The Story of a Sign

The story of a sign.  Historia de una letrero

copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert

It is a beautiful day.  On each afternoon, and into the evening millions, billions of us amble about.  Worldwide, we are busy people.  Even when we are out for a casual stroll we walk, we talk, and yet we see little.  Most of us hear less.  The birds fly above.  Wings flutter and flap.  The sound made is a silence.  It fades delicately into the background.  These little creatures chortle and chatter.  Each sings a sweet song.  Bees, beetles, beasts of all sorts hum as they travel hither and yon.  These beings communicate.  They create communities carefully.  Yet, humans intent on instant and tangible gratification are unaware of what is ethereal.  

Flowers twist and turn gracefully with the wind.  The gentle breeze whispers to us all.  Each of us is touched tenderly and still not moved.  Trees also commune with other forms of nature.  Limbs bend; they extend towards the sun.  All entities exist as part of one, except perhaps, humans.  Egos separate us from so much.  People frequently unite to what they consider matters of consequence.

Little persons may be swept away by a moments delight.  However, as they age, they too learn to ignore the beauty that surrounds each of us.  In time,  children become adolescents.  They no longer play and revel in life.  There is too much to do.  School work, homework, and the work that will provide an individual income becomes more important than the birds, the bees, or even you and me.

As tots, we learn to talk, to walk, to worry, to work, and to war.  We are taught to forget the beauty that surrounds us.  Words become ways to express who we are, what we want, why we believe as we do, and not a means for a greater connection.

Rarely do people ponder the power of a phrase.  Few of us reflect upon the ways in which others hear what is said.  Countless do not consider how a written communication might be received.  Nor do people imagine how the unintended impression influences an interaction.  

Humans engage in exchanges, and most feel as though no one listens or understands.  

Too often people think of self first.  They miss the miracles that surround them, that are within the wind, the words, or the person who sits in front of them.  No matter how gorgeous the morning, afternoon, evening, or the individual, most are blind to the exquisiteness of what is.

Nonetheless, if we choose to, any of us can take the time to stop, to share, to speak in a manner that evokes an evolution.  We might engage in a way that brings us closer together.  People can be profound, or would be if they only stopped to consider the story of every sign, the meaning of each moment, the essence of all.

It is a beautiful day.  Might we see it, hear it, feel it, and share it.