Energy Enigma; Bush Consumption Advocate, Encourages Conservation ©

Each and every week, the Bush administration offers inconsistencies. This week a contradiction seems so strikingly absurd, I cannot ignore it.  I feel compelled to comment on the recent change in the Bush energy policy.

In September 2002, the President of the United States spoke emphatically of energy concerns.  He spoke of consumption and the importance of this.  At the time Baby Bush said, “Congress also must understand they’ve got to pass an energy bill. You see, an energy bill will be good for jobs. An energy bill will be good for national security. We need an energy bill that encourages consumption [sic].”

Now, he advocates the contrary, or so it seems.

In recent days, the President has been out on the stump.  He is encouraging Americans to use mass transit.  The King told citizenry to get out of their cars, their Sports Utility Vehicles, their light trucks, and Hummers.  Junior asked the public to take the bus, the subway, or possibly, car pool.  He even suggested staying at home.  The Bush Boy is pleading with an anxious public; please do not travel. Imagine that.

Under Bush, one was able to buy a Hummer and deduct the cost from their tax returns.  Now, the same man that proposed giving tax cuts to those that buy the greatest of gas-guzzlers is asking very same consumers to leave their vehicles behind.

Leave the idyllic image of consumerism?  Was it not Bush that preached buy, buy, buy, even after the 9/11 catastrophe?  It was.  He and his subordinate, or is it his superior, had said, in the United States consumption for the sake of consumption is the only palatable way of life!

Years earlier, in 2001, Vice President Dick Cheney expressed his belief, “Conservation may be a sign of personal virtue, but it cannot be the basis of a sound energy policy.”  The President agreed wholeheartedly.

In that same year, former White House Press Secretary Air Fleisher was asked of the President’s perspective on energy.  The press wanted to know was reducing energy consumption the plan.  They asked and Fleisher, replied, “That’s a big no.  The president believes that it’s [consuming is] an American way of life.”  Yet, now it is not?  Why not?

I will leave that question stand.  Feel free to cogitate aloud and in writing.  Please share your thoughts.  Mine may be too cynical to express.

Might I just offer these thoughts for your consideration? Petroleum has long been the source of Bush prosperity.  The family fortune was found in oil. One might wonder would the Baby truly want its use to decline.

The Bush/Cheney energy policy, from the first, exploited the American desire to consume.  Fulfilling whims advances profits for each of these [former] business moguls.  Their friends benefit as well.  Are these magnets really ready, willing, or able to curb their greed?  I think not.

The axiom states, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”  Perhaps, we are witnessing that need is the parent of re-invention?

The President seems to be re-formulating his policy when he asks us not to use fuel.  However, he is not.  Mr. Bush actually postulates that a lack of power is only a temporary setback.  He portends Katrina and Rita caused for the current crisis; however, once the effects of these storms pass, all will be well.  Yet, I wonder.  Did the Bush energy policy contribute to global warming, and thus create Katrina and Rita.  Might there be a truer calamity coming?

Possibly, for Bush and the Band, power is not the problem; it is the solution. They will feel fulfilled when they have it; therefore, they seek it.  Gas gauges may not be a consideration at all; polls numbers may be the authentic indicator.  When we reflect upon the President’s use of fuel, and the reason for it, we know this to be true.

I wish to share an incongruity to this recent paradox.  While Bush is bolstering conservation, he is expending ample energy.  He is devoting his time and the nation’s fuel to his own personal cause.  King George II is using an enormous amount of petroleum as he promotes his numbers in the polls.  Reuters Alternet writes on this, Bush burns up fuel when he travels.

For your entertainment, I offer these references . . .
To Conserve Gas, President Calls for Less Driving, By David Leonhardt, Jad Mouawad and David E. Sanger, New York Times.
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Bush Family Values, By Elizabeth Drew, The Nation
Bush-Cheney Energy Strategy: Procuring the Rest of the World’s Oil, By Michael Klare
• Samuel Bodman, Secretary of Energy Discusses the effects of Katrina and Rita
CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll. Sept. 16-18, 2005
Bush burns up fuel when he travels, Reuters Alternet

What Is Good, Active, Working In, and Fighting For America ©


Saturday, September 24, 2005, was a day to demonstrate.  Some were demonstrating what works in America, free speech.  Others were presenting the façade of working.

Many were voicing their feelings; they were protesting the war.  Numerous persons were encouraging peace.  There was one putting on airs.  He was pretending to be profound and the great protector.

Citizens were working to address the President and share what they believe is the “State of the Union.”  The President was creating his own state, one where conditions are controlled, for the cameras.

The greater community recognized that the President is out-of-touch; he rarely has the time or the desire to truly connect with Americans, up close and personal.  Therefore, they decided to connect with him.  Droves of citizens from all walks of life went to Washington DC.  They went to the home of the master; however, conveniently, he was not there.  He left town, again.

Mr. Bush was not chopping down trees at his Crawford Ranch.  He was not flying over disaster zones, or observing devastation from above.  He was, doing as he does, posing and posturing.  He needed to do this; his poll numbers are down.

On Saturday, September 24, the King was where he was wanted most weeks earlier.  However, at that time he could not be bothered.  Then, he was on one of his many extended vacations.  Now, belatedly, George Walker Bush is “in” the storm-ravaged region.  He wants to appear Presidential, active, and working.  Yet, again he is not.  Mr. Bush was and is still avoiding all the truer circumstances, the conditions that his shortsighted policies create.

Thankfully, there are those that are not. They are what is good, active, working in, and fighting for America.  Here they are, the United States Labor Force. This photograph is courtesy of Max Speak, as are many more on his site.  Please visit and enjoy the viewing of DEMO-CRACY in action.


Conservative Columnist David Brooks Publicly Bashes Bush ©

0923_sb_db2  It was a Friday evening, September 23, 2005.  The program was Public Broadcasting Services New Hour; Jim Lehrer was the host. The topic was Katrina.  What was the cost of the storm, and what of the monies President George W. Bush promised for rebuilding?

Jim Lehrer introduced the subject by saying that reports reveal the “conservatives are upset;” they do not think the Bush proposals are wise. Lehrer posed the question, what do Republicans intend to do with their frustrations?  Lehrer turned to conservative syndicated columnist David Brooks for the answer.

Brooks, in an honest moment, muttered the words, “George Bush has spent money at a faster clip than Lyndon Johnson.”  Hearing this utterance from David Brooks was so shocking to newscaster Lehrer, he was visibly taken aback.  Mr. Lehrer said, with a noticeable lilt in his voice, “Say that again.”

Brooks rapidly replied, “Domestic discretionary spending, non-defense spending, non-homeland security spending has increased.”  He added, spending “has increased under George W. Bush twice as fast as under Bill Clinton, and faster than under Lyndon Baines Johnson.”

Brooks continued, “Conservatives didn’t expect that in 2000. I guarantee you that. A lot of it is, frankly, the Republican Congress’s fault.”

Wow!  A registered right-winger is saying that the Republicans are at fault. What happened to “eleventh commandment” as voiced by super President Ronald Reagan?  I thought that conservatives were never supposed to criticize members of their own party.  Yet, it occurred, here on television. Anyone or everyone could be watching!  What will party loyalists think, say, or do?  Granted, the increasing debt and the constant spending troubles many.  Yet, to speak of it aloud and publicly, this was quite a feat.

New York Times writer David Brooks persisted, “If you look back, when we look back on this period, we are going to look at a Congress that came [in] preaching limited government, but just has gone hog-wild in spending.”

Tis true. Nonetheless, who would have expected to hear these words from this well-known conservative columnist?  Brooks reflected further saying, we have “a president who never disciplined members of his own party to restrain themselves.”  Mr. Brooks proclaimed, “There’s just a lot of built-up anger . . .

It was a glorious moment.  Though Brooks went on to propose standard Republican policies, this moment will forever be etched in time, in my memory, and I wanted to share it with you.

Please read, A Bushian Laboratory, By David Brooks

March in Peace. When We Are Them, Meeting Ourselves in Mirror ©


This afternoon I read an essay written by Em Rosa.  She mused of the upcoming peace march and offered her opinion on what demonstrators might “do.”  She also delivered what she thinks is unwise to do.  I have a strong philosophical belief that I work to live by, “No one has the right to tell another what he or she “should,” think, say, do, feel, or be.  Therefore, I will not presume to know what is best for anyone else.  I barely know with certainty what is best for me.

I will, however, share a story. Two and one half years ago, I was involved in a protest; the premise was, peace.  Yet, the event was not peaceful.  It took me to a place that was not pleasant.  I reflected.  Here, I share that reflection.

On May 1, 2004, I was participating in one of many peace marches I have attended.  We were walking the streets of Orange County, California of all places.  The police had been notified; permission was given.  Permits were pre-arranged.  All was going well.  Then within our ranks, a group of self-proclaimed anarchists broke stride.  They wandered in and out of traffic; they staged performances.  They wore costumes, and accentuated their actions with props.  They bathed their bodies in a substance that resembled blood.

The police quietly and calmly asked them to return to the sidewalk and to protest peacefully with the rest of us.  They refused.  The rebels were confrontational.  They yelled, screamed, and cursed the law officers.  Those that were claiming to advocate peace were attempting to incite a riot.  It was fascinating to behold, and in my mind quite contrary.

When we gathered at our final destination, I spoke with these protestors for an hour or more.  I did not express thoughts of what they might do or not do, I merely asked them how their actions resembled the peace they professed to be advocating.  I never truly received an answer to the question; I only realized justifications, rationalizations, intellectualizations, and excuses.  Their thoughts stayed with me.

Later, upon returning home, I wrote of the incident.  I penned the following poem.  I have posted this verse once before in a different context.  At that time, I was comparing the actions of America and the Bush administration with those of Al Queda and Osama Bin Laden.

I could easily offer the same evaluation of people in their personal lives.  It seems to me that all too often, we, as people, mirror each other.  What we disdain in a friend, a family member, an adversary, or an acquaintance is sadly similar to what we too do.

If I might offer any “words of wisdom” to those that will be encouraging peace on this forthcoming weekend, I ask that they be aware of their own actions and how these will be interpreted by those that disagree with their stated philosophy.

It seems to me, if I want communicate effectively, I must act in a manner that is consistent with my message.  I hope those that are promoting peace and requesting a pullout from Iraq will do so with care.

I offer my earlier ode for your consideration.

When We Are Them, Meeting Ourselves in Mirror ©

I wonder and ask . . .

Are we marching in the name of peace and love?
Are we marching to create greater awareness?
Are we marching to express our belief that . . .
“No one has the right to tell another what they should, think, say, do, feel, or be?”
Yet, when we march,
Are we indeed telling others what they “should, think, say, do, feel, or be?”
Are we marching to honor peace and love for all others equally?
Are we marching for choice?
Are we honoring the choice for all to think, say, do, feel, and be, as they believe is best [for them]?

I wonder and ask . . .
Are we asserting that any unilateral attacks, occupations, and aggressions are not healthy?
Are we addressing and acknowledging freedom, freedom of speech, choice, religion, and thought?
I wonder and ask what of our actions?
I wonder and ask.  Is it them, or is it us that labels others, negates others, or denigrates others?
I wonder and ask.  Is it them, or is it us that considers others as evil?

I wonder and ask.
Is it them, or is it us that discriminates against others?
I wonder and ask.  Is it them, or is it us that would wish to fight for what is right?
What is right?  Is right truly synonymous with correct or is it only a sense of winning?

I wonder and ask . . .
They label us left, liberal, progressive, radical, revolutionary, agitator, propagandist, and  . . .
We label them right, reactionary, conservative, dogmatic, rigid, arrogant, and propagandist.
They impose and force their beliefs on us in subtle and severe manners.
Do we impose and force our beliefs on them in subtle and severe manners?
I ask us to reflect upon our words, our actions, our reactions, and our selves.
They unilaterally attack their enemies with weapons and words; they are aggressive.

We speak of peace and love and yet, let them question us . . .
Do we at times unilaterally attack them as though they are our enemies?
Do we wish to consider another as our enemy?
Do we attack with words wielding as weapons; are we aggressive?
Who among us acts aggressively, inciting, instigating, and intentionally inflaming?
Is it they or we?
Is it they or is it we, that assaults another and does this in the name of justice?
Is it they or is it we, confronting the other as though they are our adversary?
Is it they or is it we, wielding weapons of our choice?
They powerfully practice facilitating freedom through force.
They “Storm”, they “Shock” and they “Awe.”
They profess patriotism.
To protect; they create policy.
They dismiss civil rights in the name of security.
Through their speech they demand and then . . .
Do we defiantly demand, with expletives deleted?
Are we creating peace?
Do we love or are we too “storming,” “shocking,” and “awing”?

I wonder and ask . . .
Are we meeting ourselves in the mirror?
Do they have the power?
Are we the power?
What is the power?
“Power to the people!”
Is the power within and apparent through our actions?

Is power of, by, and for the people, and is the power within all people, equally?
“Equally,” I wonder of them and I wonder of us?

I wonder; will we get what we give, give what we get; are we meeting ourselves in the mirror?
I wonder and ask; believe as we might that we are insightful, independent, informed individuals . . .
Do they not believe the same of themselves?
Are we each the other’s reflection in reverse?
As insightful and informed individuals, I ask if we are truly independent.
Are we isolated, insulated, separate or solitary?
Do we affect no one and does no one effect us?
Is this true?
My experience is that we are eternally exchanging, engaging, enticing, and effecting.
I wonder and ask; are we evolving when we mirror what we claim to disdain?
My hope is that when we reflect upon our mirror image, we will choose to evolve peacefully and lovingly.
You are cordially invited to participate in peace.  Join Max and more.

Get Religion, In 100 Minutes or Less. The Bible in Brief ©

Religion was once thought to be a reflective path.  Theologians were said to be thoughtful souls; they immersed themselves in theory and philosophy. They garnered greater understanding, slowly.  Many criticized those that invested little time or energy in understanding God.  Those that professed devotion; yet, only attended services on the high holidays or the Sabbath were judged severely.  In those days, life was a travel, not merely a tour.

Now, in this whirlwind-world, religion and faith are for sale.  A buyer can grab the notes quickly.  They can grasp all they need to know of the Bible and man’s beginnings in 100 minutes or less.  A new version of the Holy Book will be available at your local bookstore before long.  The title is the 100-Minute Bible.


The Reverend Dr. Michael Hinton and his 100-Minute Bible. Canterbury Cathedral. [Gerry Penny/EPA]

This manuscript is meant to be appealing; it is called a page-turner.  “The Book” is for those that do not have the time or inclination to read the “original” text.  The author, former headmaster and Reverend Michael Hinton said, "We have majored on Jesus, because he is the central figure in the Bible.

The most popular tales are told in this edited version.  Cleric Hinton remarked “the stories that have entered the common consciousness, like Noah’s Ark, Jonah and so on" are those he chose to include.  According to the author, the lexicon is not lost; it was looking for an audience.  Hinton believes that his work has found one.

An advisor for the publication, Reverend John Pritchard, voiced his opinion of the writing; "I don’t think most people know the Bible very well.  This is an attempt to say, ‘Look, there’s a great story here. Let’s get into it.”  Getting into the legends will be easier.  The author worked to involve the reader.

Len Budd, publisher of 100-minute Press offered his own review.  He said, "This is a book for adults and has been written in a style to encourage readers to keep turning the pages, without resorting to any literary gimmicks.”

The text is expected to top the bestseller list.  Thus far, 11,000 copies of the small leaflet have been printed.  These have been distributed to churches and schools.  However, the hope is that soon, readers will flock to the wisdom.  They will find the word of God in the 100-minute Bible, Cliffs Notes© for the harried consumer.

Millions of Katrina Evacuees in Mobile Homes, Mass Urban Blight

  • Trailers are temporary housing for hurricane Katrina evacuees. Many ask of the wisdom of this move.  Mobile homes cannot endure category 3 storms; and yet, since Katrina there have been two tempests. Each of these was more powerful than a category three. [Photograph By Rogelio Solis. Associated Press]
  • The Katrina story is a mess, as is all that George Walker Bush touches.  This “muddle” began a natural disaster and while these can be chaotic, to say the least, they are nothing in comparison to what Georgie Boy can, and indeed, does create.  He can take an adversity and make it into a cataclysmic calamity, and, he has.

    Yes, George Bush II is King.  However, he does not have the Midas touch. All he touches tarnishes.

    This man does not plan and then act; he reacts.  As a businessman, he had many failed ventures, Arbusto and Spectrum 7 among these.  His success as a President is nominal.  He is considered personable, not professional.  Professionally, he is, as he was throughout his life, a catastrophe.  He creates the same.

    We know of Iraq.  We see, hear, and feel the devastation his flawed war policy fashioned.

    United States citizens are acquainted with the idea of military readiness and acknowledge, that thanks to GW, America is no longer prepared for the worst.

    Republicans and Democrats alike deliberate on the deficit and debt. Most admit that, under Bush, these have increased beyond belief.

    Many recognize that they were told an untruth in reference to the Medicare Prescription Drug Program. Actually, the plan will cost billions more than the administration “predicted.”

    However, we did not know that one man, one White House could be so bold.  Who would have imagined that at a time when the rental vacancy rate is at an all time high nationally, 10.1 percent, President Bush would declare there is a need for mobile home ghettos.  Who would think that mass urban blight would be the recommendation, the plan, or the proposed policy? Those that care to watch closely would.

    Mister Bush is a product of his environment; the apple does not fall far from the tree.  George W. is his mother’s son.

    When asked of possibly assimilating the poor into the greater society, young Bush can proudly say, Mother would not.’  The “white-haired-Mom” knows; there are the classes and the masses.  The two must never mix.

    Barbara Bush does not want the unfortunate in her backyard; she said so during an interview on National Public Radio’s MarketPlace.  The former First Lady, and mother to Junior said the relocation of evacuees to Houston is "working very well" for some of the poor people forced out of New Orleans.  Nevertheless, she continued, "What I’m hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality, and so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them."  This statement strongly infers that it is not working well for the wealthy that live in the Lone Star state.

    Barbara and those born with silver spoons in your mouths want to help the needy, though only temporarily, and only from afar.  They do not wish to integrate their fair cities; they have no desire to help create a new and better life for the impoverished or indigent.  The well-off want to present a posture of caring and sharing, but only for a moment, a month, maybe two, and nothing more.

    Just as the prosperous have done for years, they want to insolate the poor and insulate themselves.  The rich do not want to be reminded of the underprivileged. They want to place them on a reservation, one removed from their own luxurious residences.  Integration may be an idea; however, it is not ideal if you are white, “right,” and moneyed, as GW and his clan are.

    Therefore, the Bush boy proposes, Katrina survivors will to be moved from one slum to another.  Mobile home trailer parks will house the evacuees.  They will be given the means to survive, and not the opportunity to thrive.  Why, because the King has spoken. Long live the king and those of his ilk, and they will live long.  For they have power and prosperity.  However, what will become of those that do not have either?

    Please reflect upon Washington Post article,  Critics Fear Trailer ‘Ghettos’, By Jonathan Weisman

    Please read another opinion on the Bush legacy. Read of his consistent ineptitude. Arianna Huffington, of AlterNet, writes Deja Vu All Over Again

    You might wish to access some of the sources separately.

    2004, Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us ©

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency is not the problem.  Natural disasters are not the cause of our current crisis. Katrina is not the catastrophe that devastates this country; nor is it the forthcoming hurricane Ophelia.  The calamity is George W. Bush.  From the first, our dear President denied the existence of global warming.  Later, he acquiesced.  He concluded it is a possibility.  However, according to King George II, the United States is not responsible for the destruction of the ozone layer.

    It matters not that America produces more waste than any other nation does.  We have might, and therefore, we are “right,” or at least the President is.  He appears correct because he suppresses whatever might conflict with his truth.

    On Sunday February 22, 2004, the Observer disclosed “Now the Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate Change Will Destroy Us.”  It was more than a year ago, journalists Mark Townsend and Paul Harris revealed the findings of a report commissioned by the Pentagon.

    The study proclaimed, “Climate change should be elevated beyond a scientific debate.”  It was said; global warming and the effects of it would become a “national security concern.”  It seems this was and is valid.

    However, at the time of the disclosure, the White House rejected the idea or merely preferred to hide it.  They concealed the account.  They chose to ignore, dismiss, or deny the conclusion of the study, though the revelations were ominous. “Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters.”

    Now it seems weather conditions are ensuing and ruin is rampant.  These have only just begun to affect us; what will come next.  We know not.

    • Please read and reflect upon, WorldNetDaily, Bush, ‘global warming’ to blame for hurricane? RFK Jr., others suggest climate change responsible for intensity of disaster, By Joe Kovacs.

    We do know that the supposition did not support withdraw from the Kyoto treaty; nor did it correlate with Bush environmental policy.  The research suggested that America needed to attend to what pollution creates.  However, this was not, and is not, the preferred Presidential posture.  Nonetheless, it was the contention of Pentagon officials.

    Prominent Pentagon defense adviser, Andrew Marshall requested the research.  Experts Peter Schwartz, consultant for the Central Intelligence Agency and former head of planning at Royal Dutch-Shell Group, and Doug Randall, of the California-based Global Business Network were the authors.  The two concluded that climate changes could and would cause dangers far beyond those that terrorism brings. Recent occurrences may be more threatening than any terror campaigns.

    At the time of the initial reporting, Chief Scientist for the World Bank and former chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Bob Watson stated, the Pentagon’s dismal warnings could no longer be overlooked.

    Watson wondered aloud, “Can Bush ignore the Pentagon?”  He stated, “It’s going be hard to blow off this sort of document. It’s hugely embarrassing. After all, Bush’s single highest priority is national defense. The Pentagon is no wacko liberal group; it is conservative. If climate change is a threat to national security and the economy, then he has to act. There are two groups the Bush Administration tend to listen to, the oil lobby and the Pentagon.”  Yet, he did not.

    King George II listens only when his numbers are slipping.  Numbers govern.  The more support Bushwhacked has, the better.  If the general-public rallies round the President, then his sponsors will also.  Businesses and bigwigs will subsidize GW’s personal campaign, and contribute to the compassionate conservative cause.  The climate be damned; it is not the Bush concern, cash is.

    You may wish to read the President’s remarks and decide for yourself.  What is this man’s motivation and what is the cause of our current crisis.  The Washington Post offers, President Bush Delivers Remarks on Hurricane Katrina Recovery

    Please review Ozone Layer ‘Sacrificed’ to Lift Bush’s Re-Election Prospects By Geoffrey Lean

    Welcome to 37 Eastmont, Irvine, California. My Home Might Be Yours

    For those of you that have been following my personal transition, I offer my home.

    Please view the property, virtually.  If possible, attend an open house. My doors are open to you.

    If you are not able to attend on a weekday, the house will be open again on the weekend.  You may enter 37 Eastmont on Saturday, September 17 between noon and 4:00 PM, or come on Sunday the 18th, at the same times.

    I invite you to my or your Home Sweet Home!

    • Please click on the above link.  Tour the home, read the brochure, and peruse the photographs on page three.


    George Cares about New Orleans, and All God’s Creatures ©

    As Katrina cut through the Eastern seaboard George gelled at his Crawford Ranch in Texas.  He chopped wood, played golf, and worried not.  Life was good. Why worry of a hellish hurricane or those that might be hit by it.

    The storm approached the Gulf Coast and George cared not.  He, the nation’s leader was safe and secure.  The President of the United States heard that people were dying; and he said, how sad.  However, he knew, he need not attend to these people.  They are the poor, the powerless, and few would care or so he thought.

    George relished the thought of what the waters would bring, recreation.  George would and did go fishing.  He showed that he cared for those living in New Orleans; he cares for all God’s creatures, though in different ways.


    You might enjoy another’s perspective, Unconformed Sources, The News You Can’t Use though many are.  The title is George W. Bush Returns to New Orleans and Goes Fishing.

    The Evolution is Now a Transition. © Home Sweet Home For Sale

    The following post explains my recent absence.  I am not attending to my writing.  I am distracted.  I thank those of you that helped me to move from the safety, stability, and security that I know.  I recognize that I, as others, am reluctant to change.  We have our dreams and yet, we hesitate. We rationalize the reasons for not pursuing these.  I did this for years; however, now it is time to move and I am offering my present home to another loving owner.

    Some of you may have read my earlier essay on the transition, The Evolution. Please Share Your Story . . .©  You recognize that I did as others do.  I made a list of pros and cons, simultaneously acknowledging and ignoring that my fears often facilitate this endeavor.  Many of you helped me think through this process.  Possibly, now, you are making your list and ready to reflect upon your life and dreams.  Perhaps you too are ready to step forward; maybe my home will help you progress.

    You too may be realizing that people, myself included, do, as they know.  They stay where they are mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Time passes and dreams fade or pursuing them feels futile.  A larger life, happiness, and fulfillment are fleeting for them.  Most are, as I am, totally happy to a degree.  They, as I, are joyful with the shelter and sanctuary that they have.  Yet, they wonder of what lies beyond.

    Do they, you, or I dare do what is unfamiliar and less than comfortable; do any of us pursue a passion?  If we do, do we ensure that there is an “out”, a way to return to what is easy?  Do we truly commit to making a change, to moving forward; do we embrace the fullness of what might come?  I fear that at times, I prefer not to.  However, I am growing.

    I trust that I must truly experience what might be. I must go with my heart open to the joy that might be.  You may wish to do this as well.

    If after an extended period, I evaluate that I have been open to the transition and ultimately must relent, what I thought was my dream is not as I would want, if I do decide to come back, I need to do so without embarrassment. I must acknowledge that life is a lesson and I will learn.  I do love learning!  If you too are learning, and moving is part of your path then I may have a home for you.

    If you, a family member, or a friend is interested in discussing the details of my current home, your future residence, then, please contact me, Betsy L. Angert, at

    Woodbridge Village Home Requests a Loving Owner

    If you know of anyone that wants to live in the desirable community of Woodbridge, in Irvine, California this is their chance.

    37 Eastmont is a town-home, two stories high, and located on a Woodbridge walking path. Graceful eucalyptus trees line the walkway.

    This home has two bedrooms, one and one half bathrooms, a living room, a large country kitchen, a laundry room, a storage closet, and two carports.

    The living room has a beautiful gas fireplace; the mantle is elegant in design.  Crown molding borders the ceilings and a large front window.  The ceilings are scraped and recessed lighting enhances the décor.

    Decorative molding lines the walls and cabinetry in the kitchen.  The cabinet fixtures are stylish brass.  Porcelain tile tops the kitchen counters.  The stove and microwave are General Electric and white in color.  The dishwasher is also white and a Whirlpool.  The sink is a Koehler; the faucet is brand-new and a Moen.

    The kitchen windows look out onto a beautiful garden.  A fig tree bares fruit half the year.  This produce is quite a delicacy. The patio is brick; shutters adorn the fence walls.

    Each of the two bedrooms is bathed in light.  There are skylights in both of these rooms.  Birch wood lines the vault to the skylights.  The master bedroom has a ceiling fan.  The second bedroom has a built-in closet structure, inclusive of bookshelves.

    Bathroom light fixtures are lovely in design.  The ceilings in these rooms are also scraped.

    The home is newly painted in neutral colors.

    The lower level floors are covered in elegant Italian tile; the same tile is found in the upstairs bathroom.

    Thick, quality carpet and pads cover the floors in the bedrooms.  The light cocoa color of the floor covering is unobtrusive.

    Plumbing throughout the house is updated.  All hoses are steel-braided.  Valves are brass and quarter turn in design.  Light switches have been converted to toggles.  A Brinks security system is available and built-in.

    Woodbridge offers the best of schools, parks, shopping, pools, and lakes.  This home is two blocks from North Lake.  There are pools a block away in two directions.  Schools are within walking distance.

    This home is clean and well cared for, and wants an owner that will love it as much as the current owner does.  The asking price is $479,900.

    If you are the person seeking a sanctuary such as this, or if you have a friend, or family member that is interested please contact me Betsy L. Angert at