Mitt, My Good Man

Romney: Rivals’ attacks a ‘good warm-up’

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Dearest Mitt . . .

I am unsure if we have had the pleasure of an in-person exchange.  I too travel in political circles.  However, I do not recall.  Perhaps we met in the past.  I trust I have done business with you and your firm, Bain Capital.  Bravo on your successes.

Please allow me to introduce myself by way of this letter.  This morning, I caught a glimpse of your Today Show interview with Matt Lauer.  I heard you speak of the exaggerated envy now heard on the campaign trail.  Oh, my friend Mitt, how I relate. If I might; well stated my man. People do want what they do not have. First Bain, then the White House.  Indeed, one Chief Executive position ensured that you were a world power.  The other is but a natural transition. Instead of having a seat at the table of global influence, as President of the United States, you, old man, will own the table.

I concur with the thought expressed in the title of a Wall Street Journal Mitt.  The Bain Capital Bonfire. Romney has a good story to tell, if he’s willing to tell it. Might you have read the account my friend?  The treatise speaks of the gains and losses, signature events in our glorious Capitalist system.  You know the tale dear Mitt and I trust you will articulate it well. I look forward to the day when you share it with me personally; perhaps, over dinner.  Until then, may I offer my own anecdote.  It speaks of why I do not envy you.

Mitt, my man, I am an extremely wealthy individual.  Granted, financially, I have had my share of ups and downs.  At birth, I was born into money.  My father, Michael, had been a very poor young man.  One of thirteen children, the son of first generation Americans, Michael had to work his way to the top.  

Michael enrolled in University. He may have been the first in his family.  He completed his degree in Accounting.  Michael sought and realized Certification.  Then, “visionary” that he was Michael opened his own business. The man was an expert at making money.  He made millions for his client and much for himself.  Ultimately, his firm grew and grew.  

At the time of my birth, my parents lived in a large house on a hill.  The estate was built only a year before.  “Mother” designed the private residence herself.  She chose the neighbor and the acreage.  It was a beautiful plot of land, rolling hills, a deep forest to roam through.  I used to  wander the woods for hours on end.

As a seedling, conceived in a Waldorf Astoria Hotel suite, you might correctly imagine that, as  a child, my clothes were all New York designer collections.  My backyard playground was furnished with the finest swing sets.  We had two.  Sliding boards, climbing bars, and seesaws as well.  Among my favorite toys was not a plaything at all.  Made of wood, large and spacious, a cabin graced the grounds.  Outside of my little log home was a sandbox.  The container for tiny grains did not sit on a lawn. No. the box was built deep into the soil. When I sat within, a portion of my body might appear buried below the surface of the land.  Did I mention the whirly-bird? Oh, Mitt, my life was a child’s delight . . . or so it might have appeared.

I trust any child would have been envious of me, all that I had, and did daily. We vacationed often. A skating weekend here, days away at a resort . . . Sun and fun. Snow and frolic.  ate at the best restaurants regularly. My “father” owned one, that is, in name only.  The Penthouse was an investment made on a client’s behalf.   Taxes, title exchanges. . . shelters and such.   I am sure you understand old man.

My Mom too lived a lovely life. She had no need to work.  Philanthropic endeavors were her want.  Dressed to the nines, she volunteered hither and yon.  At times, the women would play. Bowling. Cards. Shopping.  Mommy was active in many an organization.  Religious affiliations were a wondrous source of shared pleasure.  Father’s career was furthered through the associations.  Mother made friends with the women during daylight hours.  In the evening, the men would join their wives at a club.  On countless occasions, a bigger bash was planned.  

Often, my parents hosted these.  The best china, the finest crystal, and oh the food.  Catered gourmet delicacies filled every room.  As a tot, I would sneak out of my room and “steal” a snack. Sure to be noticed, I was met with a smile and “Is she not so cute?”

Cute? Charming? Endearing? So it might seem. Reason for envy? Absolutely!  That is, if it were true.  Yes, the tale is accurate.  The account is my life.  However, as blissful as it might sound, as beautiful as it might be or have been, it was not.  There were hidden hurts.  

I was a spoiled child. Not spoiled, overindulged or a tike with too much.  I had nothing! There was no love. My parents had no time for me. The two hired a woman to raise me before I was born.  I was given everything, anything my little heart desired, except a connection.  Try as I might, I could not bond with my parents.  I had elder sisters. However, they too abandoned me prior to my first appearance in their home.  

The pair was forever busy.  Each had friends who were surely more fun than a baby sibling.   Fine fabrics hung in their closets and were worn on their backs.  Their bedrooms were as full as their lives without me.  While it may seem that only I was unhappy in this home, in this family, at the age of eight and one half, I discovered the truth.

Ten days after my parents wedding anniversary, my Mom walked out!  I was eight.  My sisters were much older.  It was a Sunday. The five of us were it the same eatery we dined at each Sunday, just as we had for years.  We just ordered dinner when my eldest sibling asked for her allowance.  Mother said she could not have it until she cleaned her room.  Father, on the other hand, assured her she would never need to clean.  He would forever furnish her with a Maid and of course, her pocket money  

I will not bore you with the details or the drama, my friend.  Suffice to say, my mother looked across the table at her selfish children, her moneyed husband whose sincerest interest was to have more, and decided she wanted none of it.  Mommy rose from the table.  Walked towards the door and then, through it.  She left!  Stunned, the rest of us sat there for a minute.  I wonder; was my father thinking of the food that had yet to arrive, or . . .

I will never know. He never spoke to me much.  The next day he did tell us to clean our rooms. We did, but it was too late.  Mother was determined to make a life for herself and any of us who wished to join her.  For a time, there were two of us children.  My eldest sister and I elected to be with our Mom and her new husband, the man I finally felt I could call Dad.

While Mommy was awarded child support and alimony, she refused each.  Barbara wanted none of Michael’s “Dirty Money!” She had had enough of what she characterized as “ill gotten gains.”  That was the reason she chose to give it all up.  We moved to another State and to other than a wealthy suburb.  Our family of four lived a far different life than the one we had always known.  We were poor, dirt poor.

Living on $1500 a year . . . Yes, you read that right. Fifteen-hundred a year for a family of four.  Welfare knocked on our door and said, “You need to apply for financial assistance.  You are eligible.” However, my parents refused.  Mommy wanted no handouts.  Daddy yearned to make it on his, our own.  Mommy gardened.  Daddy did all our household repairs.  Logan returned to school and also worked for meager wages.  Mother too secured a position.  You might recall the once vibrant five and dime, W.T. Grant and Company. Mommy’s employee  discount helped.  The woman who for a score purchased her lingerie at Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor, Bonwit Teller’s and other  exclusive establishments bought my first brassiere at Grant’s.

As a child in this newer reality, I was allowed one new outfit in the Fall of the year, for the first day of school and one in the Spring.  Chic, expensive, exceptional and elegant designs? Not anymore.  There were no dollars for such fabulous duds.  Next to nothing at little cost would have to do.  This was true in every aspect of life.

Mommy grew vegetables. Daddy helped.  All our produce was fresh grown.  Breads, pies, cakes and cookies all came out of the family oven.  Store bought goodies were a luxury we could not afford.  Later, Daddy took up fishing.  Even before that, all our entrees were prepared from scratch. Meals were a time for conversation and connections. At last, I was connected!!!!!  That is rich; a richness I envied whenever and wherever I saw it.  Ultimately, I had it! With not a dime to my name, I had love!  I was loved!!!!!!  Mitt, I trust you likely think you have love as well, and money, and that is the reason others feel envious.  Again, I relate to your reality my friend Mitt.

Over the years, wealth once again became part of my life, or perhaps more accurately, in my Mom’s life, by extension, I too had enough. The family moved to another magnificent house.  A panoramic window looked out onto the ocean. The neighbors were highly educated, esteemed, experts in their respective fields.  You know Mitt; they were our kind of people.

While our life was similar to what it was in earlier, years it was not as it had ever been. The difference; this time was our greenbacks were clean!  We laughed often at our lot in life as we do now upon reflection.  So my friend, I do not envy you.  I have and want not.  Oh certainly Mitt, I, as most humans might, enjoy nice “things.”  I acknowledge that is far easier when earnings are great.  However; while I never expected to quote Governor Rick Perry, in this moment I will.  “There is a real difference between Venture Capitalism and Vulture Capitalism.”  My personal experience Mitt is: A vulture capitalist eats children and families.  A venture capitalist feeds people so that they might prosper.  A free market Entrepreneur wishes to ensure that every person, one and all, have the earnings necessary to live well.

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Republican Rant; “Democrats Deregulate”

Attempted Citizen Arrest of Karl Rove

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Today, citizens of this country are confronted with a record realized under the Bush Administration.  Karl Rove, “The Architect” of the Bush campaign claims no responsibility for the cause or effect of his chief candidate’s actions.  Nor does he acknowledge that his Grand Old Party might be answerable for accounts receivable.  However, others, those common folks less connected to the current Administration might disagree.  In an ominous moment, on a San Francisco stage Americans were given the opportunity to look into the future and remember earlier days and dictums.  

In an address to the Mortgage Brokers Association citizens had an opportunity to hear Karl Rove, George W. Bush, and John McCain all at once, although only one of these fine fellows sat on the platform and professed his truth, all were present in the philosophies expressed.  The theme was one each has adopted.  “So the regulators in 2005 were the Republicans, and the deregulators, the anti-regulators, the let-them-do-anything-they-want crowd, were all Democrats, with all due respect,”

“The Architect” spoke and the moneyed audience, mesmerized by the magnificence of this individual who was able to change the dynamics, through deregulation, in a consumer-driven a nation, listened, except for the few who feared the past would indeed be prologue.

A few women attempted to perform a citizens’ arrest.  The well-dressed Janine Boneparth mounted the stage where Karl Rove sat, and strove to handcuff the political guru.  She told the boisterous and bold “Bush Brain” he had committed treason.  She intended to take him into custody.

Janine, an average American could not forget the loans, credit, payments, and profits all unregulated that adversely affected millions of lives.  On more than one occasion, she heard, as she did on this day; Karl Rove admits, a lack of oversight is, responsible for the economic crisis that evolved under the auspices of George W. Bush.  Yet, she marveled, the man, who some say, was the mind behind the Bush White House façade, accepts no quilt.  Karl Rove said, Democrats done this country in.

This person who many believe is the master of manipulation, does not place the onus for the fiscal demise on a majority Republican Congress, which governed for most of the last two-terms.  Nor does the personal chum of the President, George W. Bush receive any wrath.  Certainly, Rove concurs, as Senator John McCain says on the campaign stump, as George W. once did, the Grand Old Party President is not responsible for laws loosened for the financial industry.

Lest “the Architect” and Americans forget, when it comes to deregulation, Karl Rove, George W. Bush, and John McCain were and indeed are best friends.  In February 2008, Karl Rove announced that he had contributed $2300 to the then presumptive Republican presidential nominee, John McCain.

When asked of the donation, potential President McCain said he has “always respected Karl Rove as one of the smart great political minds I think in American politics,” The perhaps, soon-to-be Commander-In-chief McCain refused to condemn campaign tactics Mister Rove used to diminish and destroy candidate McCain in the 2000 South Carolina race.  Months ago, and likely now, Arizona Senator McCain proclaimed, “Nobody denies he’s [Karl Rove is] one of the smartest political minds in America.  I’d be glad to get his advice.  Perhaps, John McCain did seek the former Presidential Advisor Rove’s counsel

Americans are led to believe that apparently, all those years in the Oval Office did not soil the hands of the Bush Brain, the Texas oilman, or their accomplice in the Senate, John McCain.  While each endorsed deregulation for decades, in the present day, the three claim to have played no role in the process of oversight reduction.  

Countless among the common folk see through the veil that protects the current President, the potential Commander-In-Chief, and Karl Rove.  Citizens who chose to be more conscious and conscientious have acted on what they believe is truth for quite some time.  Karl Rove, away from the  safety and sanctuary of the White House, which protected him as Deputy Chief of Staff, met many a countryman or women who thought he must be placed behind bars for transgressions against the State and its people.  

Since August 2007, “The Architect” has not been a public servant, or an Advisor to the President; yet, the American people do not forget the adversarial influence the “Bush Brain” had on official policy.  Many, trust even as a political pundit, an analyst for Fox News, and writer for the Wall Street Journal, this man has clout.  Amongst the constituency, there is a belief that Karl Rove can and does unconstructively change the culture, the climate, and the country.  His rhetoric may reap lucrative rewards; nonetheless, numerous have faith the man is a crook.  Hence, common folks try to take “Turd Blossom” into custody.  These civilians must not yet have heard the message; the Democrats did the deeds that cause such grave calamities.

On March 9, Rove gave a speech — the fee was a reported $40,000 — at the University of Iowa.  What was described as a hostile crowd greeted his remarks, often interrupting with shouted questions.  Replied Rove:

You got a chance to ask your questions later and make your stupid statements.  Let me make mine.

Two people tried to make a citizens’ arrest of Rove for his crimes as a member of the Bush administration.  At one point, according to CNN, someone in the audience yelled, “Can we have our $40,000 back?”  To which the man sometimes known as “Bush’s Brain,” replied, “No you can’t.”

No one can recover funds from the man or men who some say stole our nation’s sanity, although many have tried.  Nor can they apprehend “The Architect” of America’s demise.  Secret Service surrounds George W. Bush and John Sidney McCain.  For now, there is no chance these men will be brought down.

Any who try to arrest the more accessible White House advisor will likely be greeted with a Rovian reprisal.  A denial, a declaration such as ‘the Democrats done us in,’ or a dig to the abdomen might accompany an attempt to detain the infamous “Bush Brain.”

Janine Boneparth learned this lesson on October 21, 2008, at the Mortgage Bankers Association’s annual convention.  Karl Rove elbowed Boneparth away.  She was then escorted off the stage.  Karl Rove acted as though nothing occurred.  He continued to deliver his message and debate former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell.

The true demons, Karl Rove declared are the Democrats. While the Progressives worked to reinstate some sense of regulation, often their efforts were obstructed.  The Conservatives intent on a free market, a for profit society, thwarted attempts to reform a system so flawed as to cause century’s old financial institutions to crumble.  Americans, or Karl Rove, need only look at the record of the current leader of the Republican Party to affirm the veracity of what was and is.  An assessment may help Misters Rove, Bush, and McCain to remember; the Republicans opted for deregulation

“I Don’t Think Anyone Who Wants To Increase The Burden Of Government Regulation And Higher Taxes Has Any Real Understanding Of Economics.” During a McCain Town Hall in Inez, Kentucky, John McCain said, “When we come out of this recession and we will because I believe that the fundamentals of our economy are good … Sen. Clinton [a Democrat] wants the government to make the decisions for you on your health care, I want the families to make the decisions on their health care. I don’t think anyone who wants to increase the burden of government regulation and higher taxes has any real understanding of economics and the economy and what is needed in order to ensure the future of this country.” [McCain Town Hall in Inez, Kentucky, ]

The implication or allegation is the Democrats will do America wrong again, just as they have done in the world according to Karl.  Mister Rove, Senator McCain, persons who support Grand Old Party, and surely the President proclaim Progressives posit restraint on a free enterprise system.  Contrary to the recent claims of Karl Rove that Democrats deregulate, John McCain states, Liberals will lead this country down the path of bigger government.  At least that was what Senator McCain swore to then before the bailout.

During this town hall meeting, Senator McCain expressed his empathy.  He recognized Americans were hurting.  He spoke of how hard it is for the average Joe or Jane to survive in  times such as these.  Damn those Democrats.  

As the Presidential aspirant assessed the economic crisis, he surmised that he had a solution, much as George W. Bush did, and the current President’s Brain, Karl Rove did and does.

Senator McCain stated his deep conviction, as he had months earlier, before he voted for a mega-billion dollar government bailout for big-businesses.  Back in the day, before it was unpopular to be a Republican or deregulator  John McCain avowed.

“Let’s Reduce Regulation.” While speaking about the economy in St. Louis, Missouri, John McCain said, “I’m asked all the time are we in a recession or not in a recession. And I don’t know the answer to that because it’s kind of a technical term . . .I do not believe we should raise your taxes. I think it would be the worst thing we could do. And that means to me I think the tax cuts need to be made permanent. When you’ve got a bad economy, the worst thing you can do is increase people’s tax burden. Let’s reduce it. Let’s reduce regulation.”  . . .

“We Need To Return To The Reagan Years . . . We Need Less Regulation.” As shown on PBS’s “Washington Week,” John McCain said, “We need to return to the Reagan years. We need to have fiscal conservatism. We need less government. We need less regulation. We need to end of spending spree which has eroded our base of Republican support.”

The words reverberated. The sentiments were consistent with those oft affirmed by Republicans, Chief executive Bush, and the guru, Karl Rove.  Were is the operative word.  When Americans were led to believe freer markets would benefit them, the Rove and McCain message was Democrats were wrong to impose regulations.  Now that the population has realized a harsh reality, profits do not trickle down the tables have turned.  Rove, his friend George W., and fellow Republicans such as Senator McCain revel in regulation.   Witness the recent vote for a $700 Billion dollar rescue plan.  President Bush, Republican appointees such as Treasury Secretary Paulson, and of course, John McCain endorse more government and greater restrictions.  

Blame the Democrats for what you have done also works for the Grand Old Party when wizardry is necessary.  Perchance this theory explains the recent vote for a “bailout.” In an interview with Mike Wallace, John McCain elucidates.  The senior Senator from Arizona helps Americans to understand, the constructs of deregulation, and Socialism.  The Presidential aspirant envisions no dichotomy, or does he?

McCain: So is one of the tenets of socialism redistribution of the wealth? Not just socialism – a lot of other liberal and left wing philosophies – redistribution of the wealth? I don’t believe in it. I believe in wealth creation by Joe the Plumber.

Wallace: But, Senator, you voted for the $700 billion bailout that’s being used partially to nationalize American banks. Isn’t that socialism?

McCain: That is reacting to a crisis that’s due to greed and excess in Washington.

And what this administration is doing wrong, and what Paulson is doing wrong, is not going out and buying up home loan mortgages, home mortgages, and giving people new mortgages at the new value of their home so they can stay in their home.

They’re bailing out the banks. They’re bailing out these institutions.

Wallace: But you voted for that.

McCain: Of course. It was a package that had to be enacted because the economy was about to go into the tank. . . .

But the point is that, of course, when a – when a – that’s the reason why we have governments, to help those who need help, who can’t help themselves, and when time of crisis to step in and do what’s necessary to preserve the lives and futures of innocent people.

Well-done Senator McCain.  The prose of the now “populace” political pundit and the potential President reveal a rabid reason for citizens unrest, or desire to arrest the former Bush “advisor.”  

As, “The Architect” perchance crafts another campaign.  Another Presidential aspirant is directed to “deregulate” as Rove reveals Republicans do or do not.  After a careful assessment of the facts, folly, and flippant reality Karl Rove and John McCain present, Americans might muse as Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell did. Perhaps we are as Dorothy in the Land of Oz.  The man behind the curtain, and the gent who stood in front of it for oh so many years, join John McCain as he now leads in the pledge.

“Less Government, Lower Taxes, Less Regulation, Safer America Is What I Can Give America . . . I can make a case that a less government, lower taxes, less regulation, safer America is what I can give America. But I don’t underestimate the size of the challenge” . . . or the vastness of the veils needed to disguise the decree of deregulation.

Mister Rove was “Right.”  Democrats [sic] such as John McCain [?] have foisted a lack of directives and direction onto Americans.  Some may say “G-d bless America.”  As the Presidential Election nears, citizens might consider, if attempts to arrest Karl Rove or restrain John McCain fail, then “Lord help America. The Grand Old Party will have  its way with us once again.  

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