“On to November”

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copyright © 2008.  Andrew Wahl.  Off The Wahl Perspective.

Looking Forward, Plus Some Off the Wahl Perspective News

This week’s toon, “On to November” [Archive No. 0822], is a sequel to a cartoon from mid-May. With even a Democratic congressman publicly refusing to endorse Obama, this whole party unity thing is going to take awhile.

Before signing off, two bits of Off the Wahl Production news:

1. As some of you may have noticed, the OtWP Blog has been out of commission for a couple of weeks now. Serious database problems continue to plague it, and professionals have been called in. Hopefully, this will lead to the return of the blog sometime soon.

2. In happier news, my “Surge” cartoons from last year were recently honored by the Society of Professional Journalists’ Excellence in Journalism Awards for Region 10 (an area including Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington), finishing third behind work from Northwest cartooning legends David Horsey of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Jack Ohman of The Oregonian. The judge found my series “startling and stark, sends strong message quickly and with focus.” (I’ll attach the three cartoons from the series below for your viewing.)

That’s all for now. Back next week, hopefully with good news about the OtWP Blog.

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‘The Surge Marches On …’ (color version)

Archive No. 0728b

Created August 27, 2007

‘Leaving Troops in Harm’s Way’?(color version)

Archive No. 0717b

Created April 29, 2007

‘This Surge’ (color version)

Archive No. 0709b

Created March 4, 2007