Commemorating Five Years in Iraq

On Saturday, the 22nd of March, Delaware Pacem in Terris organized a pair of vigils to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq.  The theme of the events was remembrance of the fallen.

As the group began to gather in the parking lot of the shopping center one very notable car was seen.

The owner was one of our group.

Organizing along the highway (Concord Pike, Route 202 North) took a bit of time as the banner with figurines representing all of the fallen was rolled out.

Motorists traveling north on the highway were greeted by with my wife on point


with our friend from Barcelona Spain in the lead.  (That is me on the right hand side of the picture holding the banner in my customary spot with Ed on the other end in what has become his usual place.)

Though the occasion was somber enough, we did respond to the honking horns by returning a wave.

While most in attendance helped hold the banner, some added supporters were standing or sitting along the sidewalk.

The Wilmington protest lasted from 11AM to noon.  The vigil was gathered again in Dover at the North Gate of the Dover Air Force Base at 2PM for another hour.  Once again we gathered in a nearby parking lot before walking around the corner for the vigil.

This time the banner reached around a corner of the intersection directly opposite the gate.

The images on the banner in red just behind the Mourn the Dead sign represent the women who have died in Iraq.

How sad it was to leave space to fill in as more women may die in time.

The overwhelming feeling of everyone involved was one of sadness as we knew each figure on the banner represents one life lost, one family never to see their loved one again, and a group of personal friends left behind forever as all were touched by the tragedy.  

The point was driven home to each of us today.

How many more must die?  How much longer can we the people of this nation support the occupation?