The War’s Waste

Iraq: Thousands Dead, $747.3 Billion Spent And Not Any Safer

The damage done, affects us all economically.  Years of war have done nothing to further education, enrich, or protect the environment.  Indeed, endless battles have destroyed any sense of balance or betterment.  Ethically, hostilities in the Middle East have helped to erode societal standards.  Might we ask; what have we taught our children? How to waste money . . . that human lives are but waste . . . that their elders think funds and a focus on education are a waste, or that ethical standards are a waste of time and energy.  Surely, attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan have contributed nothing to the Seventh Generation.

Documentary Filmmaker Robert Greenwald grieves for the unborn little ones and those who passed, as do the families, friends and familiars of military men, women, and civilians who have been touched by the perpetual battles.  Even those who may not have seen combat have experienced the repercussions.  Throughout the world, the waste is sky high.  Those who do not correlate the debris with the destruction in the Persian Gulf; nonetheless feel the effects.  As Robert Greenwald observes . . .

More than 4,300 American Lives.  At least 95,600 Iraqi civilians dead, with some estimates more than six times that number.  More than $747 billion spent so far, which, combined with the effect on oil prices and with indirect costs, helped lead to the economic crisis. Reduced, not enhanced, American security.

The Iraq war, like the Afghanistan war is a massive case of waste, fraud and abuse.

While it’s a good thing that President Obama committed to ending the Iraq war, he’s ratcheting up a more expensive Afghanistan war while we’re still reeling from the economic impact of the former. With Al Qaida having been driven from the country and with our increased troop presence having been met with increasing violence nation-wide, it’s clear that Obama’s War, like Bush’s War, also fails to make us safer. We don’t have a spare trillion dollars for useless war.

Our new video marks this tragic anniversary. But, we need your help in letting the administration know that we understand the damage done to Iraq and to our country. We also know that there will be no economic recovery as long as we’re spending $100 billion a year on another war that doesn’t make us safer–the war in Afghanistan.

That’s why we’re asking everyone to report the Afghanistan war as an example of waste, fraud and abuse on the White House’s official economic recovery website, Simply scroll down to the field marked “What” and paste this message into the text box:

“I’d like to report the waste of billions of dollars of our national wealth in Afghanistan on a war that doesn’t make us safer. It’s fraud to portray this as a war that increases our security, and it’s abusive of U.S. troops and local civilians to drag out this war any longer. End the war so we can have real economic recovery.”

You don’t have to fill out the whole form. Just let them know that you think spending more for useless wars is a clear example of waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayer that will undermine economic recovery.

Thanks to Bush, the invasion and occupation of Iraq has been a massive waste of human life and treasure. Let’s not let the Obama administration make the same mistake again in Afghanistan.

While erroneous assumptions have already been made, and acted upon, it is vital that the American people ensure that these costly wars end.  Please, let us remind the President, that dollars devoted to deliberate demolition far exceeds what we spend on our infrastructure, education, the environment, and authentic health care coverage.  Americans have experienced a drastic reduction in police forces, fire departments, and all civil servants.  What we spend abroad affects those at home and on foreign shores.  

In the United States, we must ask ourselves, can we afford the waste that is war.  Was it worth the cost of lives lost?  Can we economically or ethically justify the lessened quality of life for soldiers and, or civilians.  Will we be able to live with the thought that tens, or perhaps hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children have perished all for naught?   More will die, and not necessarily in battles.  Some will be in hospital beds.  Others in homes without the funds for health care coverage.  A few will expire on the streets, be they victims of increased crime, unemployment, caused by a lack of education, or other circumstances that a warfare budget creates. All this occurred because we, as a country, have dissipated billions of dollars in unwarranted conflicts.  

In an effort to maim and murder, many innocent Iraqi, Afghani, American, and allies suffer.  Most of these are as you and I, seemingly peaceful persons who do not have the power policy-makers do.  Thus, Filmmaker Greenwald asks for your assistance, as do other concerned citizens.  Please help our nation, the national budget, and people here and on foreign lands heal.

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Tell President Obama: Don’t Betray Your Promise

In response to fear-mongering and scare tactics of cynical politicians, the Obama administration is considering keeping the cases of the accused 9/11 planners in the discredited military commission system in Guantanamo.

President Obama declared that he intended to try suspected terrorists in the same criminal court system where more than 300 terrorists have been brought to justice since 2001. But the pressure to reverse that decision is enormous. We need every American who believes in justice and due process to take action right away.

Tell President Obama to stand by his decision to try the 9/11 suspects in federal court – where they belong.