Clinton or Bush? Manipulation of Message. Phallic or Philosophical ©

Which would you condemn, a president that feels a need to manipulate his phallus while in the Oval Office or one that cannot control his conscience? Would you rather rescind the privileges of a President that knows right from wrong, and; therefore tries to hide his folly, or do you believe impeachment is a process meant for leaders that think they are above the law?

We had a President that questioned the definition of “is” and now, we have one that defines all terms for him self.

There was a President that felt our pain, one that responded to our hurts immediately.  Under Former President Bill Clinton the Federal Emergency Management Agency was changed; customer service was the primary focus.  Clinton and his appointee James Lee Witt managed FEMA well because they knew how to do this.  Witt was the first Director that actually had experience with emergency services.  For Clinton and Witt, the people were their clientele; they cared to serve them well.  Nevertheless, William Jefferson Clinton was considered immoral; some even thought him insensitive.

Now, we have a President [GWB] that cannot be bothered to change his vacation plans as Twin Towers burn.  However, people think him a savior.  Many are convinced that terrorists dare not threaten America again because Good Ole Boy Bush is at the helm.  Numerous people believe that our current King is extremely powerful and absolutely proper; they think this so true, they voted him back into office.

This President pours his heart and soul into his work.  He hires those he knows and loves to fill positions of note.  He delegates authority to family and familiars, qualified or not.  Eighty percent of his appointees have no experience in their field of supposed expertise.  Nonetheless, this leader is considered a great Chief Executive Officer.  He has a Masters degree in Business Administration, bought and paid for.  Daddy and the Bush Dynasty saw to that.  Nothing stops the Junior Bush.

This proud President enjoys his holiday as millions move out into the streets, their homes buried under water.  Yet, he is considered compassionate and moral.  He is considered a good Christian, a man that speaks to God.  Sadly, he communicates less well with “real” people.

George W. Bush does not feel the grief of a common man; nor does he understand their poverty.  He has never experienced either.  When confronted with his own shortcomings, and subversion of the law, Baby Bush justifies these as righteous.  This man is never wrong and if it is others say that he is, he will clarify.  His reasons were just.

George W. is the Commander and Chief.  He writes the commandments, numbers one through ten.  When his writings violate principle, as was recently discovered, one can only ask, will Republican compatriots violate the eleventh?

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Senator William [Bill] Proxmire, My Mentor

copyright © 2005 Betsy L. Angert

It was 1989; I was living in “sunny Southern California.”  It had been years since I left Wisconsin, physically, though never spiritually.  My heart was still in my home state, as was much of my learning.  I was influenced by many of the events that were my life.  In Milwaukee, Wisconsin I became an active progressive.  While living in the Midwest, I marched in my first protests with family and Father Groppi.  I spoke up in class; civil rights, human rights, and animal rights were more than a passing interest for me.  Even in the 1980s, and soon to be 90s, they still were.  Some things do not change; nor would I want them to.  Others do.  Wisconsin United States Senator, Edward William Proxmire announced his retirement.

It was an inevitability, though one worthy of note.  The Senator had been influential in many lives and was well known for his service. This senior Senator changed my life personally, his service not withstanding.

? As an aside, on this day of his passing, I offer another writer’s homage to a great Senator.  Please read a biographical accounting, at By Adam Bernstein of the Washington Post.

Senator Proxmire was the man that replaced the infamous Joseph McCarthy in 1957. He was the Chairman of the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs.

Early on, Senator Proxmire was an outspoken detractor of the Viet Nam war. He was openly critical of the war policies adopted by President’s Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Milhous Nixon.  He insightfully considered their foreign strategies deceptive.

Most memorable for some was the way in which Proxmire used his seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee to focus the nation’s attention on wasteful military spending. Senator William Proxmire worked to end pork barrel spending. He was the originator of the Golden Fleece Awards.  These were awarded to projects that were deemed expedient by Senators and Congressman; however, in truth, and upon investigation, it was discovered that they were often measured by self-indulgence.

Mr. Proxmire was a careful man, a caring man, and one known for clean living.  He had morals, scruples, and he lived by these.  In his last two Senate campaigns, Proxmire refused any campaign contributions.  He shockingly, used his own money to cover the cost of filing for re-election, and nothing more. Nevertheless, he was more, at least to me.

After hearing of his retirement I decided I needed to tell him.  I wrote to the Senator.  I shared this story.

I was a sophomore in high school; my age was sixteen.  I attended school in a suburb just outside of Milwaukee.  Ironically, the same one that Chief Justice William Rehnquist attended.  This is laughable to me, for politically, the Chief Justice and I are from different universes.  However, I digress.

One afternoon, while I was in the kitchen, the telephone rang.  I answered it.  The man on the other end asked to speak to “Lee,” my Dad.  I politely said, “May I ask who is calling.”  My Dad had indeed trained me well.  The voice replied, “Bill Proxmire.”  Bill Proxmire?  Oh my!!!

I grew up in a family that read and discussed politics as often as we took a breath.  I knew of Bill Proxmire; yet, I never guessed that I would hear his voice coming over my own home telephone line.  I quickly went to find my father.  I announced the call and he very casually went to the phone.  He and the senator spoke for quite some time.  The conversation seemed light, jovial, and not unexpected, at least to my Dad.  For me, this encounter was absolutely bewildering, surprising to say the least.

After its conclusion, I asked my Dad of it.  Apparently, my dear father and United States Senator, Bill Proxmire were working on a venture together.  My father was working for United Way at the time and the Senator’s Milwaukee office was across the street, in the Federal Building.  The two had come together often and were enjoying their shared endeavor.  Wow!  Who knew; it certainly was not me.

This exchange made quite an impression on me.  It solidified a belief that government, is indeed, of, by, and for the people.  We are all an integral part in effectuating change.  Even the most common man, the one that shared a roof with me, was uncommonly powerful.  This call defined authority and leadership for me.  I realized that we all are experts, specialists, informed and can make a difference.  Senator Bill Proxmire made a difference in my life.

While that tale may be interesting to you, or not, what followed for me was more so.  When I wrote my narrative and sent it to the Senator, he was not running for office, and even if he were, I was living and registered to vote in California; he in Wisconsin.  Yet, he responded.  Only a week later, I received a lovely reply from the Senator.  That is a true man, a person of character.  Bill Proxmire, in my life proved to be, communicative, caring, responsive, and responsible.  This man was and is my mentor.  He has taught me much; I can only hope that I live up to his standards.

  • Please peruse, New York Times, William Proxmire, Maverick Democratic Senator From Wisconsin, Is Dead at 90, By Richard Severo.
  • Governor Jeb’s Pockets are Full. His Heart is Empty. ©

    Many of us have met the man; his pockets are full of change.  He jingles as he walks.  His money clip is bulging.  The bills on the outside and within the fold are all high in denomination.  He could peel off the dollars and not deplete his worth; yet he does not.  His children wait anxiously for some deliverance; none is given.  His family was tired, hungry, and helpless, and he is not.  He has much; his relations receive little.  Who is this less than benevolent man? He is your friend, your neighbor. He is the brother of your beloved President.  He is Florida Governor Jeb Bush!

    Greedy Governor Bush may be as many men or women, so concerned with his economic status and strength that he forgets his feelings.  I knew that the phallocentric, manly, man, Floridian was quite the entrepreneur; however, I did not realize to what degree.  Until my recent move to this fair state of Florida, I had no idea how unfair this Governor had made the region.  A recent radio report brought the reality home to me.  I share the story.

    The other day, as I drove down the street listening to the local news I was appalled by the juxtaposition of accounts.  The first commentary I heard offered impressive news. Florida was granted an incredible AAA credit rating.  This is the highest score possible.  The destruction, devastation, and debilitating circumstances that five major storms thrust upon this South Eastern state did not affect its financial standings.  Actually, they were much improved.  Floridians were able to maintain their wealth and will; they even added to it.  Standard & Poor’s deemed Florida as stable and well funded.

    Nevertheless. The reporter continued; Governor Jeb Bush is bound and determined to stop the efforts to reduce the classroom size in Florida.  The journalist referred to the enduring campaign that Jeb Bush has pursued for years, citing the Governors claims that the proposed plan is too costly and he would do all he could to stop the process.

    Being new to Florida, I was flabbergasted by this news.  I knew that Florida lagged behind almost every other state in the nation when it comes to education.  Fewer dollars are spent per student here than they are elsewhere. I was aware that the schools in this South Eastern state are not the best, not even close.  I acknowledge that scholarly institutions are not Florida’s fame.  Being an educator, these facts haunted me.  I desired to move here; yet, I wondered whether this decision was wise.

    Actually, the reality of what is a seriously flawed school system haunted me; it caused me to hesitate. When I first chose to transition, I did what most people do.  I weighed the pros and cons.  I knew that the educational system was a strong and serious shortcoming.  I trusted that the diversity that California offers was my friend.  I acknowledged that a Blue Blood, such as myself, a Left-winged Liberal and proud of it, would be out of place in a Red, Republican, and Reactionary state; nevertheless, I wanted to go.

    I chose to ignore the greatest con, otherwise known as a detractor, an offensive factor, or criminal, Jeb the racketeer!  In truth, I never imagined that he was as I am learning he is.  That anyone could be so callous and cruel never occurred to me.  I never expected what is.  When the truth is heard aloud, in real time, on the radio, when reality is glaring and staring me in the face, I cringe.

    When I arrived back in my room, I researched the topic.  I discovered that for at least three years Jeb has been speaking of his determination with defiance.  No matter what the voters want and pass in respect to class size reduction, this Governor plans to defeat the prospect.  Jeb Bush was never intent on educating the young well; he was determined to prohibit any item that costs the state more money.  Reducing the student to teacher ratio does and Jeb has been working against the prospect for years.

    In October 2002, the Governor was heard to say of the pending class size reduction bill, “if this initiative passes . . . I have a couple of devious plans’ to stop this.” Such deceit, gleefully expressed, such a despicable man, and such an affect; society in Florida suffers. Please feel free to listen to Mr. Bush speak these ever so pleasant words.

    Once heard, you too will realize that Governor Bush was never willing to give to the children, at least until now.  Embarrassed by the concurrence of contrary positions, Jeb changed.  As of this morning, he states that he is willing to work to reduce class size, to do as the people requested, and voted for.  Possibly, Florida Governor Jed Bush heard the reports as I did last evening.  Perhaps, he too thought he sounded so silly.  More likely, he might have realized how uncaring he seemed to be.  Jeb the juvenile, stresses economic stability; education be damned.  He has his priorities and they are consistent with those of his family.

    This Governor may have asked himself, does he want to be considered a conservative or compassionate.  In the Bush tradition he might want to think of himself as both, simultaneously; however, he is neither.  True to his tradition.

    Jeb Bush is a man of words, whimsy, and woe to all that cross him, be they man, woman, or child.  Perchance, we might be able to extrapolate.  What might the world be if we assessed wealth not merely by the jingle of change, but instead by how the currency was spent?

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