Letters To Editors Express Fear For Offshore Oil Exploration

Bush wants to lift ban on offshore drilling

copyright © 2008 Betsy L. Angert

In Florida, talk of fuel prices flourishes.  Citizens communicate concerns in Letters to Editors.  For the populace in this Southeastern State is the focus of numerous negotiations, consultations, and deliberations nationwide.  The subject is offshore drilling.  Might Americans abandon opposition to this environmentally perilous practice and let the petroleum flow.  There is much push and pull.  There always is when purses are pinched.  With the cost of gas high, and the use of cars critical in a culture built on travel, much hot and cold air is bandied about.

The questions presented to publishers are, who might decide the fate of the sea just off the shores of the Everglade State.  Are natural beauty and a balanced ecosystem high priorities, or only afterthoughts?  Do Sunshine State residents have a say in what happens on the fragile coastline or does the federal government dictate what occurs?  Perchance, Governor Charlie Crist rules?  There is reason to believe Californians are also caught up in this tumultuous tide, over offshore drilling.  The difference may be Floridians now fear a fight from within.  For many concerned citizens the Chief Administrator in the Gator State is a foe.  Charlie Crist has forgotten his constituency or made friends with those more interested in financial investments.

Readers mention on Op-Ed pages, many affluent individuals muse offshore drilling is an ideal resolution.  These influential profiteers have convinced an anxious public, the greater the surplus, the lesser the expense.  The people willingly believe.  Well-connected politicians propose what will benefit those with deep pockets.  The energy problem would not be, if only . . .

Other options are no longer preferable.  For consumers who contemplate the dilemma in print, the time is now.  The people do not wish to wait, worry; they love to wander.  Therefore, few have the “energy” to study how might laws affect the inhabitants and the country as a whole.  Sea mammals, fish, and fowl are not a consideration to contemplate; nor are future generations.  

Article after articles addresses the fact, Americans clamor; the cost of gas is too high.  This seems to be their more significant quandary.  The public asks what are the politicians going to do to relive the pain at the pump.  People who write in to periodicals note, the persons in power pounce on the problem.  The current President of the United States, George W. Bush, and his “protégé” Arizona Senator John McCain say, “I will take care of your needs immediately.”  Governor Crist relents, or rejects an earlier definitive stance.  While in the past all spoke of how we, as a nation, must reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.  Now that the price of petroleum has generated much public protest, these savvy elected officials speak of sweet crude differently.  They say supply can be easily increased and should be.  

The three public servants boast, inexpensive fuel is just around the corner, or off the shores of Florida.  Each “representative of the people” wishes to forego environmental policies they once endorsed.  Presidential hopeful McCain, and Texas-tea-tycoon and the man who now occupies the Oval Office offer, perhaps, it is best to do as we have done and know how to do.  Let us reinstate offshore oil drilling near the coastal shore of Florida.  Charlie Crist chimes in, “What is good for the goose or his political Party, will be good for his gander.  Governor Crist has his eye on his future.  Many whisper he could be chosen as John McCain’s running mate.  

A few letter writers assert, certainly, ocean exploration will provide Americans with the gas they covet.  At least this theory is the conventional wisdom amongst those who wish to please the people who ultimately place them in office.  In the case of George W. Bush, he may not desire a position in the Executive Branch.  He has been there and done that; he only wishes to strengthen his legacy .

While this shortsighted solution may seem supreme, did anyone mention Mister Bush, his family, and friends will profit from further investments in fossil fuels?  Might we discuss the rewards Republican John McCain will reap if research on alternative fuels is once again delayed?  Could we consider that the oil moneyed moguls intentionally choose not to operate eighty percent of established oilrigs?  If energy executives wanted to, they could produce more petrol . . .

Attempts to keep these topics out of the mainstream are ample.  Taboo questions are suppressed.  Talk is controlled just as the flow of fuel through pipes is forbidden.  However, on occasion the subject of profits, the Presidency, past and present, petroleum bubbles to the surface.

Many Floridians have penned Letters to Editors.  Often the refrain posits a need to lower the price Americans pay at the pump.

While some wish to speak of the cost of gas, I for one prefer to ponder the fate of nature, horticultural plants, to be differentiated from power plants, and people.  I submit my correspondence below, and I ask you to inscribe your own communication.  You may wish to use the template Florida Democrats furnish.  If so please click here, or you might read the reference and use it as a guide.  If you enter the Internet portal and select the publications you wish to address, the software will forward your message on.  Please remember, Letters to Editors need be short and concise.  A standard 250-word count may help to ensure your words will be published.

Economic and environmental endangerment

Dear Editor . . .

The reckless plan John McCain and George Bush proposed is meant to appease the public.  Fat and happy people will not protest.  The populace is encouraged to consider the current cost of fuel before they think of the planet’s future.  A desire for immediate gratification among the masses is a profitable opportunity for oil executives.  John McCain, George Bush, and Governor Charlie Crist benefit from the stuffed coffers of corporate oil cronies.  

If we lift the ban on offshore drilling consumers will reap few if any rewards.  The price at the pump will remain high.  The greater the supply, the more likely demand will increase.  If we continue to focus on fossil fuels Americans will be as we have long been, at the mercy of oil moguls.

Off shore exploration will endanger the habitat of man, sea mammals, fish, and fowl.  Oilrigs blemish the natural beauty that is the coastal calm.  

Oil executives allow eighty percent of fuel fields to remain dormant.  There is no need to give petroleum companies permission to penetrate the Earth’s crust near Florida’s coast.

Might Americans realize oil production is an expense we cannot afford, economically and environmentally.

For years, in cooperation Florida Republicans and Democrats were unified against offshore drilling.  Let us not be led astray or forget our conscious choice to clean a badly damaged environment.  Our lives depend on this decision.

Resources, Natural and Rare . . .

Wexler, Gutierrez, Baldwin, Kucinich, and the People Call For Cheney Censure

Rep. Wexler Wants Cheney Impeachment Hearings

copyright © 2007 Betsy L. Angert

May I offer my sincerest gratitude to Representatives, Robert Wexler, Luis Gutierrez, and Tammy Baldwin.  These glorious members of the House Judiciary Committee, recently raised the volume on the issue of impeachment for Vice President Cheney.  The three invite us, the average citizen, to join them.  Please express your distress; sign the petition.  Call for Hearings. Without you the Vice President will continue to avoid an official and necessary censure.

Please sign the petition. Join Congressman Wexler’s Call For Cheney impeachment Hearings.

Please do not stop there.  Americans have seen what occurs when we are complacent.  For too long Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke of what many thought obvious, and only a few listened.  

Throughout his term, Vice President, Richard B. Cheney acted on questionable  information.  He made decisions that many considered problematic.  Cheney “may” have committed numerous “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  However, no matter how many millions of Americans joined in the call to censure, the cry was hushed.  The mainstream media barely and rarely spoke of the measure.  Only a scant number of Representatives endorsed House Resolution 333, submitted by the Representative from Ohio.

As House leaders sat silent, Vice President Cheney continued to violate the doctrine known as the United States Constitution.  He did so without charge or challenge.  

For years, Richard B. Cheney declared the Executive Branch has “supreme” power.  Many scoffed; however, Congress initiated no formal action.  The Vice President did not stop doing as he pleased.  Complaints from the House and the Senate mounted; yet, Cheney remained safe from censure.

It seemed the Vice President’s skin, and his contempt for law, were impenetrable.  Richard B. Cheney refused and rebuffs accountability.

The Vice President prefers aggression and plans attacks against other Nation States.  Until now Congress, and the American people stood by.  Finally, the tide may have turned.  

Each day, Americans and Legislators discover much occurred within the White House walls over the last seven years.  We are increasingly certain the Vice President acted with dubious authority.  The more we learn, the more we realize a need to impeach Richard B. Cheney.  Representatives and House Judiciary Committee Members Robert Wexler, Luis Gutierrez, Tammy Baldwin, and the cyberspace community have stated their extreme concern.  However, just as Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich realized during his campaign to hold Cheney accountable, the media would rather not address this state of affairs.

If we the people are to be served, if we are to honor the rights afforded us by the United States Constitution, we must do more than wait for Congress to act.  Our signature on a petition will not be enough to convince a reluctant House Speaker that it is time to embrace this cause.  I invite you to submit a Letter to the Editor of any and every newspaper.  For Representative Wexler alone, although he tried, cannot create the news storm necessary for impeachment.

I offer my own submission for your review.  Please request coverage.  Ask Journalist nationwide to report on more than this Administration wants us to hear.  I thank you for all that you are and all that you do.

If you wish to use my letter, without the links and signature, I offer a Portable Document Format [pdf] version.

  • Letter to the Editor, Call to Cover Cheney Impeachment Hearings.

  • Dearest Editorial Staff . . .

    I am aware of a troublesome campaign to ignore the call to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney.  I write to express my distress and to request coverage.

    On Florida Progressive Radio, Representative Robert Wexler spoke of what he and his colleagues experienced when they submitted an Op-Ed essay on the topic.  The major print media outlets did not publish this important treatise on impeachment.  The message was not muffled; it was ostensibly silenced.

    The mainstream media acted as though an investigation into the practices within the Oval Office, or the Office of the Vice President, were permanently “off the table.”  No matter the outcry from the masses, the media continues to dismiss the call.  

    Auspiciously, after the news organizations cast the cry for censure aside, Representative Wexler turned to the public.  The cyberspace community connected to the memorandum the Congressman and his colleagues wrote.  Those that surf the Web not only endorsed the crucial communication, Internet users garnered greater support for the proposition.  An ambitious online effort heralded the need for immediate impeachment hearings.  Within a short time, more than a hundred thousand signers stated they were in favor of a move to censure Vice President Dick Cheney.  

    Constitutional scholars have warned us.  The precedent we set when we overlook what an arrogant Administration does will forever damage our nation.  If Americans do not uphold democratic principles, we weaken our Constitution.

    For too long, Presidential aspirant Dennis Kucinich has been a lone Congressional voice.  On more than one occasion, Kucinich spoke of the need to censure Vice President Cheney.  In November 2007, Representative Kucinich presented a Privileged Motion on the floor of the House.  Even that bold overture received little press.  

    Nonetheless, some of his fellow Representatives considered the possibility.  With the introduction of new evidence, three prominent Representatives felt as though they too had reason to move forward with an investigation and hearings.  

    Representatives Robert Wexler (D-FL), Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), and Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), all Members of the House Judiciary Committee, considered the novel revelation offered by former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan.  The Vice President and his staff purposefully gave then Press Secretary McClellan false information about the outing of Valerie Plame Wilson, a covert Central Intelligence agent.  Dick Cheney and his team intentionally chose to release erroneous reports to the American people.  This realization prompted the newly stated and amplified concern for impeachment.  

    Only after much protest from readers did the Miami Herald print an edited version of the original letter from the Representatives.  However, it seems that Florida publication and all other periodicals are happy to leave the issue behind.  We, the people are not willing to remain silent.

    The need to impeach is imperative.  I implore you.  I invite your newspaper to truly inform Americans.  Rather than encourage apathy, please tell the people, print, more than the White House wants us to know.

    Sincerely . . .

    Betsy L. Angert


    Dear friends, family, and familiars; I thank you all for your interest and participation in the process.  On behalf of Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Representatives, Robert Wexler, Luis Gutierrez, Tammy Baldwin, our country, and the Constitution may I extend my deepest appreciation for your thoughts, words, and deeds.  We can only hope that United, America will peacefully stand strong again.  We cannot know unless and until we begin to censure those that fight against us.  We are one, or were, the United States of America, a democratic nation, of, by, and for the people.  Together we can take our country back.

    References and Resources in Support of Impeachment Hearings . . .