‘Stimulating a War Economy’

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We’re at war and our economy is a mess – and our leaders don’t seem to realize there is a connection between the two.  Mainstream media reports now put the cost of the war in Iraq at around $5,000 per second. That’s per second!  And unlike previous wars, there’s been no attempt to pay for at least part of this boondoggle as we go.  In fact, current leaders have gone to the opposite extreme with massive tax cuts for the rich and a pair of tax-rebate pittances for us working folk.  This week’s toon, “Stimulating a War Economy” [Archive No. 0817], pokes at this issue.

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A Pair of Interviews

In other news, I’ve recently done interviews with two print publications: 1.  my hometown newspaper, the Douglas County Empire Press, and 2.  Blend, a national magazine about student journalism.  Neither publication has an online edition, so the editors have been kind enough to let me reprint the features on the Off the Wahl Perspective Blog.  If you’re interested in reading more about the craft of editorial cartooning, or my views on politics (like you don’t get enough of that each week), you can check them out here:

Empire Press feature

Off the Wahl toons, interview featured in Empire Press

Blend magazine Q&A interview

Off the Wahl toons, interview featured in Blend Magazine