Clinton’s sour note

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Hillary Clinton is a strong candidate: Smart, talented and ready to fight. But she’s not a likable candidate. And, as America looks to get its groove back after two torturous terms of George W. Bush, that lack of likeability appears to be a fatal flaw.

Our nation is hungry for healing. It’s tired of partisan warfare. After more than a decade of red states and blue states, people are ready to try on some purple. Clinton is seen as part of the old way. Democrats respect her – and her husband. But, unfairly or not, the previous Clinton administration is seen as the beginning of this divisive period.

The next president is going to have to build bridges. I don’t think Clinton can do that; she’s red meat for Republicans. And she’s not helping herself in the way she’s gone about “Setting the Tone” this past week.

GOP spin sounding tired already

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[Posted 02/19/08]

With the Republican nomination all but wrapped up, John McCain used his TV time following the latest primaries to try out attack lines on Barack Obama. Somehow, I don’t think “The GOP’s Best Argument” is going to hold up against Obama’s youth-driven change tsunami. But November is a long way off, and Obama still has work to do in the Democratic primaries before he can worry too much about McCain.

Obama: Up, up and away?

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[Posted 02/12/08]

Super Tuesday was supposed to be the big one for the Democrats, when one candidate would emerge victorious to lead the party to the Promised Land.  And, in a way, that might have been what happened.  While it appeared Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton dueled to a stalemate, the reality seems to be that Super Tuesday was the day Obama finally caught up.  Since then, he’s been leaving Hillary in the dust.

Louisiana.  Nebraska.  Washington.  Maine.  Maryland.  Virginia.  Washington, D.C. Seven in a row, with the smallest margin of victory being 19 percent.  More importantly, yesterday’s contests saw Obama making inroads with Clinton’s core voters – working class whites, women, senior citizens, even Latinos.  And all of this while Clinton is struggling for cash and replacing her campaign chair.

Clinton is betting the house on Texas and Ohio on March 4.  But based on the view “One Week After Super Tuesday . . .  ,” Superman could be well on his way to Metropolis by then.

Election ’08: Whatever happened to Iraq?

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[Posted 02/06/08]

Super Tuesday lived up to its hype, giving us political-junkie types plenty to digest.

On the Democratic side, voters continue to be torn between two historic contenders: The first woman, a wonkish machine of a candidate who brings back memories of a better time; and the first black, an inspirational orator, a bit light on substance, who promises a brighter tomorrow. Yesterday’s split decision means this thing could go on all the way until the convention in August. Barak Obama looks to have an edge in almost all of the remaining February contests (including my home state of Washington, which caucuses Saturday), and maintains a major fundraising advantage. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, maintains double-digit leads in the three remaining big states: Ohio and Texas (both March 4), and Pennsylvania (April 22).

Because of the winner-take-all nature of several of the Republican primaries, Super Tuesday all but anointed John McCain as their nominee. The exit polls reveal serious weakness in support from the conservative base of the party, but who else can the GOP rally around? Few seem impressed by the clone-meat artificiality of Mitt Romney, while Mike Huckabee seems stuck in the South. The rank and file appear ready to hold their noses and move on.

Finally, the thing that really stood out to me yesterday is how far Iraq has fallen off the map as a campaign issue. Except for Obama’s occasional poke at Hillary’s authorization vote, the Dems have lost their way on this issue. Where’s the outrage over McCain’s talk of staying in Iraq for 100 years? It appears the war is “The Forgotten Issue” of this election year – and the topic of this week’s cartoon.

Back from the dead, but still past due

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Left for dead more than once, John McCain seized control of the GOP primary race with a tough-fought victory in Florida today. If this were still 2000 – before eight years of kowtowing to the Bushies, and before his unwavering support for a misbegotten war – I might care. Back in 2000, McCain’s brand of straight talk was a breath of fresh air. But now the best thing he’s got going for him is that he’s not Mitt Romney. Sadly, that makes him the “Fresh Face of the GOP.”

‘Two for the Price of One,’ Take Two

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If there’s going to a sequel to the Hill ‘n’ Bill show, Mrs. Clinton is going to have to do a better job of dealing with “The Bill Factor.”

Could You Vote For a Guy Named ‘Mitt’?

After a primary victory in Michigan, Andrew Wahl asked if we, the people, could vote for a guy named “Mitt.”  The answer came today.  It seems in Nevada, many voters could, and perhaps, did consider Mitt Romney their candidate of choice.  If the electorate continues to do as residents in these two States did, Andrew may have to pen this face again and again.  Sigh.

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[Original Posted January 16, 2008]

People in Michigan can, apparently.  In celebration of Romney’s big primary win, the lucky fellow gets to be the target of this week’s toon, “Mitt on Change.”  I was pretty happy with my caricature of this flip-flopping fool, especially for an initial effort.  (With any luck, I won’t have to draw him for much longer!)

New Toons Return

Andrew Wahl returned from the holidays only to discover, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”  Primaries, pundits, predictions, and pronouncements are ever evolving and unmoving.

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I return from my holiday toon break just in time to catch the second primary contest. It’s going to be a great year for editorial cartooning, but the media’s “Marathon Coverage” is going to get old quick.

As I’ve mentioned before, expect a new cartoon every Wednesday morning in 2008.

Ending the year with a splash

I am honored, and privileged, to present the first work of Artist and Political Philosopher, Andrew Wahl to appear at BeThink.  Carolyn Kay, of Make Them Accountable fame, provided the introduction. I think the man, his skills, and his magnificent original opus, are remarkable.  My hope is you, dear reader, will find this, and future compositions, as glorious as I do.

While this “splash” was created just before the winter holiday, the ripples are still evident in the New Year stream.

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Assuming waterboarding works. And that it’s OK to torture people if the end justifies the means. And that it’s perfectly fine to brand someone as guilty without a trial. Well, then I have an idea, expressed in this week’s toon, “Bush on Waterboarding,” below.

Before signing off for the holidays, a reminder that this is my last new cartoon of 2007 – and my last work as the editorial cartoonist for The Wenatchee World. But, to be sure, I’ll still be creating and posting editorial cartoons regularly in ’08, with new toons set to resume Jan. 9. (And there’s a very good chance there will be some non-toon posts here during the holiday break.)

But that’s all for now. Happy holidays, all!