealed his soul in silence, as he later learned Rena had.

Indeed, the “girl” did not speak of the events for eons.  The five or more times Barry penetrated her being became his secret.  That is, until Rena was in her late fifties.  Barry’s sister, silent, as he was for all those decades spoke up.

While neither expressed the pain in words before, it was now obvious.  Each experienced their hurts in great depth.  Throughout the course of their lives, the two had dived deeper into all that distracted them.

Barry and Rena excelled in school.   The pair showed, or pretended to show the world and themselves that they were good, or at least good enough.  On the surface the brother and sister soared.  Parents, whose mere disapproval could do more damage, for all those years, never knew.  Nor would anyone else.  

Others opinion of us can cut to the core.  Our opinions of ourselves cut deeper.  Wounds, while not visible, scar a soul.   Rena and Barry surmised they could sear the lesion.  Still, blood was spilled in the form of tears and fears.  Facades were erected in hopes that these would serve to protect fragile hearts.  

The brother and sister built prominent, professional résumés.  In their chosen careers, the siblings achieved great success.  Both married, grew their families, formed fine images.  Yet, neither felt whole.  The two hid . . . from others and themselves.

Food became their friends, more so than mates.  All that mattered was the need to hide.  Silence and secrets sealed their fate.  At home, at work, with family, and the few friends each had, neither was happy.  Rena and Barry were as they are, or would be until the day the dam broke.

When Rena opened up, she instantly blamed Barry for her plight. Likely she had for all those years.  Rena did not know that Barry too placed the onus on himself.  He took full responsibility and does.  

Today, just as I had done earlier, as Anthony Weiner did days ago, Barry works to share what he created, a casket for himself.  More significantly, he has risen from the dead.  Barry opened the door and invited his sister in.  He asked for a conversation. Rena said no.  In actuality, she wrote this in a mail.  Rena wants no contact.  She does not wish to discuss what was or is with anyone.  While she has made some changes in her life… by all appearances, her circumstances remain the same.

However, Barry, while devastated at first, slowly found himself.  Barry said to me, someone he thought of as his one close friend, that he had been haunted by this incident forever.  He recalled and reflected on the similarities of our experiences.  I too hid my self-destructive behavior for a very long time.  Granted, I chose to speak of it before my recklessness became known. Still, once the secret was out in the open I was freed.

Barry remembered how my life changed, or my sense of self did, once Cher knew me at my worse.  He wanted that strength for himself.  Barry began to look at every aspect of his life.  He mused as his favorite musician had; If you are not busy being born, you are busy dying.”  Bobby D and Barry. Indeed.  Barry chose to get busy, to thrive rather than merely survive.

Little by little he sought solace in other than food [What only Barry knew of in the past was also revealed and rejected.  The sort of sex, which might be defined as debauched, was left behind.  Drink to drunkenness was another habit forfeited.]  All was replaced with revelation.  First Barry needed to introduce himself to himself.  The wounded wonder for the being he was had been so severely depressed, Barry had blindly walked through his life.   He was uncertain; who might Barry be.

The process was and is painstakingly measured.  Each step was evaluated.  Barry stumbled. He fell. Then, as a Phoenix, he rose again.  Today, the more Barry tells the tale the more empowered he feels.  He had never realized the power to punish was his alone.  Only he could hurt himself as he had.  

Just as I discovered when I shared my truth with Cher, Barry exclaims, the people who love and like you for who you are, as you are, are those well-aware of your every flaw, foible, and failure.  Indeed, that is the reason others appreciate you as they do.  You are you; he is he.  I am me.  As silly as it seems, we each are or have been self-destructive at times.

Still, as individuals we are unique.  That is truly special.  Our experiences teach us, and those we touch.  Were any of us to ever admit to ourselves that the strong are vulnerable, were we to value that vulnerability, perchance none of us would engage as we do, in lurid behaviors.

Insecure? Nay few show it aloud.  Yet, each of us is. “Regrettable” actions? Guilty as charged. Congressman Anthony Weiner owned his.  The Representative has availed himself of an opportunity to learn, grow, and glow greater.  He has found, just as Barry and I did, the persons’, who had cared for him most, still do.  Might you?   Might you see yourself in another human, one who was self-destructive and has decided to walk the road to recovery?  Will you?

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New Years Resolve; Binge or Be


copyright © 2009 Betsy L. Angert.

Another year has come and gone.  Everywhere she goes she hears people speak of New Years resolutions.  They all say this time will be different.  I will decide to do as I had not done previously or at least had not done well.  Countless commit to a life of calorie counting.  Others merely muse that they will exercise more.  Drugs, drinking, there are also discussions of these concerns.  People are confident.  This year I will deliver myself from what I think evil.  A few philosophize as to their personal career path.  Change is the objective.  A greater goal is thought to be golden.  As Author Mary Anne Radmacher reflected and now millions whisper as their mantra, “Live with intention . . .  Choose with no regret. . . . Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is.”  Therein lies the problem.

For persons such as she, her habits are all there is.  “Normal” people, whoever these might be, experience as she does; however, the circumstances and consequences are less obvious. For many a perpetual stroll down the diet path is customary.  An occasional drink, two, or three, of the organic compound known as alcohol satisfies the soul, or so they say.  Decisions to imbibe less are made daily.  These declarations are often announced publicly.   Yet, for a bulimic such as she, much must remain hidden.  Her hurts are not thought to be tolerable.

Each year, indeed each day, for decades now, a determined Little Bit, as her Daddy calls her, has pledged to detach herself from her burden.  She does not wish to be led by temptation.  She tries to curb her appetite.  She goes for hours being “good.”  She eats in moderation for a moment.  Then, the mound that sits solidly in her stomach reminds her of her hurt, physical, psychological, physiologically.  It, the food, the failures, and the feelings, are all consuming.  The hope is she will again see food as nourishment, not a means to nurture herself.  Hitherto, what she believes she loves, food, is exactly what she loathes.  

The fodder itself is not the subject of her disdain, how this fare has taken over her life is cause for her contempt.  Some believe she seeks control.  These individuals trust that this lass thinks she has power over nothing but her weight.  Ha!  That is humorous.  To binge and purge is to never know what your body mass will be.  

The lyrics from “Que Sera, Sera,” what will be will be bestow no blessings.  Nor does the tune provide answers to the questions that forever beckon this forlorn being.  Will I be pretty? Will I be puffy? Will I be rich?  She has learned the lesson; if I am bulimic, none of these will be.

There is no sense of control when a person such as she, consumes vast quantities of chow.   Cash is drained, as is the corporeal being.  Vitamins and minerals are voided from the system.   Health and happiness are canceled in kind.  Electrolytes are eliminated exponentially.  If the heart continues to beat, that, medical professionals say, will be a miracle.  Rather than wield authority over any or all aspects of her life, She is only sick and tired.  This woeful woman is sick of being sick, and tired of being tired.

The hours devoted to the dance are endless.  Day and night, she dreams of food.  In her sleep, sadly she sees herself heave.  There is little time for slumber.  If firm, yet fragile female is to eliminate every morsel, she must completely cleanse her stomach.  Eat. Drink.  Wet the palette.  Moisten the most minuscule particles in the stomach.  Indeed, saturate these.  All-the-better to slide food upwards my dear.  

Even still, any good bulimic knows, until there is nothing but bile, the belly is not truly empty.  If the tummy is to be left untouched by vitals, one must work to create a vacuum within.

Thus, the cycle continues.  Binge.  Purge, Resolve to be healthy.  Plan to pop huge quantities of supplemental pills, without puking.  This is the perpetual plan.  It has been for what feels as eons.  “New Years Day,” She says to herself, “is every day?”  

She ponders what people think, what physicians profess, and the many conversations with her cousin who believes the bulimic lifestyle is her choice.  Each seems to espouse a similar philosophy; with consideration to fodder, bulimics are fully in charge of what enters and exits their mouths.  She has the power to stop.  All that this dame does is in her control.  If this is control, She bellows, I want none of it!

It is fine for others to say that her actions, the chain of gorge and eliminate all that she ate, is her personal preferred  alternative.  She has come to understand that what we select to do is not so easily defined . .  . that is except by others who think they know better than she of what is within her.  Fascinated, she reflects on what has more recently been discovered as a scientific reality.  Rarely do humans grasp what is within them selves.  

People eat sweet, fatty, or salty foods for pleasure; only to be pained by pounds gained, a compromised immune system, or guilt.  The agonies these cause encourage greater indulgences.  In search of gratification, countless place bets.  Gamblers win.  They lose. With little left to show, some sell what the have left.  Surely, the next wager will bring that welcome success.   Triumph will be theirs.  Crapshooters, card sharks, and boneshakers will then have the cash to “invest” once again.  Certainly, there are dozens who do drugs with delight.   The trip is a high.  The down is so low.  The desire for another buzz builds, as does the appetite for more dopamine.  

The number of activities people engage in to increase the rates at which dopamine is released in the brain are unlimited, neuroscientists now realize. Several studies published over the last years have examined the effects of monetary rewards and the chemical compound generated in the brain. Currency, while an abstract, in the gray matter that guides us, is as concrete as cocaine, food, sex or anything a person envisions as a reward, Doctor Hans Breiter, a neuroscientist at Harvard noted near a decade ago, people crave what they think will bring them comfort.  Little Bit sighs and smiles.  She knows this is true for her.

If only the brain and body were independent entities.  Then perchance, people and their physical, physiological realities would not be so reliant on irrational predilections, or the false hope that a New Years resolution will offer the necessary willpower.  This is not meant to excuse what she does; nonetheless, She reads the copious research.  She wonders whether the countless socially acceptable eaters do.

Sugar, salts, fats, starches, and the abundance of these in an American diet, interact with the cellular structures of mind and matter.  The effects of Food on the Brain some say is folly.  Scientist have disputed that false notion as a  myopic myth and still most people deny that dopamine decides much for us, be we bulimic, or a person who appears to be beautifully balanced.

The brains of beings are akin.  The difference is bulimics do what is offensive.  Surely, Little Bit does.  She beats herself up day after day, evening after evening, before, during, and after she engages in the-engorge-and-eliminate process.  She tells herself she is not resolute enough, not strong enough, and not sincere enough.  As a person, She believes she is surely a failure.  How else might she explain why she is not successful, she does not live a wonderful life.  

She lives with intention and regrets her every choice.  She has the goals and inevitably grave misgivings.  She passionately pursues her bliss, be it food or foolishness.  These, in truth, are one in the same.  

Thus, once again, on the traditional New Years Day, she reflects on what is her forever truth.  She is fond of what is wise and worrisome.  She longs to be free from her habit.  She also yearns to feel the food flow in and out of her body.  Finally, the lovely lady hopes to resolve, if life is to be different, she must do other than resolve.   It is vital for Little Bit to realize her brain and body are one.  She can conclude and act upon the choice she had not considered in previous decades.  She can regularly recharge her present neural pathways, or change her pattern.  Perchance, were she to embrace that truth, this year will be truly New, nice, and nicer.

Dear reader, you may wish to peruse Chapters One through Seven. Please do. These reflective diaries discuss my life as an anorexic, bulimic, a person.

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Informed Choice? Mandated Vaccines in America

copyright © 2007 Judith Moriarty

We would all like to naively assume that politicians – the medical profession – pharmaceutical companies etc, have our best interests at heart.  The ordinary citizen cannot relate to a world of corporate greed, absent conscience,  that puts profits above any considerations to the well being of public health (environmental protections).  How much is enough profit – apparently there is no limit?  If you have ever been involved in the vaccine program or are the first to jump in line for that flu shot, (other vaccines) it behooves you to take responsibility in not taking the word of every slick snake -oil- salesman coming down the pike promising you protections from the ills of life.  Men care about their bottom lines, stock portfolios, and opulent lifestyles, not you or your child’s health.  

Who owns your child?  Apparently the state.  On Nov 17, 2007, Prince George, Maryland’s State’s Attorney Glenn Ivy, and the county’s public health and education officials, brought the power of the State down on parents who had not gotten their children injected with various vaccines.  Ivy said that he was prepared to throw the parents whose children had not gotten their shots in jail.  “We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but it’s got to be done.  I’m willing to move forward with legal action.”  Glenn Ivy

Question?  How many more vaccines  these are double what they were a few years back) are children going to be forced to get to be able to get a public education?

I noted on the ‘news’ (brief report) that the parents lined up in front of the court house to comply to this order (or be jailed) were mostly Black.  I wondered if this were a test case – an example for other schools across the country?  No Jesse or Al Sharpton!

Could this be about money?

Dawn Richardson at PROVE ( decided to find out.  Dawn called the communications department of the Prince George’s County School District to ask them specifically some questions about the amount of money the school district gets paid per child per day.  They didn’t respond.  Thankfully, The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) has some great information about Prince  George’s  County Public Schools.

According to this government website, in the 2006-2007 school year, Prince George’s County Public Schools received $11,325 per student per year).  Why is this important information?  The Washington Post reported that 2300 kids were being barred from school.  This adds up to $63 per student per day – a loss of $144,900 per day for the school district.

Chicken pox vaccine?  It doesn’t work.  A school in Round Rock Texas has more than 40 kids out with chickenpox even though they had all been vaccinated!

It never ceases to amaze me;  that today’s schools can ban cupcakes, peanuts, and institute zero tolerance polices against normal childhood behavior (supposedly to protect the children) and yet parents are not supplied a listing of vaccine (also for themselves) ingredients of the various  microbes, antibiotics, chemicals/heavy metals and animal by products?  In a compulsory inoculation program, it is the responsibility of the developers, promoters, and enforcers to prove safety and efficacy.  Vaccine Ingredients: Informed Choice

The same holds true for parents informed that their child needs to be medicated for their hyper activity, supposed depression, and learning disabilities; i.e. Ritalin and other psychotropic drugs.  What long range testing has been done on these drugs, are they additive, do the cure anything, what are the side effects (including suicide), and does this label my child as having a mental health problem on his/her records?  It is also (sadly many parents are apathetic – intimidated) is the responsibility of the parent to research any and all drugs administered to their child – including vaccines and their ingredients.

Liability: Should you or your child suffer a  disability (death) due to an adverse  reaction to a vaccine how are you protected?  Shouldn’t those mandated under threat of incarceration be made aware of their rights to secure compensation for life long medical bills and care?  Answer – NO.

Though not widely reported (it was the Christmas season) in December of 2005, Congress passed unprecedented legislation giving immunity to drug companies.  This legislation passed by the House of Representatives in the early morning hours of Dec 19, 2005.  It was muscled into the Department of Defense Appropriations, H.R. 2863, bill by Senator Frist (a physician!), and House Speaker Hastert despite assurances made to Representatives that this provision would not be attached to the Defense spending bill.

House Approbations Committee ranking Democrat David Obey of Wisconsin, stated, “The conference committee ended its work with the understanding, both verbal and in writing, that there would be no, I repeat, no legislative liability protection language inserted in this bill.  That legislation was unilaterally and arrogantly inserted into the bill after the conference was over.  It was a blatant abuse of power by two of the most powerful men in Congress.”

The  Senate voted for this newly amended version of the Defense Appropriations Bill in a 48-45 vote.  The Senate then passed the amended bill – including the pharmaceutical immunity provisions in a 93-0 vote.  Little opposition to the immunity provision was voiced prior to the final vote.  Senator Kennedy called the legislation ” a basic blank check for the industry” (for any vaccines – including a pandemic flu vaccine).

This legislation allows use of Thimerosal in vaccines:

If the Secretary of Health and Human Services designated that a vaccine is a ‘covered countermeasure” Thimerosal (a mercury containing preservative) can be used in the vaccine, even if a state has enacting legislation banning or limiting the use of Thimerosal.  Any state legislation covering vaccines would be rendered ineffective and Federal law would preempt all state provisions.  This applies to any state provision governing vaccines, not just those provisions pertaining to Thimerosal: Public Readiness and Emergency Readiness Act.

The legislation provides immunity for All Drugs and Vaccines: The language contained in the legislation applies to any drug, vaccine, or biological product that the Secretary of Health and Human Services deems a “covered countermeasure.”  This list could include any commercial drug like Tylenol and is not limited in any way to drugs or vaccines meant to treat a pandemic like avian flu.  The far-reaching nature of the bill was misrepresented in Congress and in the media, where the legislation was presented as primarily concerned with preparations to combat the avian flu.  Since the HHS Secretary has described everything from obesity to diabetes to heart disease as epidemics, under the term of this legislation many drugs and all vaccines can be covered, whether or not they relate to dangerous pandemics or terrorism.

Note: This legislation shows the actions of just who is writing legislation – and its not our elected representatives!

Under this legislation immunity can be granted to drug companies at ANY time:  The immunity language depends on the HHS Secretary declaring that a health condition cause a public health emergency or that some condition could become an emergency at some point in the future.

This legislation gives drug companies immunity for harm caused by their misconduct: The immunity conferred on drug and vaccine manufactures applies no matter what the drug company did wrong.  Even if a drug company operates a dirty facility in which a bath of vaccine is contaminated, and that vaccine kills thousands of Americans, the drug company is immune from liability.

This legislation gives drug companies immunity for all acts short of murder: This legislation explicitly protects drug companies who act recklessly or who are grossly negligent.  An injured person’s claim can go forward only in the case where a drug company acted with such willful misconduct as to constitute criminal assault or murders.  Anything less than criminal conduct is protected.  This language provides the highest standard of proof known to civil law and in unprecedented!  Even if a drug company knowingly kills thousands of people, if no official enforcement action is taken, that company is still immune.

Vaccine Safety is Compromised by this bill:

The express purpose of this legislation is to encourage rapid production of sufficient does of vaccine to inoculate most of the US population.  The vaccine manufactures used blackmail to push the legislation by stating they would refuse to produce new vaccines, the avian flu vaccine for example, unless the legislation was enacted.  

This legislation would permit new vaccines to be rushed to market despite risks that would otherwise cause a legally vulnerable manufacture to exercise caution.  There exist substances proposed as vaccine ingredients that have been insufficiently tested and pose potential health risks.  One such substance, a vaccine additive  called  “MF59” is an oil-based substance used to enhance the body’s immune reaction to a vaccine.  Our public health authorities wish to use MF59 in vaccines in order to enhance production capabilities.  In a recent broadcast of NBC’s Face the Nation Julie Gerberding, head of the  Centers for Disease Control, told Tim Russett that “hamburger helper,” public health’s nickname for MF59, would be used to extend the supply of vaccines.  What Dr. Gerberding did not tell the public is that MF59 is reported to have been used in an experimental anthrax vaccine given to members of the military causing a variety of autoimmune illnesses such as lupus and arthritis, and resulting in a number of deaths.

Those interested in more information on this may read Vaccine A – by reporter Gary Matsumoto.  Source for above: Advocates for Children’s Health Affected by Mercury Poisoning. A-Champ.

The Obfuscation of The Autism Epidemic: Letter by Pediatrician Dr. Kenneth Stoller (in part)

“As a scientist I find the current approach to the autism epidemic – “The Emperor’s New Clothes” approach to be deeply disturbing.  For years, the vaccine division at the CDC and others have said the reason for the dramatic increase (in direct proportion to increase in vaccinations JM) in autism is due to “better diagnosing” and “greater awareness.”  They have encouraged those like Paul Shattuck (researcher) to manufacture uncertainty.  Nevertheless, with 80% of autistic Americans under the age of 18, we will see, clothes and all, a dramatic impact on Social Security in the coming years as these children become dependent adults.  There are NO studies that have found the previously undiagnosed or misdiagnosed autistic individuals among older Americans.”

“We need to address the real reason for the alarming autism rate.  No more secrets or truth-spinning.  This is not a faux epidemiological epidemic, not an infectious epidemic, nor a genetic epidemic ( as there are no genetic epidemics).  That leaves an epidemic linked to some sort of exposure.  The federal government has never tested the type of mercury in vaccines for toxicity.  This is an unconscionable oversight failure at best, at worst it is an example that we have left consensus reality to be created by the liars, thieves, cheats, killers, and the PR junk scientists they employ” Dr. Stoller’s complete letter:  The obfuscation of the iatrogenic Autism epidemic.

While licensing new vaccines and adding them to the mandatory childhood schedule, the government failed to add up the amount of mercury that a child could receive in one visit and cumulatively over the course of the vaccination regime . . .

Neuro-development disorders such as autism have symptoms similar to mercury poisoning.  It is well established that mercury is a neuro-toxin and is harmful to babies in-utero and to the developing brains of children.  There is a public advisory from the government about the risks of eating mercury-containing seafood, but there is no public health advisory about the risks of exposure to mercury in vaccines.  Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that has been used in vaccines since the 1930’s.”

“My name is Lyn Redwood.  I reside in Atlanta Georgia with my husband Tommy and three children.  Hanna, Drew and Will.  My husband and I are both health professional.  My husband is a Physician and I am a Nurse Practitioner.  I also hold a Masters Degree in Community Health Nursing and I’m a member of our County’s Board of Health and local Planning Commission.”

“My son, Will, weighed in at close to 9lbs at birth.  He was a happy baby who ate and slept well, smiled cooed, walked and talked, all by one year.  Shortly after his first birthday he experienced multiple infections, lost speech, eye contact, developed a very limited diet and suffered intermittent bouts of diarrhea.  He underwent multiple evaluations and was initially diagnosed with a global receptive and expressive speech delay and later with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a form of autism.”

I would have never made the correlation between my son’s disability and vaccines until July 1999 when I read that a preservative, thimerosal,  utilized in some infant vaccines, actually contained 49.6% mercury!  The report went to say that the FDA had determined that ‘infants who received thimerosal- containing vaccines at several visits may be exposed to more mercury than recommended by Federal Guidelines for total mercury exposure’.  As health care providers, my husband and I constantly receive notices that adverse effects have been reported with a drug or a product safety sheet has been revised.  Why were NO such notices sent out informing us that thimerosal  preservative vaccines were exceeding federal guidelines for mercury exposure in infants?”

“I reviewed my son’s vaccine record and my worst fears were confirmed.  All his early vaccines had contained thimerosal.  From my research on mercury, I found it to be a human toxicant which is especially damaging to rapidly developing fetal and infant brain.  While acceptable levels for exposure are published by Federal Agencies, mercury is a POISON at any level.  The doses ‘thought’ to be safely allowed on a daily basis by EPA is 0.1mcg per kilogram of body weight per day.  At 2 months of age, my son had received 62.5 mcg of mercury from 3 infant vaccines.  He had received 125 TIMES his allowable exposure on that one day.  These large injected bolus exposures continued at 4, 6, 12 and 18 months to a total mercury exposure of 237.5 mcg.  I also discovered that the INJECTIONS that I received during the first and third trimesters of my pregnancy to prevent RH blood incompatibility also contained MERCURY.”  From Government Reform Committee, testimony, July 18, 2000 .  Lyn Redwood is the Co-founder and President of SafeMinds.

Note – again and again the only action (after they vote on issues they’ve never read, studied, or researched) we have these senseless, do nothing hearings!

Dr. Russell Blaylock reports,

“I was asked to write a paper on some of the newer mechanisms of vaccine damage to the nervous system, but in the interim I came across an incredible document that should blow the lid off the cover up being engineered by the pharmaceutical companies in conjunction with powerful governmental agencies.  It all started when a friend sent me a copy of a letter from Congressman David Weldon M.D, to the director of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding, in which he alludes to a study by Dr. Thomas Verstraeten then representing the CDC, on the connection between infant exposure to thimerosal – containing vaccines and neurodevelopment injury.”

Congressman Weldon questions the CFC director as to why, Dr. Verstraeten published his results four years later, in the journal of Pediatrics to show just the opposite, that is, that there was no correlation to any neurodevelopmental problems related to thimerosal  exposure to infants.  Dr. Weldon refers to a report, the ‘Scientific Review of Vaccine Safety Datalink Information’.  This conference was held on June 7-8, 2000 at Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Norcross, Georgia, which consisted of 51 assembled scientists and physicians of which five represented vaccine manufactures.  It was discovered by Congressman Weldon M.D., that Dr. Verstraeten had left the CDC shortly after this conference to work for GlaxoSmithKline in Belgium which manufactures vaccines.”

Dr. Blaylock goes on to explain in his report;  that  . . .

“when these officials speak of ‘removal of  thimerosal’ they are not removing anything.  They just plan to stop adding it sometime in the future once they use up the existing stocks which entails millions of doses.”  He states, “incredibly the government allows them to do it.  Even more incredibly, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Practice endorse this insane policy.  In fact they specifically state that children should continue to receive the thimerosal- containing vaccines until new vaccines can be manufactured at the will of the manufactures.”

Dr. Blaylock explains,

“The obvious solution is to use only single dose vials, which require no preservatives.  So, why don’t they use them?  Oh, because it would add to the cost of the vaccine.  Of course, we’re only talking about a few dollars per vaccine at most, certainly worth the health of a child’s brain and future.  It was disclosed that thimerosal is in all influenza vaccines, DPT (and most DTaP) vaccines and all HepB vaccines.”

Dr. Blaylock reports,

“”Those in this meeting admit that we have a form of mercury that has been used since the 1930s and that NO ONE has bothered to study the effects on biological systems, especially the brains of infants.  NOTE – the mercury in vaccines is ethylmercury not methylmercury (which those discussing its merits had no idea of).  In a society of hundreds of millions of people there are groups of individuals much more sensitive to this toxin than others.  For instance, the elderly, the chronically ill, the nutritionally deficient, small babies, premature babies, those on certain medications just to name a few.  As to the needless vaccinating for Hepatitis B; the only at risk group among children is those children born to drug using mothers infected with Hepatitis B or HIV infected parents.  In fact most studies show that children catching the measles or other childhood disease have been fully immunized.”

Why the sensitivity?  

“The ‘vaccinologists’ (a made up term) with their problem of ‘concrete thinking’ cannot seem to appreciate the fact that not everyone is the same.  They fail to see the ‘uncertainties’.  To further emphasize this point lets take a farming family who lives with three miles of a coal burning electrical plants (or incinerator).  Since they also live near the ocean, they eat seafood daily.  The fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides used on the crops contain levels of mercury.  The coal burning plant emits high levels of mercury in the air they breathe daily and the seafood they consume has levels of mercury higher than EPA standards.  This means that any babies born to these people will have very high mercury levels.  Once born they are given numerous vaccines containing more mercury.”

See The Truth behind the Vaccine Coverup  for Dr. Blaylock’s in-depth report!

The children of chemical alley in the Gulf; are much more susceptible to neurological impairment, than say, a child born in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  A child living at grand zero, to an waste burning incinerator, is much more apt to suffer mercury/chemical overload; thus the increase in autism, learning disabilities , birth defects and  other auto immune diseases.  A child living in the same state, removed by miles, and absent any polluting industries, has a better chance of health than his distant neighbor, although any child (adult) injected with mercury (heavy metals) is at risk.

“A specter is haunting the medical and journalism establishments of the United States: Where are the unvaccinated people with autism?”  Dan Olmsted, “I have not seen autism with the Amish”, said Dr. Frank Noonan, a family practitioner in Lancaster County, Pa., who has treated thousands of Amish for a quarter – century.  “You’ll find all the other stuff but we don’t find autism.  We’re right in the heart of Amish country and seeing none, and that’s just the way it is.”

“In Chicago, Homefirst Medical Services threats thousands of never – vaccinated children whose parents received exemptions though Illinois’ relatively permissive immunization policy.  Homefirst’s medical director, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein, told us he is not aware of any cases of autism in never – vaccinated children; the national ratio is 1 in 166 (lower now) according to the CDC.  We have a fairly large practice.  We have about 30,000 or 35,000 children we’ve taken care of over the years, and I don’t think we have a single case of autism in children delivered by us who never received vaccines.  We have enough of a sample.  The numbers are too large to not see it.  We would absolutely know.  We’re all family doctors.  If I have a child with autism come in, there’s no communication.  It’s frightening.  You can’t touch them.  It’s not something that anyone would miss.”

“Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, a Florida family practitioner with ties to families who home school their children, told Age of Autism he has proposed a study. ‘  I said I know I can tap into this community and find you large numbers of unvaccinated home schooled and we can do simple prevalence and incidence studies in them, and my gut reaction is that you’re going to see no autism in this group.”

See: Dan Olmsted also Age of Autism.

One would  think  that these  professionals (medical and governmental);   making back room decisions  for the multitudes (including third world children) would err on the side of caution and take the precautionary approach?  If there’s the slightest chance of dooming a child to a world of mercury, induced madness – relegating them to a black hole existence, why would career, political ambitions, or blood money take precedence?  Apparently, it does and obviously, men will sell their souls for a pittance?  Worse yet, these men/women, have seen to it that they are legally (our legislators made this possible) protected from any and all liabilities.  A family is on their own.  With social services almost non- existent in many areas, this spells disaster.

When autism comes into a home the family structure is altered forever.  My brother was the happy baby, laughing and talking, etc, that Lyn Redwood and her physician husband remember.  My brother Jerry, like their son Will, disappeared one day after a series of shots at 18 months.  My impoverished parents went from doctor to doctor seeking an answer.  How were they to know that it was our family doctor (unknowingly) who had injected him with the vaccine that destroyed his life. My parents (like other parents) were not given any information as to the chemicals etc, in these vaccines.

My parents were told that he was a slow learner, hearing impaired, etc.  Everything but the truth.  The relatives said he was ‘crazy’.  The neighbors said he was the result of the sin of my parents.  My mother tried to tell us he was a gift from God.  I didn’t buy this (though I remained silent).  I didn’t think God deliberately sent down broken, mentally impaired babies, as gifts!  He was a gift, in the sense, that his presence demanded kindness, gentleness, compassion, and learning to listen to his pain and lostness, in a world without words.

He deteriorated in health and became very self abusive.  You couldn’t cry in our house as this would set Jerry off into a tangent.  Finally, my parents, with other children to protect from harm, had to institutionalize him at age 12.  I spent my childhood visiting this place; where society locked away the less than perfect, the deformed, and twisted.  My brothers supposed ‘caregivers’ ended up by killing him.  Abuse was rampant in this place (as in all institutions).  They  blamed it the residents who couldn’t speak and deny it.  Long after his death, and the death of my parents, I went to work in this place.  Another long story.  I can tell you,  that NOBODY abused a resident in my presence – nobody!

Who are the truly deformed and twisted in society?  I think it’s those who pose as healers – as responsible corporate business interests – and jive- talking politicians.  It took all of them, working in concert,  to destroy the lives of thousands of children – maybe hundreds of thousands, worldwide?  There’s your axis of evil.


The Eve Of Destruction

I wish to present a glorious and comprehensive tome, written by Judith Moriarty.  “Eve of Destruction” examines the state of affairs in America.  In abstraction, the author contemplates the annihilation of this country.  The original text was published at  I marveled as I first read this missive.  I hope you will appreciate this deft deliberation.  I am honored and privileged to share this thought-provoking treatise.

© copyright 9-19-7 By Judith Moriarty

“The eastern world it tis explodin’,
violence flarin’, bullets loadin’
ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction”

If I were given unlimited power, money, and the unknowing assistance of multitudes of pawns, players, shills, toadies, lap dogs, etc; to take down a nation, how would I do it?

Common sense says, first I would want to control that nation’s monetary system with the unlimited ability to tax the population (incurring massive debt) into servitude.  I might name my monetary system with an official-sounding title that would fool the multitudes into thinking I was an official governmental agency – and not a private banking cartel.

I would institute various programs of entitlement to entrap and make the citizenry dependent on various handouts – thus killing their incentive to work, but most of all to control dissent.  One doesn’t bite the hand that feeds them.

I would give robber barons, and various corporate entities, through lobbyists and campaign contributions to key legislators the power to write their own meal tickets, excusing them from various taxes, regulation, liabilities, and accountability.  I would set up off -shore accounts and various trusts to protect the wealth of the favored elite.  Only the working cogs will pay strangulating taxes.

I would kill unions.  Unions are not cost-effective for companies whose sole purpose for existence is ‘profits’.  Unions are a hindrance with their silliness of demanding livable wages, safe working conditions, medical benefits, pensions, vacations, etc.  I would initiate a PR campaign to discredit and label those who had any thoughts of organizing.  I would threaten to close down local industries and ship them overseas if workers balked at lower wages, or resented being mere cogs in the machine.  In the event of a strike, I would call in scab workers and security guards to handle unruly vocal workers.  Maybe I’d kill the leaders – just as a lesson.

Next, for quicker servitude, I would shut down the mills, the various plants, machine shops, manufacturing, auto companies (livable wage jobs), and send them to foreign lands, where labor costs (no benefits – no safety standards) are mere pennies.  I would grant tax incentives, subsidies and create consulting firms to assist companies in making a smooth transition to less restrictive lands.

I would direct Congress to vote legislation (various visas) to import tens and more tens of thousands of foreign workers who would be paid one-half to one third of American wages (no benefits, no job security) to work at resorts, hotels, restaurants, in the medical field, engineering, teaching and in Information Technology.  I would propagandize the gullible public, telling them that Americans ‘won’t do’ those jobs – or that there are not enough trained Americans to fill the positions.  Congress will be instructed to reinforce this lie in various scripted messages (media – campaign trail – speeches in Congress).

Slowly and insidiously, I would remove most of the major decision-making to the Executive Branch under the guise of national security.  Presidential Directives, and Executive Orders will replace the messiness of having decisions held-up, or argued in Congress.  Most importantly, the public will remain mostly oblivious.

I would open the borders to allow millions of the dispossessed (due to trade agreements) south of the border/others; to work on corporate farms, as maids, laborers , construction workers, roofers, etc.  I would encourage illegal immigration; so as to keep these unsuspecting people, in a constant state of apprehension – should they insist on a livable wage, or complain, when unscrupulous contractors leave them unpaid, or injured without compensation.  I would organize massive marches (making them appear as grassroots uprisings) pitting victims (American workers) against victims (immigrants) – so as to keep the focus off of the various trade agreements (constructing a global plantation).  The more venom, rancor, hatred, and chaos, the better.  The workers of the world, must never see these issues as pertaining to class……but rather intolerance, racism, and bigotry.  Victims blaming victims, never the elite behind the curtain.

I would limit any real choices in voting, keeping the field limited to a two-party (monied) system – where only the wealthy (poor candidates ignored) and chosen need apply.  Again, I would encourage animosity between the reds and the blues, never revealing that they are playing (these political parties) good cop – bad cop (depending on who is in power).  Both parties will be given their scripted talking points, which per usual, will promise the world…and deliver nothing.  They must not address the real issues facing Americans and instead distract by sniping and snipping amongst themselves.  I would turn over the responsibility (to assure the outcome) of voting to corporate entities with their easily-compromised voting machines with no paper trails (such as even local ATM machines provide).

I would keep up the pretense of a ‘representative democracy’ in Foggy Bottom with a lot of bickering, the blame game, and senseless tedious hearings (always after the fact) of scandals, the lack of response to disasters, sex, etc.  This gives the ‘appearance’ of being busy and on top of things.

I would set up a dysfunctional Department of Education, that would dictate to the states (thus parents) various insane mandates, regulations, and policies, for the sole purpose of dumbing down (through tests, not teaching – whole language etc) the future generation.  A dumb population is an easily-controlled population.  These various edicts, will have the dual purpose of putting more and more costs on work-a-day property owners who are unable to absorb the demands for higher and higher taxes (to meet these demands).  Thus, everyone will be made to work two or three jobs to keep up with the newest tax bills, and so on.  All of this will result (as planned) in turning out functionally illiterate students, fit for the local Wigget factory, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, garbage man, prison guard or cannon fodder for war.  None of these vocations demand calculus, or being educated in literature, or world affairs.

The teachers of old will be replaced with ‘change agents’ who will focus on group think, hive mentality behavior modification, and social engineering – not teaching.  Pre-school will become mandatory.  The younger the child, the easier it is to mold them into non-thinking dolts conforming to authority.  Parents (unread – easily intimidated) will be convinced that little Johnnie or Jane is ‘learning disabled, or hyper active’, and thus needs to be drugged into compliance.  Mental illness centers will become a major part of education – with soon nearly everyone being found at risk.

“There’s no earthly way of knowing
Which direction they are going!
There’s no knowing where they’re rowing,
Or which way the river’s flowing!
Not a speck of light is showing,
So the danger must be growing,
For the rowers keep on rowing,
And they’re certainly not showing any signs that
they are slowing . . .”

~ Roald Dahl – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Drugs: – I would saturate the land with drugs, pills, LSD, marijuana, prescriptions, designer drugs etc; till the land was awash with mind-numbing, brain-damaging chemicals making crime rampant, destroying families/communities, and creating a private prison industry (the largest in the world).  The costs, to states and various communities will bankrupt many – with peace officers, renamed law enforcers and gradually becoming militarized.  People will be conditioned to FEAR the police, not welcome their presence.

I would allow the HMOs, Pharmaceuticals, and Insurance companies to ravage and destroy what was once an affordable medical system.  They will write the legislation relieving them of any liabilities, and making doctors mere technocrats in the ‘machine’ dictated to by some HMO/Insurance drone in a far away cubicle as to what treatments their patients are ineligible to receive.  The focus will be on ‘profits’ with ever more exotic drugs being offered in lieu of preventive medicine.  Pollution, food additives, chemicals, and Frankenstein crops will add to create even more ill health.  The Hippocratic Oath will become as antiquated as the Geneva Convention.  Being on constant vacation and with their own (taxpayer subsidized) health insurance, granting them the best in prompt treatment (prescriptions), the people’s representatives will, as usual, protest feebly and do nothing.  Pharmaceutical companies will be granted legislative authority, to charge top dollar for needed medicines, with Congress voting to prevent more affordable medicines (made by the same companies) from being imported to the U.S. from Canada and Japan.  Profits over people is the corporate mantra of the land.

I would make (except for legislators and the judicial and executive branches with their obscene pensions) retirement an impossibility for seniors.  On fixed incomes, or minuscule pensions (if not already looted), they will be unable to afford rising taxes, the cost of medicine, rent, food, home heating, or medical treatment.  Many will die in the land of plenty of hypothermia, cancers, malnutrition, and once treatable medical conditions that they can no longer afford to deal with (while their well-to-do neighbors sing Amazing Grace at the village church).  If they don’t die fast enough, they will be encouraged to embrace ‘death with dignity’ – an Orwellian term for execution.

War: – I would institute perpetual war, thus killing off the best and brightest, bankrupting the country (borrowing billions for destruction) while filling the coffers of corporate gangsters, the favored, and the military industrial complex.  I would privatize most of the military, hiring mercenary troops at lucrative salaries for international and domestic crises.  Soldiers when returning home (due to privatized bureaucracy) will be made to jump through hoops (for benefits) and forced to prove that missing limbs, depleted uranium poisoning, and brain damage will hinder them from living happily ever after.

“Don’t you understand what I’m trying to say?
Can’t you see the fear I’m feeling today?
If the button is pushed, there’s no running away,
They’ll be none to save with the world in a grave”

I would see gentrification by disaster and eminent domain, tearing apart communities and making the dispossessed all wanderers in the land of their birth.  With shuttered downtowns, concrete box stores, sprawl malls, fast food, plastic booth slop joints, consultants, and appointed committees replacing local government, etc, I would destroy the known and the familiar.  Thus scattered, unity and the security of small town America (ethnic neighborhoods) makes strangers struggling to exist…not to live.

“I can’t twist the truth, it knows no regulation,
handful of Senators don’t pass legislation”

Travel: – The wealthy and chosen need have no fear.  With private jets – they will not be subjected to the humiliation put upon the masses.  Citizens held captive in rushing to business, a vacation, a funeral, or medical emergency, etc will be scanned, groped (by rent-a-cops) made to empty innocuous liquids, questioned, etc – not for security purposes but for behavior modification…conditioning them to obedience and compliance.  No one will mention the incoming cargo containers not searched – millions of containers from foreign lands sitting on docks and then embarking on trucks to every corner of the unsuspecting nation.  In a world of announced terrorists, all become suspect (minus the favored few)…even the babe and senior in his wheelchair.  Examples will be made of those daring to question or object.  Travel will thus be discouraged.

“Hate your neighbor next door, but don’t forget to say grace.”

Fear: – Waco, Ruby Ridge, school shootings, hijackings, serial killers, child rapists, imploding towers, danger stranger, assassinations, road blocks, taser attacks (by police), roaming gangs, identity theft, SWAT teams (getting the wrong address), invading Arabs (threat), color-coded fear days, video cameras, security alarms, schools invaded with police, and drug-sniffing dogs, beating/arresting dissenters, etc.  All these and more will be used to cause confusion, anxiety, suspision, and paralyzing fear resulting in evermore draconian controls, laws, and violating the rights of a once carefree population.  Who’s watching the watchers…is nobody’s business.

Media: – Information, education, rational discourse, and debate on all sides of an issue will be limited or prevented.  Citizens will be encourage to take sides – i.e., abortion, gun rights, immigration, gay marriage, funding religion with taxpayer dollars, graphic sex education for young elementary children, etc.  Issues will be kept to the superficial and emotional.  Corporate control of the media (all media) is mandatory (thus Clinton’s Telecommunications Act – giving away the airwaves) with entertainers, not newscasters, giving their fluff and nutter reports of the day: OJ, Paris Hilton, pit bulls, Rosie O’Donnel, the runaway bride, the diapered astronaut, etc.  PR hirelings will be presented as ‘experts’ be they mothballed generals or think tank suits.  Citizens will be instructed what to think – not how to think.  Limits will be put on speech, in public hearings, local council meetings/gatherings, letters to the editor, etc.  Facilitators, stakeholders, and consensus will take the place of the democratic process (the outcome pre-determined).

Economy: – Trade agreements, unread (some are hundreds of pages) and not debated will be voted on with the results being massive unemployment, bankrupt farms, imported suspect food stuffs/products, echoing steel mills, foreclosures, homelessness, etc.  Language in these various ‘agreements’ will take precedence over all local zoning laws and environmental protections.  Elected representatives, (federal/state) will find these agreements almost impossible to understand with their legalese and loophole language.

Privatization: – I would give away the Commons to private industry and foreign investors including water, medical care, the infrastructure, roads, schools, utilities, bridges, rivers, waste disposal, and lands (under the guise of nature preserves, parks, heritage sites, biospheres and buffer zones, etc).  As collateral for the trillions in debt, I would post the people’s land with countless signs reading “Keep Out” and “No Trespassing” and “Private” etc.

Religion:  Religion being an anchor to the many, in a chaotic  world, I would certainly want to tap into the support of those I could use for my own purpose ( evil v good) and brush up on a few Scriptures and religious terms.  Good would be presented as white makes might – the brown God v the white God;  in the ‘battle’ to bring peace, liberty, liberation, and abundance to the oppressed masses of the world (sob).  Naturally, one wouldn’t be so presumptuous (or foolish)  as to present a grasping God of mammon – traveling the world to check out His oil rigs, clear cut forests, draining of aquifers, Frankenstein crops, and starving multitudes (dispossessed for lakes of oil – minerals – gold etc). 

Announcing  ourselves to be a godly Christian nation – we would naturally want a leader who professes to have direct access (born again) to God’s directions on victory in war.  The support of the  tambourine, cymbal crashing, metal utility building congregations , the mega churches (be healed with that donation),  and moneyed  crystal cathedrals etc; damning the irreverent, anti-war, communist, homosexual, AIDS riddled,  unbelievers;  for bringing terror to our shores ——–and daring to protest a JUST and HOLY showdown,  against the legions of the brown God (identified as insurgents, terrorists, extremists, and thankless hearten);  will assure the needed voting blocs  come election time and the future  support for the  billions upon billions needed  for perpetual war ever seeking the white God’s Utopian  peace.

It’ll work ——self-righteous religious hypocrites against the sinners, brilliant.  The God of mammon and war will replace the antiquated syrupy God of ‘forgiveness, love the neighbor, do unto others, I was hungry, and love never sees a suffered wrong etc”.  Tax exemptions and Faith Based Initiative monies, will be the carrot that keeps these Pharisaical multitudes loyal.

I would keep the multitudes entertained (distracted) throughout the years with ball games, gladiator (well-paid) sports, concerts, theme parks, shopping malls, expensive automobiles, theater, the arts, movies, various awards ceremonies, electioneering debates (senseless), arguments on war (to surge or not to surge, to invade or not to invade), liposuction, breast implants, Viagra readiness, exotic vacations, designer clothes, the newest must-have electronic gadgetry,

air-headed starlets doping and drinking it up, NASCAR, horse racing, soccer, golf, environmental activism (safe not threatening industry), etc.

Meantime, I would see to it that government agencies were slowly and inclemently dismantled with the work farmed out to private contractors.  Positions of authority and decision-making will have corporate interests appointed to them.  Food protections, health, and safety, and environmental regulations, will be under-funded or disregarded – favoring corporate interest (profits) instead.  Federal and state environmental agencies will be mere rubber stamp mouth pieces for industry, paying no heed to polluters or to the protection of various community health issues (SuperFund sites).

All of this and more, I would do, if I were given permission (generously-compensated, of course) to destroy a nation.  I would make sure that all of these various entities, and non-governmental agencies, were compartmentalized (thinking they were about the people’s business) with no one (even within these agencies) having a clue as to the final objective.  It is comparable to the worker in the eastern European factory thinking he is building baby carriages.  Stealing a piece a week (he couldn’t afford to buy one) for his expected child.  He finally has them all and assembless it on the living room floor.  To his surprise, he sees an M-16 in his hands.

The greatest conspiracies aren’t hidden – just fragmented into different pieces – like a puzzle.  Right before people’s eyes.

Whistle blowers, of course, will be dutifully dealt with making an example for others.  Most of the masses – worried about their jobs, promotions, benefits, and pensions – will ‘follow orders.’  The few who object and fail to conform to the dictated, carefully constructed ‘norm’ will be labeled ‘conspirators, crazies, fringe extremists, communists, queers, un-American and traitors’, etc.  This has always worked down through the centuries – it’s the old herd instinct.  Identified as ‘other’ has those protesting or objecting marked as ‘other’ and therefore blackballed, to be avoided and shunned.  Nobody wants to be labeled ‘other’ – not in group-think.  That would make him or her much like the mad cow discovered in a dairy herd – a turd in the punchbowl of society.

“Ah you don’t believe we’re on the Eve of Destruction?”
Music video – sing along…

Eve of Destruction Video.


Sex in America. Sexual Behavior and Selected Health Measures Study

copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert

Sex is in the city and in the country.  Americans are aroused and sizzling.  They are hot and ready to trot.  Numerous are running rampant.  Others await Mister or Miss Right; these persons are tenuously evaluating the situation.  Some saunter into the sex scene.  A few wait on the sidelines.  Many find more than one partner that pleases them.  Nonetheless . . .

Ninety-six percent of American adults have had sex.  According to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Sex study finds men far more likely to play the field.  Women are doing the deed as well; however, these recent finding suggest feminine wiles are used sparingly.

(Twenty-nine) 29 percent of American men report having [fifteen] 15 or more female sexual partners in a lifetime, while only [nine] 9 percent of women report having sex with [fifteen] 15 or more men.

The median number of lifetime female sexual partners for men was seven; the median number of male partners for women was four.

We might contrast this information with an earlier, 2004 analysis, and realize numbers do not tell the whole story.

For the first time since the government began the National Survey of Family Growth in 1973, more girls (47 percent) say they have had sex than boys (46 percent).

We cannot be certain why younger women are doing the deed more than they once were.  Nor can we establish that the results from one study represent the sexual exploits of all men, women, adolescent boys, and girls.

Age matters, as does the era.  Exposure to the elements is a consideration; Sexually Transmitted Diseases, may alter the dialogue and influence the doings.  Trends may elicit a changing moral standard.  Perhaps, among adolescents, the feminine factor differs; possibly, it does not.  Young men now may be as they were, decades ago, or they might be as we all are, similar; yet unique.  The possibilities are endless.  People are people, fascinating, and never truly predictable.

We must trust that everyone has his or her tales to tell.  However, few do, at least not to those asking about the numbers of sexual partners.  It is for this reason that this recently released study may be a slightly more accurate.

Six thousand, two hundred, and thirty-seven [6,237] adults, ages 20 to 59 disclosed their deliverance secretly.  Heterosexual men and women shared their stories with a curious computer.  Face-to-face interviews were not conducted.  Scientists feared people might be less forthcoming when discussing their escapades with another human being.  Many people prefer not to kiss and tell.  Individuals believe they have an image to protect, his and hers.

Appearances are important.  However, often we learn that nothing is as it seems.  When we met, Michael was tall, nice looking, a scholar.  He was a Professor.  He taught Economics at two local Universities, a private college, and a State school.  He was, and I believe is to this day, politically Conservative,  Michael is articulate, astute, and to me amazing.  I was and am a woman mesmerized by brains.  Brawn never was interesting or appealing to me.  Show me gray matter that gyrates and I am stimulated.

Michael inspired me to think, to dream, and to wonder.  I was captivated by the capacity of this man?s mind and that energy extended to his body.  We became friends and soon after lovers.

We were in our twenties at the time.  One night as we were “getting to know each other” Michael shared a story I never forgot.  When he was a sophomore in college, he and a male friend entered into a competition.  They were competing for “love.”  The two young gents decided they wanted to know who could “sleep with” more women during the course of a given semester.

Michael, being the high achiever he was, and may still be, was passionately intent.  He knew his objective, and had no doubt, success would be his.  Michael was certain he could and would stand erect.  He was up to the task.  This wondrous chap would lift skirts up or pull pants down.  He would do whatever was necessary to take the prize.  He had pride and a reputation to secure.  This man was or would become a super-stud.

Michael began his pursuit.  All was going well.  He found women a plenty.  He came; they went.  Then, long before the term ended, Michael tired of the “game.”  The rivalry began to wear on him.  This marvelous man, an academic, and obviously, or so I thought, not a player said, “I reached one hundred and forty-one and thought,  ‘What am I doing?’  Michael decided he could not or had no desire to stay in the race.  The chase no longer brought him to climax.  Doing the bump and grind without reason, upon reflection seemed ridiculous to him.  Nevertheless, he did it for quite some time.

As Michael shared the details of his adventure with me that evening I thought, Wow!  These numbers are astounding, even staggering.  I could not imagine ever reaching such a peak.  Yet, as time went on, I engaged in what brought little excitement and what passes for much.  A bodily orgasm did not fulfill any fantasies; nor did it create a meaningful connection.

I realized early on, I am a one-man woman.  I cannot, more precisely I will not do more.  For me, the remorse, the regret, and the confusion I feel within is overwhelming.  I am willing to absorb the shock that comes from filling a bed in an attempt to gratify my heart.  I enjoy my own company and believe no one can complete me.  With myself, I am whole.  Empty sex does not satisfy me.  I am not able to tell myself I “love” or “like” someone I barely know.

Sex for sex’s sake was not a challenge.  Very early on, I discovered as Michael had, it bored me.  Unlike Michael, I realized this long before faces became a blur.  I never felt the urge to surge.  In fact, I feared the prospect.

Perhaps, other Americans do too.  The numbers presented demonstrate Americans are not doing as Michael had done.

Sixteen percent of adults first had sex before age 15, while 15 percent abstained from sex until at least age 21.

Seventeen percent of men and 10 percent of women reported having two or more sexual partners in the past year.

Twenty-five percent of women and 17 percent of men reporting having no more than one partner of the other sex in their lifetime.

Adults who were married or had more than a high school education were less likely to use street drugs than others.

Yet, as I observe others, I wonder.  One lovely I know has her bed filled on most weekend nights.  Rarely is she with the same man.  His door swings open daily, or almost. Another, a man has a woman occupying his chaise lounge on Mondays and Tuesdays.  A beauty graces his boudoir on Fridays and Saturdays.  Wednesday and Thursday are reserved for a raven-haired lass.  Sunday is a day of rest.

I met many.  Numerous women count men as they count the shoes in their closets.  I have yet to calculate the number of males in my drawers.  I do acknowledge there are less than there might have been and more than I am proud of.  Men, I am told carve notches in their bedposts.

I do not think most are intending as Michael and his schoolmate were.  I trust that most people male and female are looking for love in all the right and wrong places.

Many believe the intense muscle tightening in the genitals, the exchange of corporal fluids protecting mucous membranes is the ultimate in bonding experiences.

Men frequently think if a woman is willing to spread her legs for him, her heart is open to the very special person he is.  Women wistfully wonder; is he the one.  If he calls continuously, it must be because he loves me.  Some realize sex, semen joining with the gush of juices may make babies; however, these do not always give birth to the blissful music of love.

The findings of this report certainly intrigued me..  I went looking for greater enlightenment, the spark that might move me.  I discovered the original stud-yreport, Drug Use and Sexual Behaviors Reported by Adults: United States, 1999-2002.  The findings were released on June 22, 2007.  Interestingly enough, when I read the text I was struck by a nuance barely touched on in the news articles.


Drug-related and sex-related behaviors are of great public health importance.  Use of illicit drugs has been shown to influence sexual behavior and present risk factors for disease (1).

Risky sexual behaviors can result in sexually transmitted diseases and unintended pregnancies.  This report is intended to provide overall prevalence estimates of drug use and sexual behaviors in adults from a nationally representative sample of the U.S. civilian non-institutionalized population.

As I read this I smiled.  It seems much of the survey was omitted in the news reports.  There was a blurb.

Twenty-six percent of men and 17 percent of women have tried cocaine or other street drugs (not including marijuana) at some time in their life.  Seven percent of men and 4 percent of women had done so within the past 12 months.

However, I think the intent of the study may have been missed in the many calculations presented to the public en masse.

Shyly, I admit, I met Michael in a restaurant bar.  He and I were not there to imbibe.  We were each meeting friends that worked in the establishment.  Nonetheless, I understand numerous people look for that significant someone  while drowning their sorrows with intoxicating beverages.  Drugs too I am told, add to the high.  The survey attempted to make allowances for this.  The researchers admit, the numbers may be as deceiving as people knowingly or unintentionally are when under the influence.

Limitations of self-reported data include recall problems and intentional misreporting of behaviors.

For me, my presence in a pub was then and is now an oddity.  In my entire life, I have not had a drink of alcohol.  That scene was not I.  In my younger years, I realized that meeting men or even friendly females in that forum would not benefit me.  Yet, even in my insolated world men intent on opening my thighs think the way to me “heart” is through wining and dining me.

A few years ago, I engaged in what seemed an endless discussion.  All that know me, acknowledge I am extremely approachable, honest, willing to share all my stories.  There are no skeletons in my closet.  Indeed, I have no wardrobes with doors or locks on them.  Nonetheless, a man courting me insisted there was.

Adam was adamant, I must sip a cocktail or two.  He said an alcoholic beverage would quench my thirst, or his?  I think access was his quest.  This longtime bachelor was certain much was concealed.  However, verbally, intellectually, emotionally nothing was.  Adam repeatedly assured me alcohol would open doors; perchance it was my privates that he thought too closed.  Sex, combined with drugs are just not what rocks me to roll in the hay.  Perhaps, this too is a subject for research.

Drugs too are my dread.  For many being alone is the fear.  Depression often sets in when people are forlorn.  In the minds of many, sex is release.  The pressure passes with ejaculation.

For others, intercourse creates greater unrest.  It is not sleep deprivation they fear, it is intimacy.

Those that marry may have more sex, or at least more satisfying intercourse, and less partners.  However, that cannot be assumed.

Widows and widowers cannot be characterized as clinging or free to be foot loose and fancy.  They are as are we all, uniquely engaged or disengaged for reasons that are physical, physiological, and physiological related to our peers, our personal history, our  individual perceptions, and perhaps numerous other factors.

Chronological age and Auto Immune Deficiency (AIDS) are aspects that influence our decisions to dive deeply, just as the Age of Aquarius did.  Baby Boomers, some of which were surveyed in this recent study might believe that they suffer from obsolagnium.  Therefore, they are less active.

You may not find it [obsolagnium] in an ordinary dictionary.  But if you are over 50, you may well be familiar with the concept, because it means waning sexual desire resulting from age.

In fact, it is rarely age per se that accounts for declines in libido among those in the second half-century of life.  Rather, it can be any of a dozen or more factors more common in older people that account for the changes.  Many of these factors are subject to modification that can restore, if not the sexual energy of youth, at least the desire to seek, and the ability to enjoy sex.

Nor is it just hormones.  Addressing only the distaff half of the population, the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective, in its newest work, Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause, points out: Our sexual desire and satisfaction may be influenced by our life circumstances, including the quality of our sexual relationships, our emotional and physical health, and our values and thoughts about sexuality, as well as by the aging process and the shifting hormone levels that occur during the menopause transition.

The same, of course, is true of men.  Difficult life circumstances can do much to dampen anyone’s libido.  Stress at work or home, looming bankruptcy, impending divorce, serious illness, depression, a history of sexual abuse and a host of medications are among the many things that can put a big crimp in your desire for sex at any age.

While this recently released report tenderly touches on the dynamics of our sex drive, while the statistics titillate and tantalize the public, there is so much missing from this survey.

People ponder and read the results wondering, Is it normal to forego fondling?  Are we weird if we want or do not want a partner, a playmate, or perhaps something is wrong with society if men stray more than women.  Any and all of these queries are valid; yet without answer.

This survey implicitly states Sex alone is not a significant indicator of what is.  Statistics may measure the size and scope of an issue while not satisfying  the soul.

The study of intercourse while under the influence of drugs or alcohol may elicit information that is more revealing.  Nevertheless, after assessing all the data, I think we must come to the same conclusion.  For the most part, sex is in the city and it occurs throughout the country.  Many citizens in America are hot and trotting.  Might you be a person off to the races.  Do you seek lovemaking or sex for conquest.  Is the act an indulgence when in a drug induced stupor, or is a real connection your quest.  Do the numbers make you more or less of a cad or are they an occurrence in your evolution?

There is much to think about.  I will ponder as I rest.  I wish you pleasant dreams.

Sex, the Sources . . .

Mr. Right. Rehnquist, A Racist on Drugs? ©

Belated Prologue . . .
I realize in retrospect I ranted and raged in haste.  I was less reflective than I might have been.  I did not consider how my words might be received.  Thus, I neglected to state a significant point.  Accepted political postures now supplant dictionary definitions.  Back in the day, a conservative was one that conserved.  They did not waste money or energy; nor did they treat life with little care.  Natural resources were of great values to conservatives.  Conservatives retained worthy traditions.  Conservatives were cautious. 

Currently, when we speak of conservatism, we equate the term with theories such as “trickle down economics.”  We think of those that allow for trillions of dollars in debt.  Conservatives believe fighting terrorism in a protracted war that cost billions of dollars each week is best.  It is conservatives that flippantly send our troops to battle; thus, endangering their lives.  William H. Rehnquist was considered Chief among conservatives.

The story . . . This treatise may be more of a personal rant.  I typically present, or attempt to offer facts, figures, and a hint of my own individual reflection.  However, in this moment I am just shocked, stunned, and perhaps aghast.  I was late to the news of the day.  I listened as I prepared my dinner.  I heard the teaser, ‘Former Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist had a serious drug problem.’  I feel a personal connection with the Justice since I learned of our shared history.  I do not necessarily admire the man.  Still, upon hearing this news, I [mistakenly] gave the former Chief Justice the benefit of the doubt.

I thought to myself, ‘Rehnquist must have been on drugs when he selected the Bush.’  His self-induced stupor explains his decision.  How could anyone in their right” mind anoint George W. Bush, President of the United States.  Other stories aired before the substance of the report was revealed.  I continued to ponder the possibilities.  With no information, I concluded Rehnquist must have acquired the addiction late in life, perhaps, during his bout with thyroid cancer.  That illness affected him years before his passing.  His health was poor.  Perchance the pain was too great, particularly considering his age.

Nevertheless, though I had concluded in my own mind what must have been, I decided I needed to know immediately, when did the addiction occur.  How serious was it?  I quickly ran to the computer and read.  I discovered my initial impression was Wrong!

Rehnquist Drug Dependency Detailed
January 4, 2007 Filed at 5:48 p.m. ET

WASHINGTON (AP) — A physician at the U.S. Capitol prescribed a powerful sleep aid for William Rehnquist for nearly a decade while he was an associate justice of the Supreme Court, according to newly released FBI records.

The records present a picture of a justice with chronic back pain who for many months took three times the recommended dosage of the drug Placidyl and then went into withdrawal in 1981 when he abruptly stopped taking it.

Rehnquist checked himself into George Washington University Hospital, where he tried to escape in his pajamas and imagined that the CIA was plotting against him, the records indicate.

Although Rehnquist’s drug dependency was publicly known around the time he was hospitalized in 1981, the release of the FBI records provides new details.

The justice was weaned off Placidyl in early 1982 in a detoxification process that took a month, according to the records.  The hospital doctor who treated Rehnquist said the Capitol Hill physician who prescribed Placidyl for Rehnquist was practicing bad medicine, bordering on malpractice.  Both doctors’ names were deleted from the documents before they were released.

The FBI documents were prepared in 1986 when Rehnquist — who began serving on the court on Jan. 7, 1972 — was nominated for chief justice, years after his problems with the drug had ended.

A psychiatrist told the FBI that Rehnquist’s family in 1981 noted ”long-standing slurred speech which seems to coincide with administration of Placidyl,” one FBI interview report stated.  The psychiatrist also indicated that Rehnquist’s chronic back pain led to his heavy use of such substances as Darvon and Tylenol 3, which the psychiatrist said also played a part in Rehnquist’s condition.

An attending physician at the U.S. Capitol detailed Rehnquist’s problems with Placidyl for the FBI, saying that prior to his seeing the justice in 1972, Rehnquist was prescribed the drug by another doctor for relief from insomnia.  The attending physician told the FBI he continued to prescribe Placidyl for the entire 10-year period that he treated Rehnquist.

The physician said that Rehnquist had been prescribed 500 milligrams of Placidyl per evening, but that Rehnquist was actually taking 1,500 milligrams each night.  The doctor said this increased consumption may have coincided with Mrs. Rehnquist’s illness and treatment for cancer.

Rehnquist had told the physician that he was taking one pill before going to bed and he would take other pills if he awakened during the night.

The physician indicated that he decided to discontinue the drug’s use and to try another medication.  Rehnquist said the new medication was not strong enough, an FBI interview report stated.  The physician said he then prescribed a substitute and then another, at which point Rehnquist went into the hospital.

The hospital doctor who successfully weaned Rehnquist from the drug told the FBI that the toxicity of Placidyl causes blurred vision, slurred speech, and difficulty in making physical movements.  Once a patient stops taking the drug, the withdrawal symptoms of delirium begin, which is what happened to Rehnquist at the hospital.

The doctor who helped Rehnquist get off the drug said the justice’s wife was highly upset and felt that the prescribing physician and the pharmacist who filled the prescription were probably intimidated by such high-ranking officials as Supreme Court justices and senators and probably would have agreed to almost any request.

Dumbfounded, I wanted to know more.  I searched further.  I found

Though his name was blacked out, Dr. Freeman Cary, then the attending physician of the Capitol — whose services are also available to Supreme Court justices — told agents that he began prescribing Placidyl to Rehnquist in 1972 for insomnia and continued to do so until the 1981 episode.  For six or seven months before Rehnquist’s hospitalization in 1981, Cary indicated, Rehnquist was re-filling three-month prescriptions for Placidyl every month — suggesting he was taking close to 1,500 milligrams daily instead of 500.

When Rehnquist went into George Washington University Hospital in December 1981, he was seeking relief for his back but, according to some of the physicians interviewed, also knew he had a drug problem.  Rehnquist’s episode with delusions came when doctors ended his Placidyl.  Doctors then resumed his high dosage to wean him off the drug slowly, reducing gradually until he stopped taking the drug altogether in February 1982.  At that point, doctors said Rehnquist was cured of his dependence.

By this time my head was reeling.  I returned to the kitchen and listened to Cable News Network reports as I cooked.  I discovered not only was the conservative justice doing drugs extensively long before becoming Chief Justice, he was acting out his racist views, though he denied this!  Perchance there is more to be exposed; however, for decades administrations have actively worked to conceal the truth about Judge William Rehnquist.

The FBI on Wednesday released 1,561 pages of documents on Rehnquist to news organizations and scholars in response to requests made under the Freedom of Information Act following Rehnquist’s death in September 2005  An additional 207 pages were withheld under the federal disclosure law, and the FBI said an entire section of his file could not be found.

Much of the FBI’s file on Rehnquist appears to have been compiled almost exclusively for his two Senate confirmations — his initial nomination to the court by President Nixon in 1971 and his nomination as chief justice by President Reagan in 1986.  Administration officials apparently hoped to prevent any surprises from sinking his nominations.

In 1971, Deputy Attorney General Richard Kleindienst directed the FBI to conduct investigations of witnesses who were planning to testify at a Senate hearing against Rehnquist’s confirmation.

Fifteen years later, during the Reagan administration, the FBI was enlisted to conduct background checks on witnesses who were scheduled to testify against Rehnquist’s nomination to become chief justice.

The late Sen. Strom Thurmond, a South Carolina Republican, was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1986 when Rehnquist was nominated to be chief justice.  John Bolton, who resigned in December as President Bush’s U.N. ambassador, was an assistant attorney general under Reagan.

“Thurmond just gave these names to Bolton they will testify for the Democrats and we want to know what they are going to say,” a Justice Department official told a counterpart at the FBI, according to a memo in Rehnquist’s file.

Alexander Charns, a Durham, North Carolina, lawyer who received the file and has extensively researched the FBI’s relationship with the court, said the new disclosures show the Nixon and Reagan administrations went to some lengths to discredit Rehnquist opponents.

The file also indicates the two administrations enlisted the FBI’s help in blunting criticism of him during confirmation hearings.

“In many ways, I guess it’s the same old story of the political use of the FBI,” Charns said.

The documents show that the FBI was aware in 1971 that Rehnquist had owned a home in Phoenix with a deed that allowed him to sell only to whites.  The restrictive covenant was not disclosed until his 1986 confirmation hearings, at which Rehnquist said he became aware of the clause only days earlier.

Oh, please!  A learned scholar, an expert in law only learned of the clause days before his hearing.

I must admit my fascination with Chief Justice Rehnquist goes beyond the fray.  The fact that he selected George W. Bush for President without cause is reason enough for pause; however, my interest in the man is much more is personal.

Many years ago, I was teaching a political science class.  We were reading a biography of the Chief Justice and I noticed he was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  Although  the city is not my place of birth, it is the city I consider my hometown.  I may have physically left Wisconsin long ago; still, my heart remains there.

After reading this factoid, I merrily went off to the library.  I was curious.  Did Rehnquist reside in my neighborhood?  He did!  I lived in a very small village outside of Milwaukee.  Apparently, so did William Rehnquist.  I surmised he likely went to Marquette High School, an exclusive institution.  Much to my surprise, the chief Justice is a graduate of my same small school!  We are fellow alums!

My political philosophies are considered extremely liberal; his were radically “right.”  I marvel at the dichotomy one system can produce.  My high school graduated many notables and it seems politically they cover the spectrum.  This is likely true of many educational facilities.  This detail is not extraordinary.

What I do find remarkable is that though I am a liberal, my lifestyle has always been exceedingly “conservative” perhaps more so than those claiming to be cautious.  I never did drugs, not in my youth or as an adult.  I, as Chief Justice Rehnquist suffered a back injury.  Prescription drugs were offered.  I shied away from these.  I was always concerned; a possible addiction was in the forefront of my mind.  The idea of taking three times the dosage as Rehnquist did was and remains unthinkable to me.  Were I to somehow find myself in that circumstance, I would seek help, not hide the truth.

Once I regained my sense and given up the addiction I would speak of it openly in hopes of helping others.  I have done this repeatedly.  I discuss my earlier food affliction often.  Fortunately, actually, purposely, in choosing my dependence, I consciously considered the fact that food would not distort my thinking.  Inhaling meals did not impair my speech or other mannerisms.  My ability to judge remained intact.  Interestingly, even as I binged and purged, I thought about what I was doing.  Constantly, I reflected on how could I stop.  I am told and read that drugs and alcohol allow an individual to escape reality; food does not offer that same opportunity.

I have had physical pain, and I did not wish to feel it.  I had kidney stones, many.  The ache of that was excruciating.  I did take a few Vicodin, though I never developed a dependency.  I always worked to take as few pills as possible.  Rarely have I emptied a bottle.  Typically, I trash prescription drugs. 

When seriously injured I will fill a doctor’s recommendation, take medication for days, then purposely stop!  I save the tablets for years, just in case.  Then, ultimately, I clean out my “stash.”

I am so sensitive to the distorted view drugs provide, I avoid them like a plaque!  At my current ripe old age, I have yet to imbibe an alcoholic beverage.  Living in a town once known for its beer, this may be unusual.

When I reflect on the possible purported racism exhibited by William Rehnquist, I once again draw a parallel.  While in middle school I marched in my first protest march.  The issue was civil rights.  Was the Chief Justice among the marchers?  Catholic priest Father Groppi, a well-known activist organized citizens in our local community.  Years later, while living in California, Father Groppi passed.  The man was apparently nationally prominent.  Even in southern California, there were reports of Groppi’s death.

Milwaukee was not a backward city.  It was bustling, perhaps more so years ago when a younger William was there, than it is now.  Relatively speaking, years ago, Milwaukee was considered a larger city.

A tale heard years ago leads me to believe it is still a city of activists or at least the Village of Shorewood is.  I returned for a high school reunion.  Attendees were given the option to tour the campus.  I took it.  My favorite Social Science instructor led the group.  The teacher mentioned that the high school initiated a program that honors famous graduates. 

William Rehnquist was scheduled to arrive the week of September 11, 2001.  For obvious reasons, the event was rescheduled.  He appeared months later, and was greeted by a throng of protesters.  Much of the student body turned out.  Oh, if I had known, I would have been there with bells on.

I wonder; if the nation had known the Rehnquist record during the senate hearings, would we have witnessed more demonstrations?

I speculate.  What is yet to be revealed?  Hundreds of pages were held back?  Alexander Charns, the recipient of the FRI file wonders as well.

Charns said some of the censored documents provide intriguing hints of what else Rehnquist’s file might contain.

In one previously secret memo from 1971, an FBI official wrote, “No persons interviewed during our current or 1969 investigation furnished information bearing adversely on Rehnquist’s morals or professional integrity; however …” The next third of the page is blacked out, under the disclosure law’s exception for matters of national security.

“It would be nice to know what is still classified, three decades later,” Charns said.

I cannot begin to imagine.  However, if my experience earlier this evening is a predictor, I trust that the revelation would be worse than I thought possible. 

They say liberals are loose and act with little forethought.  Perchance, an accurate judgment cannot be made based political party affiliations.  What people do speaks volumes?

Hmmm, might we ponder the practices of other conservatives, Bill Bennett and Rush Limbaugh.  Wow!

Rehnquist realized . . .

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  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Duping Doctors©

    A recently released study reports that the famous and often used, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders is not the reliable source it was once thought to be. The DSM offers definitions and analysis of mental, or personality disorders.  Treatments are also prescribed.  More often than not, these require drug therapy.  For decades, psychiatrists, psychologists, pharmacists, and other medical specialist have turned to this guidebook for counsel; it was considered the Holy Grail. This large book was looked upon as an objective reference; it is not.

    Apparently, according to a recent study published in the Journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, most of the expert authors have financial ties to the very drug makers whose medications they promote.  56 percent of 170 psychiatric experts who worked on the most recent 1994 edition of the Diagnostic Manual, had at least one financial encounter with a drug maker between 1989 and 2004.

    The relationships ranged from speaking engagements to consulting fees.  Some specialist owned considerable shares of company stock.  Gifts were given.  Travel was also a frequently token.  Many “experts” were awarded funds for their research.  It is likely, all were the recipients of perks from the very drug-makers they promoted in the DSM.

    In the group of specialists working on mood disorders, schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, all had significant ties to pharmaceutical companies.  According to the assessment, “The connections are especially strong in those diagnostic areas where drugs are the first line of treatment for mental disorders.”

    After ample research, lead author of the study, Dr. Paula Cosgrove reported that this guidebook differs little from any other paid advertisements.  The integrity of the information is in question.  Now that we know how much influence these companies had on the writing of the DSM IV, this source can no longer be considered trustworthy.

    Benefits befell all tied to this Diagnostic Manual.  The doctors and researchers did well and the pharmaceutical companies prospered.  Speaking of the physicians, Lisa Cosgrove, a clinical psychologist at the University of Massachusetts in Boston said “They can certainly leverage their participation on the DSM, which is very prestigious, into lucrative consulting contracts.”

    Drug manufacturers brought in a whooping $35 Billion dollars this year from the sales of psychotropic drugs and if history is a telling sign, the number is going to grow.

    According to the Mental Health Policy and Psychotropic Drugs . . .

    The amount of money spent on psychotropic drugs grew from an estimated $2.8 billion in 1987 to nearly $18 billion in 2001 (Coffey et al. 2000, Mark et al.  2005), and the amount spent on psychotropic drugs has been growing more rapidly than that spent on drugs overall (IMS Health 2005).

    For example, spending on antidepressant and antipsychotic medications  grew 11.9 percent and 22.1 percent, respectively, in 2003, whereas  spending on drugs overall grew at 11.5 percent in 2003 (IMS Health  2005). “

    A Washington Post article, Experts Defining Mental Disorders Are Linked to Drug Firms . . .

    There is disagreement as to  the validity of this study.  One of the psychiatrists who worked on the current DSM was disparaging of the investigation. Nancy Andreasen, of the University of Iowa, headed the schizophrenia team.  She stated, this latest review is “very flawed.” She declared that there needed to be a distinction between those that had connections to the drug industry while working on the panel and those that established an association after.

    Ms. Andreasen offered, “Two out of five researchers on her team had had substantial ties to industry.” In speaking of herself, she noted ??she would have to check her tax statements to know whether she received money from companies at the time she worked on the panel.’ She did add declaratively “What I do know is that I do almost nothing with drug companies. . . . My area of research is neuroimaging, not psychopharmacology.”

    I find this interesting.  I am the granddaughter of a pharmacist, a scientist, and a curious soul.  I learned much from him.  My grandfather worked when chemicals were hand mixed.  He ground the concoctions people purchased in his own mortars and pestles.  Drugs were delivered to his store in glass bottles; some stood three-feet high.  I thought of these as toys.  Once again, I digress; my apologies; nevertheless.

    My grandfather told me long ago as did a friend, a medical doctor, a man practicing in the field of psychiatry, if you want to learn of medicines, ask a chemist, a scientist, or a pharmacist.  These persons study chemical reaction on human cells.  They know what might be beneficial or harmful; what interacts well with other medications, and what might lessen the potency of a drug.

    According to my friend, the doctor, physicians know only what the salesperson tells them.  Drug company representatives give gifts, small trinkets, and expensive dinners.  They cocktail and court a doctor while discussing the quality of their wares.  Ultimately, a physician is convinced this pill, caplet, or concoction is the best.  The doctor may know of no other.  A doctors knows what drugs representatives tells him/her.  He who enters or telephones the office is most influential.

    Considering the validity of these opinions, the reality of drug interactions and side affects is not unexpected  Drug side affects were not documented in 1994, the year the most recent DSM IV was published.  Since then questionable practices are being investigated. Conflicts of interest have become an overriding issue; actually, it is these that may have promoted this just released survey.

    While many question the reliability of the report, all seem to agree, transparency is necessary.  The researchers discovered the DSM, published by the American Psychiatric Foundation was fundamentally flawed, what was not known was its downfall.  On this, Dr. Cosgrove said, “Transparency is especially important when there are multiple and continuous financial relationships between panel members and the pharmaceutical industry, because of the greater likelihood that the drug industry may be exerting an undue influence.”

    Undue pharmaceutical influence; now there is a study that even a novice researcher can do.  Clearly, there is a recent trend in medicine, push the pills on patients, and they, in turn, will tell their doctors what they need [or want.]  We see evidence of this everywhere.  On television and radio broadcasters tell us, take the purple pill and your stomach will be settled.  The blue pill will help you perform.  The yellow pill provides power, and the green capsule will make you mellow.  Looking for love, try potion number 9.

    Commercials call us to action; they instruct.  Infomercials dominate the airwaves.  They teach the public to self-prescribe.  Of course, people are advised to consult their physicians before taking any medication.  However, it is well known in today’s world of medical malpractice suits, physicians fear denying patients their desires.  Thus, people are able to self-medicate legally.

    There was a time when individuals believed that doctors knew best; they were as father figures. It was thought that a physician would not prescribe what is not necessary.  Those days, if they ever existed are long gone.  Some within the general public assume that a person willing to devote years of his or her life to study is dedicated and altruistic.  Doctors are thought to be knowledgeable.  They truly care for people.  Some do; however, many if not most are just human.

    Rarely do health care workers engage in studies that correlate chemical and cellular interactions.  Yet, these are the persons, through the auspice of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders prescribing drugs to treat psychological and personality maladies.

    Are they qualified?  Might they be influenced by the almighty dollars that the drug companies throw their way?  Was there any doubt?  Not for me.

    Now, there is solid proof for what my Grandfather and my friend the psychiatrist have always said.  Physicians and pharmaceutical companies are pushing pills aggressively on every front.  The public must be cautious.  Do not trust the diagnosis, the doctor, or the documentation.  Consumers and “crazies,” Be aware.  You may not be as sick as you think.

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