A Critical Moment; Can Hope Survive?

Hope: It Could Happen To You

copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert.  BeThink.org

We had hope.  For some, the dream was fulfilled.  For millions more desperate and devastated by a multiplicity of issues that confront them each a day, a President, a single person cannot make a difference.  MoveOn.org understands that.  Thus, they sent out an appeal, as though that might help.

You may have received the mail.  It appeared in my cyberspace box late last evening.  I was tired.  The day had been long.  I thought to delete what seemed one more correspondence, one more plea, possibly, another request for a contribution.  As a MoveOn member I take delivery of what, at times, seems to be millions of requests for action, reactions, or donations.  With the election over, I trust there is far more work to be done.  Yet, in a moment of personal weakness or just a want for sleep, I went to bed.

The morning came.  I awoke.  Still, I did not return to read the MoveOn mail.  When I did I realized the weight of this written communication.  I was asked to consider as millions were, what are we to do.

We have some important decisions to make together. Our country is at a critical moment: The opportunity for change has never been greater. But there’s a lot that needs to be done and we have to decide where we should focus first. Click below to nominate a big goal for us to focus on next year:

As I traveled through the net neighborhood, what did I behold.  An inquiry.

1. What should MoveOn’s top goal be in 2009? (10 words or less)

I thought and then penned . . .

Let us ensure Barack Obama pursues Progressive peaceful policies!

The next question was a bit of a challenge.

2. Which category is your goal in?

A screen full of options, all separate and, in my mind, definitely equal.  What was I to do.  Throughout the last few years this question has come up.  How do I choose a singular focus?  Are not all aspects of our lives interrelated.  Fortunately, I saw the possibility that might advance an awareness for what is too often defined as  the impossible dream.

I chose from the list of issues, “other”

Then there was the optional response, the one I thought most essential to share.

3. What would you tell other MoveOn members about why this is important?  (Optional) We’ll post your comment on the next page.

If citizens do not actively demonstrate, each and every day, that we crave change, the President will not have the power to transform this country. No matter the issue the public must be motivated to insist that government acts in accordance with our needs and desires. We, the people, must be out on the streets, in the Halls of Congress, on the Hill, vocal in our local communities, inclusive of cyberspace, if policies are to be altered.   Nothing occurs without our consent.  Barack Obama can be a cautious man. Congress is often more concerned with “matters of consequence” and compromise.  Lobbies loom large.  Corporate campaigners know how to garner influence.  We the people must be the power as the Constitution defines.  No President can do what we do not allow through apathy or action.  If we are to MoveOn, we must be the change we wish to see.

I invite you to share your thoughts on MoveOn or here, at BeThink.  I must admit, I think the Political Action website interface could be much improved.  The software, apparently, does not allow for robust interaction.  

If only each of us could see a list of all the nominations rather than click through each thought separately as it appears, then perhaps we could truly be an active community, connected, and able to communicate our concerns.

Perchance, if change is to come within Washington, if transformation is to arrive nationwide, it might better begin with us.  We, the people must practice what we preach.  If the dream is to survive, it must live.  The vision must thrive through us.  [MoveOn, might we truly assess the importance of issues, see the responses and not search for these?]

I thank MoveOn, members of the Political Action organization.  I appreciate the many who share thoughts no matter who you are or where you may be.  I am grateful the encouragement to think beyond the present.  May we each do more than hope.  Let us MoveOn so that the aspiration may be achieved.