Chaos in perspective

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It’s not the actual destruction that makes us fear terrorists, it’s the chaos they introduce into the system. So imagine what the rest of the world thinks of the “First-World Terrorist,” (Archive 0832) who, driven by a radical faith in greed, lays waste to financial markets and threatens prosperity everywhere. Too bad Bush and his cronies didn’t launch a preemptive strike against those bastards.

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Tough to take for Hillary

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Sarah Palin must be the final insult to poor Hillary.  To be so close to breaking the ultimate glass ceiling, and to feel you were mistreated by the media, and then to see some gun-tottin’, Bible-thumpin’ hottie hockey mom, with even less experience than that punk you were supposed to have crushed, strut in using a ready-made “the media is sexist” defense.  Every time Palin evokes her name on the campaign trail, Hillary must die a thousand deaths.

When I first sketched this toon, I had Hillary saying something like “What have I begot?”  But as I was looking at it on the art board, the final caption wrote itself.  It’s the unspoken word that’s been in the background this entire whole campaign (and notice that it’s still unspoken).  It seemed pretty obvious that’s “What Hillary Must Be Thinking.”  (Archive 0831)

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Post Script . . . Please peruse the news share just a journey away.  Click the “There’s More” phrase at the bottom of this treatise and travel further into times and toons.

Two toons honor at Homer Davenport event

In other news, one of my editorial cartoons, “Stimulating a War Economy,” (Archive 0817) took top honors at this year’s Homer Davenport International Cartoon Contest.  The event is part of the annual Homer Davenport Days festival in Silverton, Ore.  Another of my toons, “The Numbers Game” (Archive 0813b) (color version), took third.  It was a small competition – 13 artists competed – but I’m still pretty tickled.

I’ve reprinted the cartoons below, or you can check them out at the Homer Davenport Days Web site.

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Northern overexposure

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Man, not even a week in, and the Palin family is a gift that won’t stop giving.  This Alaskan crew comes with more baggage than the Clintons (but hopefully not with as much political skill!)  So many scandals, so little cartoon space: I decided to go with “Having It Both Ways” [Archive No. 0830], an angle on the McCain campaign and the Right’s deliberate attempt to reignite the culture wars.  I’m sure there will be plenty of future chances to come back and visit the colorful (though not in skin tone) Palin clan.

Speaking of the future, I’m back at my art board and settled in to deliver weekly toons for the Election ’08 homestretch.  The hand is pretty much healed; thanks for all the kind e-mails!

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Labor Day 2007 is Labor Day 2008

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Originally Published September 3, 2007

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A year ago, Andrew Wahl addressed the economic issue that confronts every American.  A lack of income causes the average American great angst.  Today, just as a year later, citizens of this country clamor.  Money is tight.  Some may say, “The more things change the more they stay the same.”  Perchance, economically, the situation is worse.  As people are laid off, jobs are shipped overseas, and businesses here at home go bankrupt, we collect coins.  In a desire to pay our mounting bills, the people of this prosperous nation ask for change that amounts to dollars and sense.

Andrew extends his apology for a delayed return to novel toons.

Hand Injury Delays Toon Return Till Next Week

Hey, all:

A quick note to let you know my editorial cartoons won’t be returning from hiatus until next week. During the first week of my vacation, I slipped and landed on a barnacle-encrusted rock, resulting in several cuts on my drawing hand and a trip to the ER. It’s all healing remarkably well, but I’m still finding it tough to do brushwork. So I’m going to have to pass on the Democratic National Convention, but should be back in the saddle for next week’s GOP brouhaha.

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Until then, please enjoy the Labor Day holiday and a thought on the subject of work, wages, and survival in America.


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Originally Published June 4, 2007

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Feeling blue in a red, red place?

My cartoons have been drawing heat lately in the letters section of my home newspaper, The Wenatchee World. One writer accused me of “defeatism,” while another wrote that my cartoons “embolden our enemies.” “Despicable” was the word from another letter writer, along with “hateful,” “insulting” and “reprehensible.”

Working where I do, it’s really not a surprise that no one has written in to mount a public defense of my cartoons. The Wenatchee Valley is red territory – really red; for perspective, 63 percent of voters in North Central Washington’s Chelan County and 67 in Douglas County voted for Bush in 2004, compared to 66 percent of voters in the president’s home county of McLennan in Texas.  So I thought I’d go ahead and defend myself with this week’s toon, .“Shhh” [Archive No. 0721]

The result? Another “fan” letter – along with a subscription cancellation – within hours of the paper coming off the press.

I know nastygrams are supposed to be a sign of a job well done in this field, but sheesh …  

Understanding the machine

As Americans await the action in Denver, as the people look forward to the Democratic Convention, citizens are reminded of what was once thought inevitable.  Hillary Clinton will be on center stage.  The “juggernaut’s” name will be placed into nomination.  Barack Obama continues to run.

copyright © 2007.  Andrew Wahl.  Off The Wahl Perspective.

Originally Published October 15, 2007

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I ran into one of my co-workers in the break room at The Wenatchee World today, shortly after my latest cartoon came off the press.

“I don’t understand your cartoon today,” he said.

I asked him what he didn’t understand. He wanted to know if I was trying to say Hillary is cold and emotionless – almost robotic – in her pursuit of the presidency, or was it that the Clinton campaign was an unstoppable juggernaut racing toward the nomination.

“Yes,” I said.

“The Clinton Machine” has been a marvel to behold this primary season. And my co-worker understood this cartoon just fine.

What do you think?


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Originally Published October 8, 2007

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Has there ever been a more politically tone-deaf administration than this one? I can understand Bush’s need to score points with the base. But if you’re going to veto legislation to take a stand against “big government,” couldn’t you pick something more palatable than quashing healthcare for poor children? And to say we can’t afford $35 billion for sick kids, at the same time you’re asking for around $190 billion – that’s $190,000,000,000! – in additional war spending?

How did this numbskull ever get to be president? No, really.

As I was sitting down to tackle this week’s toon, I was looking to do something with that notion of tone deafness. But as I brainstormed symbols that spoke to children paying the price for America’s war machine, I kept coming back to the same image: Jules Feiffer’s Munro.

For those not familiar with Feiffer, the guy is on the top rung in my pantheon of creative heroes. Pulitzer-winning editorial cartoonist. Obie-winning playwright. And, in 1961, he was the writer of an Academy-Award-winning animated short called “Munro.”

“Munro” started life as a short story in Feiffer’s 1957 cartoon collection, “Passionella.” The story revolves around a four-year-old boy named Munro who is drafted into the U.S. Army and can’t seem to convince anyone that there’s been a mistake. It’s a brilliant piece of work, one that still has wonderful resonance today. (If you haven’t seen the animated version, treat yourself on YouTube.)

Feiffer retired from editorial cartooning on a regular basis in 2000.

With our young again being victimized by a misguided military effort, it seemed a good time to pay homage to one of my greatest influences. “Munro, 2007,” below, is the result. I think it works fine with no knowledge of the “Munro” back-story, and offers deeper meaning for those in the know (which now includes everyone reading this). I’m pretty tickled with this one.

As always, feel free let me know if you agree or disagree.

Please reference “Munro, 2007” [Archive No. 0733]


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Originally Published October 1, 2007

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I don’t like going to the dentist.

I was planning to write a lengthy commentary piece to go with this week’s toon, pointing out several other “blast from the recent past” headlines that were in the news these last few days. But then I went to the dentist today. I was expecting a root canal but ended up getting something called a pulp cap. The upside is that it leaves the nerve alive, which is good for the tooth in the long run. The downside is that it leaves the nerve alive, which is bad for me tonight. That’s one pissed off nerve. Oww.

So check out my latest, circa October 1, 2007, toon, “Reruns,” [Archive 0732] and let me know what you think. Me? I’m going to try to get some sleep.

Digging a Record Deficit

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Earlier this week, The White House announced it’s expecting the 2009 budget deficit to hit a record $482 billion. Worse still, this total doesn’t factor in an additional $80 billion in expected war costs (despite a mandate from Congress that they be included). All told, then, the deficit will top a half trillion dollars. That’s TRILLION. In one year. Thanks largely to a president from the party that touts fiscal restraint, and who inherited a budget SURPLUS. Consider it a parting gift from “The Digger” [Archive No. 0829] (see toon above).

Before signing off, Several Bits of Off the Wahl Perspective News . . .

– One of my editorial cartoons has been selected by for its ongoing “Underground Exhibition” in Europe. On Aug. 3, “Checking the Gauge” [Archive No. 0617] will be broadcast 40 times a day on 4,000 video screens in Berlin’s subways, and should be seen by approximately 1.5 million passengers.

– Three of my toons can be found in new books chronicling the recent primaries. “Marathon Coverage” [Archive No. 0801] is included in “The Race for the 2008 Democratic Nomination,” while “Mitt on Change” [Archive No. 0802] and “Fresh Face of the GOP” [Archive No. 0804] made the cut for “The Race for the 2008 Republican Nomination.” I won’t be selling copies in the OtWP Store, but, if you’re interested, you can use the links below and I’ll get a kickback from Amazon.

Buy “The Race for the 2008 Democratic Nomination”:

  • “The Race for the 2008 Democratic Nomination”
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  • “The Race for the 2008 Republican Nomination”
  • – Finally, the time has come for a summer break. I plan to take the next three weeks off for family travel, backburner cartoon projects and just to generally recharge my battery. Expect my next toon Aug. 27, just in time to comment on the Democratic convention.

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    An Unsavory Media Crush; ‘The New “Objective”‘

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    An Unsavory Media Crush; Build Your Own Portfolio

    It’s ironic that John McCain, once a media favorite, finds himself on the short end of increasingly lopsided news coverage. Barack Obama has proved a master of modern political stagecraft, and the U.S. media seems content to lap up his spoon-fed goodness. While such unquestioning acceptance might make good television, the media is failing to play its critical role in the political process. Similar just-swallow-the-message behavior helped lead this nation into an unjustified war. Obama is no Bush, but the press owes the public more than the fawning adoration they’re passing off as “The New ‘Objective'” [Archive No. 0828].

    Before signing off, a reminder that I’m offering a limited-edition portfolio to help cover the cost of books for my upcoming semester of grad school. Since sales were tepid on the selections I made, I’ve tweaked the portfolio offer so you can pick out your favorite toons. For only $20, you get reproductions of your five favorites, professionally printed on 8×10 photo stock, along with an original pen sketch of George W. Bush.  Order soon, as this offer only lasts until 20 sets are sold:

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